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MGMT6003 Operations Management Proof Reading Services


Operation management is the field of management that specializes in physical production of goods and services and uses quantitative technique for solving manufacturing problem. The role of operation management is to convert input into the output using physical resources, so as to provide desired utility of the product to the customer while meeting other organization objective of effectiveness, efficiency and adaptability. Operational plan helps in providing detail information to direct people to perform their daily tasks and activities for running the organization. It is the plan which clearly defines the action to support strategic objective and plan of upper management. The overall business planning should be considered at the time of building operational plan of the business. The operational plan generally provides the strategies and task that may be undertaken.  The person who has responsibility of the strategic task, the time limit within which task is to be completed, the finance resources required for each activity. The operational plan of the company is generally created after the strategic planning of the company is done. The operation plan on this assessment is created for the manufacturing company which is engaged in business of selling bicycle. The operational management has to perform certain roles to effectively manage the above manufacturing process of the company.

MGMT6003 Operations Management Assignment Help

Responsibility of the operational manager

The following are the responsibility of the operational manager-

Allocating human resources

For effectively implementing the strategy the operational management should make the proper use of all the available resources. It is the responsibility of the operational management to allocate work to human resources of the company based on their skills and knowledge. It the work is not properly allocated the company would not be able to implement its strategy. It can be allocated to single person or a group of the persons. In the operational plan the person responsible for the strategy is generally referred to by their job role.

Allocating financial resources

Most of the strategy requires financial resources to complete an activity. The cost is generally incurred on remuneration or resources required to conduct an activity. The management should properly allocate the resources between various activities on the basis of the estimates. The operation management needs to complete the work within the financial resources allotted to him for conducting manufacturing work. He also helps the management in creating budget of the organization and achieves the activity of the business within the allocated resources (Vladimirovna, 2016 ).

Setting timeline

The operation manager also helps the management in conducting all the activity within time and allocated resources. He helps to check and control that each of the activity is done within time.  The strategies of the company are generally prepared for the particular period and needs to be implemented within the allocated time. The allocation of time is basically done to build coordination between the various tasks and attain the objective of the business within time.

Set indicator of performance

The operational manager helps company to achieve the quality outcome of the product by avoiding the wastage of resources. The performance indicator generally includes that the standards or target related to the particular activity. For the success of the strategy all the target must be attained and as per the appropriate standard (Zinnatullovich, 2014).

The key function of the operational manger are-

Designing– The operational manger needs to design the product by including the various features and characteristics of the product to be sold. The product is generally designed to meet the expectation of the customer. The operational manager needs to manage the layout with full facility, machinery used in manufacturing product, to improve the business performance through monitoring and controlling.

Planning– The operational manager helps in creating the plan how management will utilize its current resources to attain business objective. The planning helps in effective handling of the change in business condition for instance sudden increase or decrease in the demand of the product.

Managing- The operational manager also helps in managing all the resources which are required by the business. Team work is essential for successfully conducting all the business operations. The operational manager effectively handles all the resources which are required in the manufacturing process.

Coordination- The operational manager helps in building coordination between various roles and responsibility of the job with staff and operational team. The effective coordination between various roles and responsibility helps in avoiding conflict and the wastage of resources ( Kato, et. Al.  2014).

The role of the operational manager in decision making and value chain-

The operational manager plays a key role for the top level manager in decision making related to the business. They have a complete knowledge of company current capacity and help the management in making informed decision related to the business. The value chain is the basic tool to examine the function of company performance and there relation with the view to identify the source of competitive advantage. It helps the firm to identify the order of flow of activity and set up the importance of various activities which is helping to deliver the final product to the customer. The manger through value chain can also find the core and non- core business activity. The company can develop the competitive advantage by identifying the action which adds the value to the company. The value chain helps in determining the process and activity which helps in meeting the needs of the customer and identify the area which requires improvement (Telha, Bessa, Páscoa & Tribolet, 2014 ).

 The operational plan followed by the operational manager for the company include-

The operational manager creates the annual plan of the work based on the strategy of the work. The quantity and the quality of the product are decided by the management while framing the strategy of the company. The operation manger plans his work on the basis of the requirement of the strategy by allocating the time and resources to each activity in its budget.

The operational manager frames short term business strategy to achieve the goals set by the organization. The strategy generally includes how the work is to be done to provide the quality outcome by making optimum utilization of resources.

The operational manger helps the top level management in framing the budget of the company. They provide the informed decision on the requirement of the resources to effectively conduct all the business operations. The budget helps the manger to conduct the business in the planned way.

The operational manger generally frames the operational plan after considering the entire factor which affects the functioning of the business. The design of operational plan should be made after environment and industry analysis and availability of the sufficient resources.

The operational manager needs to design the operational plan after the involvement of appropriate staff and partners. This helps in effective execution of all the activity as it avoid conflict which occur due to inappropriate plan (Visser & Claasen,  2012).

The operational manger also helps in determining the financial requirement for conducting the business activity. They generally evaluate the current sources of the income which are available with the company and the estimate cost of action and monitoring each activity of the business. He also helps in avoiding project financial resources gap and planning long term expenditure and funding need for the business.

The operational manger also helps in effective handling of human resources requirement for the business. This is done by recognizing the staff skills required for the business. He also determines the management structure of the company and building coordination between the partners. The manager also determines the system need for conducting the operational function of the business.

