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Walt Disney’s Land- Hong Kong

International visitors: Hong Kong is the place of tourist destination. Tourism is the pillar for the economy of the Hong Kong because it is one of the most happening and likable tourist destination for the people all around the world. The government is playing a major part in making the place attractive for the tourist and providing them with the facilities that fascinates them and forces them to visit the place with excitement.

International visitors

The above diagram shows the visitors to Hong Kong and their origin. The figure depicts that the number of mainland visitors are more the other international visitors for Hong Kong.(Atherton and Atherton, 2011)If the year 2016 has been discussed it has been identified that the initial there days of the week-long National Day holiday has seen 3.6% rise in the visitors from the last year but at the same it has alos been analsyed that the tourist were not spending more time at the destination and leaving sooner from the place thus not giving business to the hotels and tourism industry companies for more.

In terms of the key attraction of the Hong Kong, Lantau Island, it is the place of many attractions. One of the most famous attraction is the day trip to Disneyland. It is the finest Hong to do at Hong Kong and it is one of the main reasons why people visit this place. Other amazing places to visit at Hong Kong are the Hong Kong Big Buddha, The Ngong Ping Cable Car, Oink Dolphin Watch Cruise etc.

Walt Disney Land

Hong Kong Disney Land is a theme park which is located on a reclaimed land in Penny’s Bay, Lantau Island. This park is owned and managed by the Hong Kong International Theme Parks. Disney Land is one of the largest theme parks in Hong Kong which was opened on 12 September 2005 for the visitors (hongkongdisneyland, 2015). Daily capacity of the park is 34000 visitors which is a very huge number. In the first year park attracted approximately 5.2 million visitors and generated the huge amount of revenue. Park continues to grow and attract effective number of visitors towards it and ensures to make its contribution in the GDP of the country. People from across the globe prefer to visit Hong Kong so as to gain experience of Hong Kong Disney Land.

Hong Kong Disney Land

As far as the types of tourism is concerned, the main source of income in Hong Kong is from the mainland inbound tourism. If the analysis of the above specified figure has been done that it describes that 47.25% of the total tourist in Hong Kong is from the mainland China.

mainland China

Data related with the historical performance of Hong Kong market from 2005 to 2014 was gathered. Purpose to gather such data was to analyze the growth of market after the inauguration of Disney Land (Nguyen and Cheung, 2015). Response of the market was effective as growth was seen in the market of Hong Kong. Rise in the visitors due to the tourist attraction place, Walt Disney Land was analyzed which helped the economy of Hong Kong to grow and sustain.

Accommodation options: Hong Kong consists of around 257 hotels till March 2016. These hotels collectively provide 74000 rooms for the tourist. If the occupancy rate has been considered, it has been identified that in 2015 the hotel occupancy rate at Hong Kong was 86% that was declined by 3% and reached to 83% in the starting of 2016. This deduction is because of shorter span of stay of the tourist at Hong Kong.(James, 2006)Government has initiated many programs to enhance the competitiveness in the hotel industry at Hong Kong.

hotel industry at Hong Kong

The above diagram show the variation in the occupancy rate of hotel at Hong Kong from 2004 to 2016.

If the area of Lantau Island has been considered, the main hotels that are to rated ones are Disney land hotel, Disney land Hollywood Hotel, Auberge Discovery Bay Hong Kong etc. These hotels provide full facilities to the tourists with luxurious room and pool side view along with great experience of delicious food. These hotels alos provide the tourist with differentpackages that includes the stay, food and the visit of the destination. Along with all these attractive facilities that attracts the tourists, these hotels alos provides the places to conduct the meetings to the business professionals. Conduction of business meetings alos tur into large amount of revenue for the hotel industry at Lantau.(Ladkin and Weber, 2011)

Auberge Discovery Bay Hong Kong

Economic impact of tourism on GDP: Tourism is the major source of economy for Hong Kong. It directly or indirectly affects the economy as well as the GDP of the place. According to the lateststatisticsand the records observation the tourism industry accounts for around 5% contribution in the GDP directly. The industry alos contribute in providing employment to the local people. The percentage accounts for around 7%. As observed that the economy of Hong Kong is increasing by 1% but there is decline in the growth rate that was primarily 2.4%. This decreasing figure suggests that tourism industry should make some of the efforts in attracting the tourist from other countries to Hong Kong so that the country can again raise its economy with the help of tourism business. Government has made efforts by cutting down the tax prices for hotel and travel agents so that they ca attract more tourist for longer stay. Lantau is the biggest island at Hong Kong and thus become the place of largest tourist’s attraction. Lantau’s rich cultural andnatural resources fascinates the people to visit the place. Also, the efforts of the government to develop the place as the tourist destination helps in making this place a preferredchoice for the people to visit.(Law et al., 2011)It is the place that is majorly dependent on the tourism industry in term of finance. This is because most of the people or the population at Lantau is engaged in the tourism sector and hospitality. Thus, change in the tourism industry great affect the economy of the island.

Key tourism activities at Lantau: Lantau is the place that can be visited by the tourists for leisure as well as for business. This is because it allows the people to spend their holidays with lot of enjoymentsand also allow them with the facilities to conduct business meetings.(Puri and Chand, 2009) If the key activities at Lantau for tourists is considered, then the first name should be of Disney land. It is one of the biggest amusement park at the destination that act as the main reason for the people to visit. It not only attracts the children but alos attracts the adult tourist to visit the place. The other key activities that ca be conducted by tourist at Lantau are shopping, eating at the food stalls etc. this place totally involves all what the tourist wants from the shopping centers to the luxury hotels and alos to the MICE destination that attracts the business tourist to conduct their meetings here.

Key tourism activities at Lantau

Destination features that needs to be showcased: Lantau is the place that has been seen to have utmost potential to develop as a finest tourist destination as it has some of the activities that needs to be showcased in order to make the development. It is the place that is connecting the airport with the city Centre but has more potential to grow as the destination that attracts visitors rather than being only the connection.(, 2017)The new aspects that needs to be showcased about Lantau is the infrastructural projects that have started by the government. The completion of these infrastructural projects may attract the business professionals to conduct their business events and meetings here. The main MICE centers that needs I be showcased to the people are Asia-world Expo near airport, The Hong Kong convention and exhibition Centre and Hong Kong International Trade and Exhibition Centre.


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