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This study is based on the organisation of Mining Co and three distinct situations that have been spoken about.  The first case deals researching the impact of introducing the performance initiative for the staff in the respective location. Recommendations have also been provided as to how this initiative will help impact the decision making for the future.

MGMT6009 Managing People and Teams Assignment HelpThe second case depicts a situation where senior executives in sites located in Greece and the Middle East Countries are quitting due to the economic recession and ISIS militants respectively. Recommendations have been provided as to how any hysteria that crops up can be curbed. The third case demands the solution to the structure, function, selection criteria, format and reward system of the appointed crisis management team.

Case one: you are tasked with researching the impact of introducing performance management initiative on the motivation of staff in your location. You are to make recommendations to the board, specifically on how the proposed initiative will impact on their decisions moving forward

This analysis talks about how performance management will help in establishing motivation among the staff in Mining Co. Motivation among the employees is one of the key aspects for success for any organisation, in this case Mining Co. The performance Management System will help in enhancing the levels of motivation prevalent among the staff by ensuring that the goal setting process is crystal clear in nature, the feedback provided by the managers is effective and honest and finally there is fair amount of consequence management procedure prevalent in Mining Co.  This basically is important as employees or staffs faces indifference in their levels of motivation if no justified action is taken on the members who consistently show diminished performance over a period of time. (Sht. M. Huso Caddesi, 2013)

One of the key aspects of any performance management system is the determination of performance standards. The necessary requirement that Mining Co expects from the job role of every employee has to be clearly defined and conveyed to the people in the organisation. Establishing a performance standard will ensure that the employees not only stay motivated to meet the criteria of volume but also focus on enhancing the quality of their work. The agenda that should be set is that every employee or staff that fulfils the performance criteria and or surpasses the standard will be rewarded with effective employee recognition. Employees who do not end up meeting the standards will not be able to enjoy the same privileges. This will prove to work as an extra motivation for employee to meet the performance standard and overall as a result the company will be beneficiary.  (Simplehrguide, 2016)

Proper Performance Management will ensure that the low performers that exist in a team are identified and taken action against. Motivation among the team increases if the staff witness proper action taken against the comparatively weaker employees. Low performers can be segregated as permanent low performers and momentary low performers. The manager should assist and guide these performers so that they remain motivated to improve and keep striving for more. The manager should know how to work with different types of employees to ensure that the motivation levels of these employees remain high irrespective of the kind of work that they do.

Performance appraisal is one of the very key aspects of performance management. Appraisal can be in the form of employee development and effective feedback. 360 degree performance appraisals will take into consideration the complete profile of each employee and then evaluation and monitoring is done. This kind of appraisal will take into account all the direct and indirect feedbacks of supervisors, managers, employees, etc.  Psychological appraisals look after an employee’s emotional stability, psychological traits, inter –personal developments and this will keep the entire staff motivated as they will be secured that the management cares about their development. Management by Objective takes into account the appraisal on a particular avenue and is referred to as the modern day appraisal method.

Performance Management focuses on the overall skill development of the staff to ensure that efficiency in mode of operations can be achieved which will only lead to increased productivity.  Various training and development programmes should be designed for the staff at Mining Co so that they can be developed into more professional, skilful and worthy employees. This way the staff will feel that the company does value them and will not do away with low performers but instead try and improve their performance. This will be seen in good light by the staff and it will help determining high levels of motivation as they would want to associate themselves with this kind of an organisation. (Leonard, 2014)

Overall, Performance management helps in understanding the reasons of under-performance by a staff, devising methods that will help them improve their performance. This will be significant as all the employees who are currently demotivated or depressed because of the diminished performance exhibited by them will automatically be high in spirit and highly motivated when they find out that their performance has improved and hence they can now slowly move towards attaining frequent employee recognition. It has to be understood that to effectively carry out the performance management procedure, the managers have to be trained well so that they know how to work with both the high performers and the low performers of Mining Co. The managers themselves need to be motivated and rejuvenated before they try and implement the performance management procedure and policies in order to determine effective levels of motivation within the staff and employees prevalent in the company.


The Performance Management procedure will help take a decision in assigning the optimum level of targets. Once the performance levels of the employees are determined, targets can be set accordingly. It has to be kept in mind that unreachable and unrealistic target setting can seriously hamper the motivation of the staff. (Wendy Beekes, 2010)

Decisions can be taken on the magnitude of the reward and recognition system that needs to be introduced and implemented. This can be determined by assessing the levels of motivation prevalent among the staff. If the levels of motivation are highly below average then the nature of reward system also has to be that much higher in terms of magnitude.

