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Perdisco is an e-learning resource which helps students with both general and specialized accounting studies. Earlier most universities used to teach accounting and statistics through Blackboard for online homework. But faced with a lot of technical troubles, most leading business school teachers have shifted to Perdisco for online teaching of statistics and accounting. Perdisco offers a wide range of online practice tests and questions for developing your understanding of Statistics and Accounting studies.

First of all, you need to visit Perdisco Officialwebsite, and Either Register or Login with existing credentials.

Perdisco login for perdisco assignment help
After successful ID and password you will be redirected to your dashboard
ESR Login - Perdisco Assignment

Here you will be loging ESR login which will redirect to the course. Perdisco course is divided into phases. Here we have divided the perdisco course phases and provide students an opportunity to learn how to solve and crack the perdisco.

Phase 1

Road map for Perdisco assignment

Students will get such type of illustration examples and they have to create journal entries and stock statements accordingly. Each time the students attempts questions on Perdisco, it changes the numbers and stories, thus the students have no chance of copying answers from external sources or cheating.

perdisco case study for two weeks
perdisco assignment case study

Phase 3

End of month posting

purchase journal in perdisco assignment
Ledger accounts and subsidiaries are closed in this task and accordingly worksheets are prepared on the basis of these closing balances.
perdisco worksheet sample

Phase 4

Adjusting entries, schedule of accounts and closing entries

Perdisco assignment is done on a sequential basis. There are some adjustments which are given by the question & it is needed to be implemented by the students. Following that schedule of accounts which incorporates receivable and payables, summary account needs to be prepared by student. Based on all the above adjustment closing entries will be required by assignment.   

Sample of adjusting entries
sampling entries in perdisco assignment
Sample of accounts payable account
payable account sample in perdisco assignment
Sample of closing entries

Sample of closing entries
progress and grading in Perdisco Assignment help

Phase 5

Post-closing trial balance and financial statements

After completion of above task student need to prepare post-closing trial balance and financial statements on the basis of worksheets and additional information provided by assignments

Sample of post-closing trial balance

sample of closing entries 
Sample of Income statement

sample of income entries in perdisco assignment

Sample of Balance sheet

sample balance sheet in perdisco assignment

progress bar in perdisco assignment
After completion of the entire above mentioned task total marks will be awarded to the student. After that only final submission is required to be made.

marks evaluation sheet in perdisco assignment

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