MNG00912 Environmental Management Hotels Attractions Editing Services

MNG00912 Environmental Management for Hotels Attractions Assignment

MNG00912 Environmental Management Hotels Attractions Editing Services


The Report is developed in relation with environmental management for hotels and attraction. A concern was raised that with the increase in hotel and attraction places environment is being affected. Various studies are being done in relation with the environmental management for hotel and attraction. This report will include critical analysis of these studies so as to gather appropriate information regarding whether environment is being affected by the hotel and attractions or they are working in relation to protect environment and creating environmental sustainability. All the aspects presented in various articles will be critically analyzed so as to gather appropriate information. In the end of the report suggestions will also be made that what are the steps hotel and attractions could take so as to protect the environment and how they can help in the environmental sustainability aspects.

Environmental Management for Hotels Attractions Assignment


There are various articles that are studies so as to develop proper report. Material presented in these is articles are reviewed thoroughly so that proper set of analysis could be done (Mulligan, 2015). Various articles like “Effective use of resources in tourist facilities focus on energy efficiency”, “Environment management system”, “The Impact of Tourism”, “Green Building Innovation Are a Competitive Advantage for Hotels in the Tourism Industry”, “Hotel Construction Management”, “Negative Impact of tourism to the Environment”, “Best Environmental Practices for the Hotel Industry” and “ Energy Management in Your Hotel” are studies so as to develop appropriate critical analysis on the Environmental Management for Hotel and Attraction.

The Indoor Environment Management

Negative Impact of Tourism to the Environment

According to the article “Negative Impact of Tourism to the Environment” there are various aspects of the hotel and attractions which are affecting the environment. According to the article tourism attracts people of different countries and helps the economy to sustain but environment gets affected due to the huge number of visitors to the country (Thangavel, 2016).

Negative Impact of Tourism to the Environment

It was reported that various Islands like Koh Khai Nok, Koh Khai Nui and Koh Khai Naiin got closed in Thailand by its government because of the negative impact of tourists in the islands.

With the review of all the articles it was analyzed that environmental management is one of the most important aspects for all the industry (triplepundit, 2016). Not only hotel and attraction but all the industries should take environment into consideration and should apply the best environmental practices so environmental sustainability could be initiated contribution could be made to make the environment more healthy and effective.

Green Building Innovations Are a Competitive Advantage for Hotels in the Tourism Industry

Green Building Innovations Are a Competitive Advantage for Hotels in the Tourism Industry

According to the article “Environment Management System” there are various steps that could be taken by the hotel and attraction to manage the indoor environment these step are:

1. Hotels should conduct an internal environment review to make the identification of all the resources inputs and waste outputs.

2. Establish the internal environment policies (Mulligan, 2015).

3. Develop the targets for each and every staff members to protect internal environment

4. Monitor the performance of each employee and collect data through set procedure

5. Delivering appropriate information related to environmental management to the visitors visiting hotel.

6. Conduct internal environment audit

7. Compare the actual performance with the targeted one.

8. Reviewing all the objectives to ensure that continuous improvement could be processed

9. Communicating the progress of their contribution made by each employee in protecting internal environment.

Energy management

Energy Efficiency in Hospitality

According to the article there are certain steps that should be followed by hotel they are Plan, Do, Check and Act (PDCA). Focusing on this a hotel could ensure to protect the internal environment and could provide smooth and healthy services (triplepundit, 2016).

Energy Efficiency in Hospitality

There are certain stats availed in the articles which are related with the energy consumptions in hotel industry these stats are:

energy consumptions in hotel industry

(Esmaeilifar et al., 2015)

Energy Management Pays

Energy Management Pays

(McGraw-Hill Construction, 2014)

Above is the figure showing distribution of the energy consumption in a hotel. According to the figure it could be seen that a lot of energy is being consumed in the hotel and attraction. Energy consumption has become a matter of concern in present scenario. It is necessary that attractions like amusement parks and theme parks and hotels should try to reduce the consumption of energy so as to ensure that they could protect the environment and could help in environmental sustainability aspects (Green logistics, 2016).

Effective Use of Resources in Tourist Facility Focus on Energy Efficiency

Effective Use of Resources in Tourist Facility Focus on Energy Efficiency

According to the article “Effective Use of Resources in Tourist Facilities Focus on Energy Efficiency”, there are certain energy efficiency steps that could be taken by the hotel and attraction so as to save more energy and help the environment these steps are:

1. They can establish an initial baseline for energy consumption with the collection of the past data which could be gathered from the past energy bills.

