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This is a solution of performance management assignment help that describes about performance management techniques in the instrument, stregnths of the instruments, weaknesses of the instrument and possible improvement to the instrument.

Types of Performance Management Techniques in the Instrument

The types of performance techniques used in the instrument are:

  • The instrument makes use of rating technique, where in it rates the performance of the employee in case of competency and in case of accountability.
  • The other technique used is setting up of goals regarding accountability and competency and rating the employees on the basisof that. The technique used lays down the accountability of the employee and the gaols of the employee regarding the competency developments needed to be done in that year.
  • The appraisal technique used compares the performance of the employee and its view point according to the manager of the company.
  • The other appraisal technique used is the weightage given to different accountabilities. This lays down the part played by echo accountability in the overall work performance of the employee. In tandem with this period appraisal technique has also been used in order to provide for effective appraisal.

Strengths of the Instrument

Themajor strengths of the instrument are:

The instrument at all times provides equal opportunity to the employee and the manager so that the employee can lay down the areas of accountability and areas of competency. Ares of accountability is something which is directly related to the projects being worked on, and the work for which the employee is responsible for.

The instrument provides separate section for competency and the accountability. This leads to the measurement of the actual work done by the employee and the development of the features and characteristics which can further help the employee and the company. Thus, this balanced nature of the performance portfolio provides equal chance to the employees and the managers to focus on the key accountability measures and the filthier development of the employee according to the needs of the employee and the needs of the company

Moreover, there is balance between the objective and subjective section of the performance measurement tool. The applicability of the objective section provides measurablefeatures and the key featuresof the work done and the development made by the employee. On the other hand, the subjective section allows the managers and the employeeto point out their weaknesses and their strengths in anefficient manner. Thus, helping the employee to state his point of view regarding his performance if it is not being covered in the objective section. It createsefficiency and effectiveness in the performancemeasurement tool(Bititci, et al, 2000).

The half yearly measurement and appraisal in case of accountability allows theemployeeto judge his performance at half year time, and allows importunity to improve.

Weaknesses of the Instrument

Thefeatures of the instrument that may compromise assessment, reliability, and felt-fairness are:

One of the major issues with the instrument is that the instrument nowhere states that there is going to be a livediscussion between the employee and the manager. The effectiveness of the rating given by the manager and the reason given by him is less if the rating given and the reasoninggiven is not discussed with the employee.

The tool doesn’t take into account the discrepancy if any in the statements made by the manager and the employee. There may be cases of mis understanding between the employee and the manager. The manager gets utmost authority on deciding the rating given to the employee with no discussion with the employee. The word done by the employee may have been understated or overstated. In cases discrepancies are toohigh; a review system is needed as part of the performance management tool. This system is lacking in case of performance management.

The use of objective and subjective portions for accountability, competency, and development plans can create reliability, self-assessment, and felt fairness issues. This is due to the fact that the performance measurement tool seems to be repetitive in nature. Moreover, the need of the tool to state some of the competency developments as subjective and some of them as objective can create issue regarding which one is more important than other. This will create confusion in the mind of an employee where he’ll be judged better on his performance if he chooses one competency over other. This accretes confusionamongthe manager and the employee. The tool will have to work upon providing the employee with a feature which can be used to measure the work performance without any discrepancy and confusion on the part of the employee(Bititci, et al, 2000).

Possible Improvement to the Instrument

The performance portfolio can be further improved by making the following changes:

The competency part of the instrument should also be modified to reflect the features of the accountability part. The competency part of the instrument should be changed to include the 6 monthly assessments on the part of the employee and the manager. This will help break down the assessment and will also lay down the development made in half year time period. This will also allow to pick up development plan or to rely on other development plan.

The competency should not be limited to three. It should be minimum three with the providence for extra which can be added on the part of the employee. The component of weightage should also be added to the competency measurement part of the instrument. This will help determine the amount of effort put in the development of the competency and will help the manager to grade accordingly. Moreover, it will help the employee state all the development efforts put in by him in an effective manner.

The rating given should include a column for reviewed and discussed rating where in the manager and the employee will discuss the rating expected by the employee and the rating given to the employee by the manager. This will allow for effective communication between the, manager and the employee and will allow the manager to explain his view point and vice versa. Thus action will go a long way in making the assessment process effective in nature. This will help the employee realise that the rating given by the manager and the rating given by the employee, and the justifications behind them. It will resolve issues and will allow for better and effective development plans (Bititci, et al, 2000).


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