Depending on the credibility of the team or the staff in Mining Co, the setting of goals and objectives can be done. Goal setting is important as this will help in making the staffs understands as to what exactly is required of them and hence will keep him motivated in attaining those objectives.

The level and degree of low performers can be identified and that will help take the decision as to what are the factors that are required in order to ensure that low performance is not associated with any member of the staff. Unless the reasons are known for under-performance, they cannot be efficiently addressed.

Decision on the changes and modifications required in the organisation can be taken. Performance Management helps in understanding the factors that need effective alterations and modifications for the smooth functioning of the various modes of operations.   

Case two: Mining Co has a problem—each isolated site operates as a single entity and there is very little cross-over or staff rotation between them. The economic crisis in Greece and the increasing impact of the presence of ISIS in the Middle East on foreign nationals is resulting in many of the senior executives’ onsite wishing to leave. You will need to make recommendations to the board for how to curb any hysteria that ensues.


It has to be understood that no individuals will stick around for a long time, especially foreign nationals in areas like Greece and the Middle East. Hence, the primary and the best way to ensure that the turnover ratio of senior executives is reduced are by seeing to it that proper job rotation takes place. The executives have to be rewarded with a transferable job portfolio that will help them to change locations by taking turns. This will limit the levels of worry among the individuals as they will know that their establishment period in these locations of adversity is restricted and is not a permanent phenomenon. This way they will be looking ahead at the next location of transfer and in the mean time not leave their current job.

The Government can be asked for aid where the Government will ensure the safety of the employees as given the economical crisis of Greece, they would not want existing multinational companies leaving their country as already they are facing adverse situations economically and further percentage of companies withdrawing from Greece would only make matters worse for them keeping the economic scenario in mind. A word of mouth from the Government of the existing location will restore some amount of faith and trust among the employees regarding their existence financially.

Taking the Middle East into consideration, security re-enforcements are the key where the executives working at the sites in these countries feel safe and secured. Mining Co should develop an anti terrorism system in collaboration with the best intelligence systems that will help in protecting the employees by resisting the invasion of terrorist activities within the allocated area of work. The location should be cordoned off with efficient security and digital intelligence systems that might be able to detect any future prevailing security threats as a result of the tyranny posed by ISIS militants. This will help in establishing some sort of safety in the minds of the executives working at the sites as now they can be convinced that even if there are terrorist attacks, they won’t just be sitting ducks and will have ample time to react and curb out of the situation.

The incentives for actually risking life and still performing operations in the respective sites have to be huge and even unrealistic at times. It is simple. If the monetary incentives are not enough, then the employees will not stick around. For this purpose the money offered to the executives need to be very high with tendencies of increment every now and then. Whenever unfavourable attitude might be detected in an employee, he should be calmed and reassured that the money for his existence at the sites will be increased considerably and even sometimes a superficial amount may also be required in order to retain the best of executives. Not only monetary benefits, security, insurance, etc are other factors that need to be taken care of properly if the executives are expected to not leave the job. Only when an individual will feel that the money and the incentives are worth the stay and the risk involved will he actually consider not leaving the organisation.

Terrorism should not be feared but should be overcome. This is a culture that should be developed among the executives. Mining Co can ensure that this culture prevails by inculcating the sense of responsibility and democracy among individuals. The examples of consequences of fear can be mentioned with all the recent activities of the ISIS militants and a unified culture should prevail that helps the executives develop a sense of revolt and aggression. (graaf, 2014)

Taking Greece into consideration once again, more individuals who are locals in Greece should be hired at the respective existent sites. This will not only ensure that the Government has a favourable outlook towards Mining Co as it is offering employment to its citizens, but will also help the senior executives feel that Greece as a nation is making progress again, Not only will the executives feel more secured by seeing more amount of local citizens prevailing at the sites, they will feel economically more secured as they will feel that they are in the right place even though the country is Greece and the time represent economic recession.  

It has to be communicated to the executives working in the Middle East sites that if there arises the slightest of situations of emergency, Mining Co will adopt every such mechanism and operation to ensure that the employees are safe and secured. As mentioned earlier, assistance from the intelligence systems is the key to anticipate any mishappenings and react accordingly. Assurance from the company itself will establish added levels of belief and faith of the employees and the organisation.

Develop a relationship of bonding and emotions with the executives. This will help in the executive getting emotionally attached to the company and this will mean that it will be that much difficult for him to leave the sites or the organisation at large. The fact that no other company will pay them as much as Mining Co has to be inculcated among the employees. This might lead to them reconsidering their decision to leave the job.