2. Hotel and attractions could observe and analyze current practices and set objectives and could develop the targets so as to reduce the amount of energy consumed.

3. Changes could be implemented which could help in meeting the objectives which are set and educating the employees and staff members their role in being energy efficient.

4. Hotels and attractions could record and monitor the energy consumption on daily basis and could develop the plan to reduce the consumption (Jones, Hillier and Comfort, 2014).

5. Preparing the checklist on the basis of which progress could be checked and necessary actions could be taken whenever they are required.

Following these steps will help the hotel industry to manage the power supplies and minimizing the expenditures that are being made by the hotel in the energy. These are the factors applying which will help the hotel to ensure that it could be registered in the energy efficient hotels lists and will be able to enhance its brand value in the market. Enhancing the brand value in the market helps in attracting more and more customers and increasing the revenue of the hotel which leads to provide the assurance that the hotel will be able to move on the path of success and sustainability.

Building and Construction Management

Five Important Trends Shaping Today’s Hotel Construction Market

According to the article “5 important trends shaping today’s hotel construction market” transaction volume in the sector is predicted to reach nearly $50 billion this year which is 10% higher than the last year. Travel report was analyzed and with the research of STR it was analyzed that approximately 30,000 construction projects were active at the beginning of 2014 in U.S. alone which is 16% more than 2013.

Five Important Trends Shaping Today’s Hotel Construction Market

With the change in time there are 5 trends that are analyzed in present scenario hotels and attraction:

1. Demand for the sustainability, healthy, locally authentic properties, with an eye towards attracting Millennials.

2. Adaptive use of the interesting non hotel buildings which provide a strong sense of place and often tax advantages.

3. Renovation of the hotels which are already existed so that pent up demand could be met and customer expectations could be raised.

4. Renewing the popularity of the large project mixing hospitality, residential, workplace, entertainment, sports and other functions.

5. Rise of the value oriented “select services” category, bridging the gap between luxury and economy (Thangavel, 2016).

Green Building is Growing Rapidly in the Retail and Hospitality Sectors, According to New McGraw Hill Construction Smart Market Report

Green Building is Growing Rapidly in the Retail and Hospitality Sectors, According to New McGraw Hill Construction Smart Market Report

According to the articles there are several domains available for the construction these domains are:

Construction Domains


  • To monitor the consumption of water and rationalizing the use of it while constructing the hotel and attractions.
  • To protect and assure to save the natural resource while constructing the building


  • To control the use of energy and motoring its consumption
  • To save the energy and to reduce the pollution that is spreading in the atmosphere


  • To reduce the source of waste and make step to improve the waste management system (bdcnetwork, 2014).
  • To implement the strategy to recover and recycle

Purchasing Policy

  • To ensure that the impact of consumption on the environment could be reduced
  • To make the promotion of development of the local, ecological as well as social flow of the product


  • To make improvement in the handling of product and reducing the losses and wastage
  • To maintain and master the supply chain of hotels

Noise, Air quality, and landscape integration

  • To reduce the noise pollution
  • To make improvement in the air quality inside the building
  • To ensure that impact on the local landscapes could be reduced (unep, 2014).

These are certain environmental domains which are necessary to be followed by each and every hotel and attraction dealing in the travel and tourism industry. Following the above domain will help the hotel and attractions to protect environment and generating healthy and better environment for future.

Conclusion and Recommendations

With the analysis of all the aspects indulged in the report it could be concluded that all the aspects, like energy management, building and construction management and internal environment management are the important aspects which should be focused upon by the hotels and attractions. With the increase in building and new constructions environment is being affected. It could be seen that approximately 30,000 constructions are pending in U.S which is really a huge number for a developed country.  With this it could be analyzed that there are many more constructions that will start. These construction increases pollution which directly affects the environment. It is required that hotel and attraction should focus on the environmental sustainability aspects and should make a trial to protect the environment.

There are various recommendations that could be made so as to ensure that hotel and attraction could manage the environment in an effect manner, these recommendations are:

1. Hotel and attractions should focus on delivering appropriate information to the staff members of how they can make their contribution in protecting the environment.

2. It is necessary to spread the information related with the benefits of adopting practices which could help in the protection of environment.

3. Renovating the old buildings will help in reducing pollution

4. Comparing the actual results of energy consumption with the planned one will help in providing better and effective information of taking the steps with the effect of which hotels could save more energy and make effective contribution in the environment sustainability aspects.


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