The operational manager also helps in assessing the risk which is associated with the business. The manger identifies the risk and rank risk on the basis of likelihood of risks occurring and severity of the risk. The ranking of the risk is done on the basis of high, medium or low. They also help the management by providing measures to avoid such risk.

The key area where operational manger needs to make decision are

Goods and service design- The operational manager plays a key role in deciding the design on the goods and service of the company. They have a complete knowledge about the current capacity of the business and help the management in developing the product which meets the need of the customer.

Quality- The operational manger helps in maintaining the quality of the outcome of the product and services.  They help in building coordination in various activity of the business and avoid wastage of resources which helps in improving the quality of the outcome.

Process and capacity design- The operational manager decides the process followed by the company while conducting its operation. They have a complete knowledge about the current capacity of the company and help the management in framing company objective within the limited capacity ( Krauss, 2014).

Location selection- The operational manager also helps in selecting the business location which helps in effective functioning of the business.  The manager generally chooses a location based on the availability of resources and market in the location. This help in conducting the business operation at low cost and with optimum quality as the resources are available at very less cost.

Human resources and job design- The operational manager of the company also helps in effective handling of human resources which are available with the company. He allocates the work to individual or group on the basis of their skills and knowledge. This helps in making the optimum utilization of company resources.

Supply chain management- The operational management also effectively manages the supply chain of the company. He manages the effective role to control the flow of goods from supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer to consumer.

Inventory- The operation manger makes a key decision on the inventory which the company needs to timely fulfill the demand in the market. This helps in avoiding blockage of resources due to unsold inventory and meets the demand of the customer on time.

Schedule- The operational manager also decides the distribution and schedule of the work to timely complete the work. The schedule generally includes when, by whom and by what resources the particular work should be done ( Fares & Webber, 2014).

 Quantitative methodology to assist decision making

The Quantitative approach to management involves using analytical and numerical technique for managing and decision making. The goal is to have specific formula through which information can be plugged into to provide the best answer to common management problem. The manger will use this technique to obtain more accurate result in relation to its operation. The three main areas considered for quantitative management are-

Management science- This area applies the use of mathematical model and statistical technique and other computational tools to solve business problem. The technique is generally chosen on the basis of the nature of the problem to be solved. Applying this method reached through scientific research helps you to generate the expected result. The management relies on coordination using this method to plan the project. For example Critical path will allow you to identify which task in a project will required longer period and more effort so the focus could be made over that task. Computer model can also help in determining, utilizing and recommend more effective usage and allow you to develop pro active strategies for handling outages and usage. The management science technique can also be used to design the physical layout of the workplace by analyzing workflow traffic pattern and individual tasks. This help in enabling cost effective, innovation and creative problem solving technique for manager. The operational manger can use this technique to determine the percentage of item produced that has quality error and type of error that is present.

Operational management- The technique is generally used to improving the timing of the delivery and streamline production process. Operational management generally includes analyzing company internal process. The way organization carries its operational management very much depends upon the product or service the company is offering. For example Forecasting the need of the future need of inventory and raw material need of the future or determining the best location for distribution center to minimize shipping time to the entire potential purchaser (Nechkoska,  Poels  &  Manceski, 2015).

Management information system- The management information is the computerized database of financial information organized and programmed in such a way that produces report for the management in the company. This is used by the management to support ongoing operations of the company.  The collected data helps the manager in making informed decision related to the business.

Role of the operational manager

The operational manager helps the management in attaining its organizational goals.  The role of changes which the change in size of the organization. He effectively manages all the operational activity of the business and helps the management in creating planning and creating organizational goals. The basic roles which the operational manager perform are-

Management of resources- The operational manger manages all the resources which are required for conducting business operations. He keeps the proper check over the resources which are used in the process and effective allocate the resources to various activity. He also helps the manager in determining the budget of the resources required to conduct business operation.

Financial management- The operational manager helps in determining budget, controlling cost and keeping the organization on track. The management of supply chain and other cost helps in minimizing the cost of the production. The operational manager study business forecast, sales report and financial statement to find way to maximize result. The manager also uses various analyses to reduce the cost of product and improve the performance of the business. The manager helps in determining the cost related to the each activity of the business and helps in reducing such cost.  

Goal setting- The operational management helps in setting goals and objective of the organization and establishes policies for various departments in the organization. With the help of cooperation of other manager they help establishing procedures and put them into effect. The duties of operational manager generally include sales forecasting and planning of sales promotion (Annarelli & Nonino,  2016).

Communication-The operational manager build good communication within the organization to help different parts of the organization to work together. They help in creating positive culture within the organization and helps in avoiding conflict.

Mange supply chain- The operational manager helps in flow of good from the supplier to the consumer.  He helps in delivering the company product to the customer at proper place, time and at appropriate cost. This helps the company to reduce the cost of its production and improves the profitability of the business.


So it may be concluded that the operational manger plays a key role for the organization in attaining its organizational goals. He helps in directing the resources of the company to attain desired outcome. It helps the management in framing and implementing the organization strategy. The operational management helps in building coordination in various part of the business. His operational management helps in avoiding wastage of resources and avoiding conflict within the organization.  The operation management helps in timely completion of all the activity which is required by the business. A good operational management provides the competitive advantage to the company.


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