For the future, Mining Co should look to appoint individuals who are mostly alone in life which would mean that he does not have too many responsibilities to fall back on. It is often the case with executives who want to leave that they have to think about their family, etc. Individuals who are living life as a loner or a bachelor and want to make it big financially containing the requisite skills to be productive for Mining Co should be looked at.

The facilities and environment of work should be top notch. Although it is a site, the top technological equipments along with excellent residential allotments should be provided so that the executives do not feel the adversity of staying in an unsatisfactory place.

Case three: you need to put together a crisis management team to manage the event that any substantial talent gap emerges at any individual site. You will need to decide on the selection criteria, the format, structure and function of the team and how you would reward them.

Various things should be kept in mind while designing the selection criteria for the crisis management team. A crisis management campaign will have to be established and all the strategic objectives soundly determined. The team that will be selected will be responsible for all the actions that they undertake in order to meet the strategic objectives. One of the primary tasks of the team will be to ensure the completion of all the basic tasks of the campaign no matter how much the barriers or obstructions. Direction will be provided by the team leader and Executive owner and knowing how to work in a team is the key. Hence the people who should be selected must be fond of team work and place the objectives of the team and the company before personal accomplishments. The individual should know how to communicate efficiently and should be proficient in both formal and informal communication. It is very important that only individuals who are willing and absolutely sure about the process should be involved. Midway into the operations the individuals should not regret or second guess him. Since the team is that of crisis management, the individual must have the knowledge pertaining to the technicalities of public relations. Public Relations and effective PR is a good way of managing crisis. An individual who is selected as a part of the team should be able to handle criticism and instead of reacting should administer ways in order to counter it. The individual should be updated with the technical aspects of mining and the subsequent environment that prevails. The individual should also have an in depth knowledge and idea about the prevailing situations currently. These are the little things that should be kept in mind while designing the selection criteria for the crisis management team. (Williams, 2000)

Now let us analyse the functions of the crisis management team. Primarily, the team or the members of the team should be able to fathom the areas of concern especially during emergency situations. They should aim at working on all the drawbacks and shortcoming that resulted in the crisis from happening. The team should be able to identify all the things that went wrong and should be able to determine as to what has to be done or steps to be undertaken in order to improve the currently existent processes and ensure the smooth functioning of operations. The problems that arise should be ranked in order of significance. The most complex problem that is likely to cause the most impact should be addressed first followed by the lesser ranked problems in descending order of significance. This entire function is known as prioritisation of problems and it is a very important function of the team. Any plan that is made should be double checked before finalising and all information that is imparted should be verified and checked so that no discrepancy occurs.  This Crisis Management Team overall will help in taking the right step at the right time and that way help Mining Co in overcome all problems and barriers. (Management Study Guide, 2016)

The structure of a crisis management team should comprise of the following teams or committees. The Regional Emergency Team should aim to provide support and guidance to the local site in reckoning during times of an emergency. The impacts and issues resulting from the specificities of the particular region can be managed by this team. This particular group may be led by the regional manager. The Business Support teams facilitate the proper and effective implementation of business plans. The Site Emergency Teams helps in supporting or guiding the response prevalent on the scene. Facility management staff can be associated with this kind of team. The overall appointed leader should be reported to who will be managing the entire division of all the teams. This should be the effective structure of the crisis management team. (Emergency Response Planning, 2016)  

Rewards can be provided to them in a variety of ways. First the necessary appraisal of the team should be looked at and the desired training and development should be given to the employees of this team. Development of employees is something that they will value and is a good way of rewarding them. (Willard Nyamubarwa, 2013)

Another pertinent way to reward them can be to give them an appreciation in terms of the position they hold in the organisation. Extra incentives and increments can be provided to them as a reward and this can keep them motivated and happy. An appreciation is salary can also be expected as money is the biggest form of motivation for the majority of the human mind. Transferable jobs to exotic locations away from the unrest and oppressiveness of the Middle East countries and economically backward countries like Greece can be expected.  These are the various ways in which I will look to reward the crisis management team.   


The recommendations of case one depicts how effective performance management system can be in allocating goals, and setting targets. The impact of reward and recognition as a part of the performance management system resulting in motivation of the staff has also been analysed.

The various ways in which the fear can be overcome due to rising terrorist activities in the Middle East Countries have been analysed. An analysis on the steps to be adopted taking the economic recession of Greece has also been documented. Case 3 depicts the selection and structure of the crisis management team and how the ability to handle criticisms and adverse conditions is important has also been analysed.


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