MN621 Advanced Network Design Paper Editing Services

MN621 Advanced Network Design Oz Assignment

MN621 Advanced Network Design Paper Editing Services

Part 1

Set of Questionaries’ for the gatheringof requirement from various users

1. What kind of software application is needed to be installed in the given workstation?

2. How many users are needed for building a group and creating proper network access?

3. What is kind of network device and hardware needed for establishing proper kind of communication between various LAN in the given network?

4. What are the present constraint encountered by organization along with proper network architecture?

5. What kind of website are needed to be accessed by various employee benefits of the workstation?

Set of Questionaries’ forgatheringof requirement from various users

1. What are number of user which are accessing the given framework of network?

2. Is there any user who can access the given network from various geographical location?

3. How the number of device are there in the given organization which is required to be covered by the help of this network?

4. What opportunities in terms of network service should be made available to user for improving the overall productivity?

5. How many servers were required for proper management of various services needed by user?

6. What is the present rate of growth in the current organization along with expected expansion?

7. What is required budget for the development of the given network solution?

Set of Questionaries’ forgatheringof requirement from various users

1. What is the website that is visited by the various uses of the firm for carrying out the work?

2. What is the kind of application makes use of internet service for completing the operation?

3. Which should be given to the administrator needed for managing various kind of operation?

4. What volume of files and medias are needed for transferring between various users?

Purpose of each question

User of each group are provided with various kind of questions needed for clarifying the various requirements needed for development of proper network solution. If the provided requirements of the user are clear and concise about the network configuration. The total configuration is done as per the need and various errors or issue can be easily reduced. Various constraints in the development of the network can be removed. The configuration of the whole system can be troubleshooted by administrator of the network. Proper configuration of the network and other hardware device can need to be easily backed up. The side of the loaded helps in reducing the downtime of the network. It is made available to large number of users. The given questions helps in reducing the time of analysis and optimum time which is needed for development.

Part 2

If any kind of case takes place when user and over staff of the given organization is unable to attend meeting. The given stages should be taken into account for developing the framework of network.

Stage 1 Analyzing technical goal and constraint

A proper kind of research should be carried out on various kind of technology which are developing on continuous basis. Brainstorming methodology is needed for the development of the given network. It is mainly done for satisfying the need of the various organizations. Various aspect like objective, constraint and lastly objectives of the given project should be taken into account for removing the issues in the network. It also helps in improving the overall efficiency of the network. Various kind ofprotocol and commands for configuration is needed for verifying the prototype in the given network. It is all about simulating the given software before any kind of application of real time environment.

Step 2: Estimation of cost and budget preparation

A preparation should be done for the list of hardware which is needed for the proper development of various network. The cost of hardware needs to be added for analyzing the budget of the overall project. The network coverage and distance between the installation point are needed for various kind of hardware device. It is needed for identifying the cost involved in the purchase of cable. Various kind of hardware and charges in network administrator is needed for increasing the overall budget of the project.

Step 3: Creation of Application profile

Various kind of services are needed for the proper risk management of complex system of sport which needs to be properly analyzed. All the required documents are needed to be provide in form of report and should be made as per need of requirement. It is the duty network administrator for maintaining a proper kind of track for the development method. It aims in solving various kind of issues in the configuration stage.

Step 4: Building SLA

There are large number of factors involved which can have negative effect on the performance of the network. It should be done for creating SLA (Service Level Agreement) and responsibility of manager for managing the given agreement. The fact should be taken into account that the network should have minimum amount of downtime.

Step 5: Performance and availability

Various barriers and constraint in the network should be removed so that performance of the given network can be improved easily. Two aspects that is load balancing server and distance vector should be used in the given network. Various channels for communication is needed for data packets transfer. It is needed for eliminating the negative impact on the network.

Step 6: Definition of Service level

Various kind of problem in the throughput and network performance should be taken into account by network administrator. Various kind of error needs to be checked for increasing the performance of the network



Cisco packet tracer of version 7.2 is considered to be most suitable one for development of proper network solution. The prototype of network should be build in such a way. Various kind of network device which is needed for development of network can be easily connected by the help of redundant link. If anyhow one of link fails then the data packets can easily reach destination by making use of another link. The network design comes up with three layer of model and the given network should be designed by the help of three major components that is core, access and lastly distribution.


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