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The project proposes of mobile application development assignment help to undertake the design and development of the mobile application for Treat Your Own Back Pty Ltd. Treat Your Own Back Pty Ltd is managed by director, Robin McKenzie. McKenzie currently sells the book and associated DVD’s through Amazon. A website containing short video and text instructions is also available.  The mobile application development would allow readers and potential readers to subscribe and pay for accessing a database of back injuries, a range of associated treatment plans, and book individual online consultations. Proposal will present the design and approach of the development of the mobile application by considering the investment, new trends and time frame to complete the tasks. Readers should be able to subscribe to the Treat Your Own Back newsletter and related upcoming events. There should be access charts detailing back anatomy, and videos showcasing all the treatment approaches. For that purpose, Treat Your Own Back Pty Ltd has contracted with the Body Care software Inc.


In the current scenario, business organizations are looking to expand business through offering the information and maintaining relation with the customers by online process using, website or mobile application. Considering these facts, Treat Your Own Back is wishing to develop the mobile application for book reading that will be beneficial for organization to provide online consultancy to the individual for upcoming events, new approach of organization and develop the database of user information to offer customized information and services according to their needs.  Moreover, organization is looking to develop the app for both Android and IOS which will help to engage all types of readers to easily find the books and articles. The application will allow the capable readers to subscribe and also provide the individual online consultation to the online clients. The application includes an easy access mode for the users using which they can easily find the related. Following are the key objectives:

  • To increase sales of the books.
  • To promote the brand name of organization and helping techniques.
  • To maintain relation with the existing and potential customer.
  • To provide online consultancy.To provide overall ranking to the organization.

The project aims at developing effective application which the users can easily operate their devices. The application would be release for both the android as well as IOS platform. However the application would be first developed as it has more number of users and Body Care Software Ltd. is focussing on capturing significant market share ( 2013). Android proposal studio development kit would be used for the development of the application. After the completion of the android version, IOS version of the application would be developed for the MAC environment.

Functionality of the App
Treat Your Own Back App is being designed for android as well as apple users. Prototype is designed to make functionality of database and other features on testing so that further demands can be added to final design. Application is back end by database system so that queries related to neck and back can be submitted for the solutions stored in database system. The application has simple interface to access the solutions from database at server as they can select the category of pains and related area of solution. Application also facilitate the users to sign up for the newsletter of Treat Your Own Back book project which has inbuilt facility to open the electronic version of newsletter (Holla and Katti, 2012). Application also has the feature to choose own consultant by reading the profiles of pain solved by professionals. Application is designed to interact with each possible user so that application has put the requirement of content at centre to gather the profiles of users so that they can be ranked and connect to other users suffering from same pain. This is useful to keep the user connected to make use of solution discovered and applied by others.

Application stores the profile of every user at server so security to host the private information of users at server and application is tested well against the leak. Functionality is also provided to users those need the access to videos for better understanding with techniques to fight with pains. Video are stored at you tube channels so that they are easy to integrate and download in application. Application will manage the profile of users and tag them according to queries of practitioners. Inbuilt facility is offered to subscribe to newsletters and for other configurations at account. Functionality of application is tested for speed and performance along with all desired functions at one click ahead.

Development Approach
In order to develop the mobile application effectively and timely, the waterfall development approach would be used which would ensure a proper flow of procedures so that to come up with an effective model. The model follows a sequential order as with the completion of one step, the other is been initiated. With the help of the waterfall development approach the project team would be able to accomplish the development in the cost effective manner. It would facilitate in managing the project easily and carry out each and every single step systematically and effectively.

Waterfall Model
Treat Your Own Back App Project makes use of waterfall model because it is easy to implement and has clear specification along with inputs for each stage. In requirement analysis, essential information systems is gathered to know expectation and functionality with application. This stage also identifies the financial and business constraints for application. In system design phase, acquired information is used to design the prototype of application so that demands with new developments can be visualized ( 2009). If prototype is efficient to meet functionality and constraints, then actual coding and visual design of application will be prepared in implementation phase. Each module is tested at developer side of Body Care to check the application for the delivery of required and specified functionality within budget. After the successful testing, application will be deployed to play store and app store for the user interaction. Deployment will be followed by maintenance to cover the bugs and other issues with inclusion of more functionality.

