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Aspects related to the black font

Common aspects in the stories

All the three stories take place in the setting of a school. The descriptions reflect the interaction between the students and the teachers. The teachers are well aware of the educational needs of the students. This results in the adoption of appropriate pedagogical methods for upgrading the academic knowledge management of the students. The teachers exposed leadership skills, abilities and competencies, which acted as a lesson for the students to sharpen their skills. Meetings were conducted in the schools for discussing the effectiveness, appropriateness and feasibility of the proposed curriculum.


The narratives of the teachers is the evidence, suggesting their experience towards teaching. The policies are also the evidence for the ways and means adopted for fulfilling the educational needs of the students. Claims produced by the students are the evidence towards te fact that they have been provided with quality educational services. Typical evidence lies in the feedback of the administrative staffs regarding the steps taken for achieving infrastructural development.

In story 2, happiness of the students is the evidence that they have gained confidence about studying English. Happiness of the students enhanced the professionalism of the teacher. In the third story, improvement in the performance of the teachers is the evidence that assistance from the Principal proved effective. This is in terms of seeking innovative ways and means for upgrading the music skills of the students.


The circumstances of the school creates the moments, assisting the staffs to gain particular experience. These experiences result in the professional development of the teachers, professors and the administrative staffs. Execution of the allocated duties and responsibilities creates special moments, enhancing the thought processes of the students as well as the teachers.


Approachof the people during the moments


Different moments result in different expression of the staffs. Some moments are happy where the staffs learn many things for achieving mental growth and development. Some other moments are sad, which generates sadness and depression in the minds of the people. Some moments are beyond the expectation of the staffs, enhancing their preconceived skills, expertise and knowledge. In the first story, there is a radical transformation from absence of planning to meetings regarding the curriculum within the educational premise. In the second story, it is the moment of happiness, which makes the teacher satisfied in terms of levying the appropriate English lessons. In the third story, a moment of pride is created as the music teacher achieved effective motivational means for developing effective learning tools for the students.

Shared values between the people

In the stories, the people are the professors, teachers and students. They work towards a common goal, that is, the achievement of the academic establishment. For this, adherence and compliance is exposed to the values of honesty, integrity, respect, transparency among others.

Aspects related to the white font

In order to deliver education to the students, workforce planning is necessary in terms of achieving positive outcomes. In the first story, planning is reflected in the staff meetings and feedbacks. Along with this, stability in the relationship between the students and the teachers needs to be maintained. This is projected from all of the stories, where the students, teachers and the administrative staffs are in conversation with each other for exposing collaborative output. This is the main characteristics of the second and the third story. However, the feedback of the students is missing in each of the stories. This absence adversely affects the issue, as approach of the students is vital for the teachers and the administrative staffs in terms of assessing the effectiveness, appropriateness and feasibility of the educational plans, policies and practices

Mind map for the themes

The two main aspects of the mind map are community and the energy, which is gained through the exposure of collaborative output. Community feeling in the schools results in the betterment of the educational institutions. Involving the community members in the evaluation process helps in assessing the effectiveness of the plans and programs in terms of the identified educational needs of the studentss. The opinions of the community members hold significance in terms of upgrading the educational programs for the students. Creation of the college community members proves fruitful in terms of the adding to the stock of human resources. For this, wide supply chain network is needed. Counselling of the clients, customers and the professors provides an insight into their approaches towards the proposed programs, policies and practices for the students.

In the first story, the stability in the relationship between senior and the middle schools is disrupted through misunderstandings. This is due to the geographical separation, which created fissures in between the departments of the schools. In the second story, consulting the community members would be fruitful for the new teacher in terms of assessing the appropriateness of the exposed performance. Consciousness and rationality enhance the financial performance of the teacher. Counselling proves effective means for gaining an insight into the approaches of the music teacher and the other staffs regarding the systems they need for recording the songs. The discussion format forms assistance in terms of providing effective lessons to the students.