Testing Plan
Prototype of application developed would be tested by the team and would be approved by Robin McKenzie. If any of the changes are suggested by Robin then they would be added to prototype. Final version of prototype will be implemented practically so that functionality can be checked against the requirements.

During the alpha testing, application will be prepared from all the modules including databases and testing will be made on entire application for correct functioning and features. In alpha testing, development team of Body Care software will identify the issues appearing in module integration and overall functionality. During the beta testing of application, each module of development will be tested against the performance optimization, correct integration and functionality (, 2011).

Bugs and issues appearing at each module will be solved to make the application design and development robust against the crashing and hacking. Beta testing is the overall complete testing for performance, security and functioning of application (, 2011). After beta testing, beta version will be available to collect the feedback and issues for later releases in form of alpha version which is stable with testing parameters.

Financial Investment and Project Profitability
The financial investment required in the project is expected to be around $170,000. The breakdown of the investment is presented below:



Initial Investment


First Year


Second Year


Third Year


Revenue Model
The users would be charged with an amount for the subscription of the application for a period of time. This would help the organisation in generating recurring income.  Additional income could also be generated from the ads

A discount rate of approximately 12% would be required by the company Body Care Software Inc.  In addition to this, it has been also forecasted that the cash flow structure of the project ranging from the initiation to the 3rd year would be $0, $110,000, $110,000, and $110,000, i.e. a total income of $330,000 is been anticipated for the future. In terms of profitability, the mobile application is been expected to gain no less than 25% of ROI to the Body Care Software Inc.

The development the mobile application will take seven weeks. The initial phase of requirement gathering would last for a period of two weeks. The entire requirement would be document would be listed down and would be approved by the CEO of Body Care Software Inc.  The second phase would be that of the development of the prototype or wireframe. This will be reviewed by the CEO and would kickoff the development phase. The time allotted for the development of the application would be 4 weeks.  Unit testing of the modules developed would be done in parallel to save the time during testing phase. The last stage would be testing and deployment. The mobile application would be tested in this phase and all the feedbacks would be implemented



Requirement Gathering

2 Weeks

Prototype Development and Approval

2 Weeks


9 Weeks

Testing and deployment

3 Weeks

Before kicking off the project a project plan would be prepared using Microsoft project and timelines would be defined. Any delay in the time lines would be communicated to the project steering committee.

Resources Required
Resource required in the project can be classified into two categories namely financial and human resources. The overall cost of the project is expected to be $170,000. In terms of the human resources, following resources are required:

  • Programmers: Two programmers would be required for development of the code and mapping the business requirement into the software. The criteria for selection of the programmers are that they must be well versed in development of app on both android and IOS platform.
  • Graphics Designer:  The graphics designer would be responsible for the development of the graphical interface of the project.

As part of their weekly allocation, .5 days would be used for project management activities like preparing the documentation, updating status etc. And rest of the 4.5 days would be used for the development activity.

Project Governance

For the successful completion of the project, it is important there is an effective project governance structure which ensures smooth and effective communication and decision making (Alquier and Tignol, 2001). For the mobile application development project, project director would head the project. Charlie Harris would play the role of the project director. A project manager would be appointed who would look after the project management activity and would manage the technical resources. Project team would meet weekly to update the project progress and hurdles with the stakeholders i.e. representatives from Treat Your Own Back Pty Ltd.

Project Success Criteria
It is important to define the project success criteria before the start of the project as the project review team can review these points to identify whether the project is a success or a failure. Following are the project success criteria identified:

  • The mobile app should meet the entire requirement as identified in requirement gathering
  • The project should be completed within the allocated budget.
  • Completion of the project in the defined timescales.  
  • All the reported bugs should be fixed at the end of the project.


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