MGMT6000 Dynamic Leadership Reflexive Research Proof Reading Services

MGMT6000 Dynamic Leadership Reflexive Research Assignment Help

MGMT6000 Dynamic Leadership Reflexive Research Proof Reading Services


In this report we are preparing a personal and professional development plan for myself. I currently work in Aldi as an area manager. Aldi is a superstore which is present worldwide approximately in around more than 18 countries. It is one of the best superstore of Australia. This professional plan is mainly focussed on the development of leadership and proper management of resources. The major areas being discussed in this report are self-awareness of business activities, effective leadership, good management skills and efficient communication skills. The major challenge faced is the handling and management of the team during the time of high resistance and motivating them to perform with full commitment.

MGMT6000 Dynamic Leadership Reflexive Research Assignment Help

Personal and Professional Development Plan

To have the proper plan is one of the pre requisite for developing the personality. To develop the skills up to a great extent it is very essential that the time limits must be set and work must be done accordingly. In advance it must be set in advance that what are the objectives and how those objectives are to be achieved.  For the success of the personality development plan it is very essential that the SMART objectives must be set. (Educause, 2010)

The SMART objectives are defined as:

S-Specific:The goals which are laid down for the achievement must be specific. The specific goals are more likely to be achieved as the person who is going to achieve them know that what the goals that he is likely to achieve are and how is he going to achieve it.

M-Measurable:The goals which are laid down for the achievement must also be measurable. This is important as this measurability helps the person to know that whether the goals are being achieved and if they are not then what actions are needed to be taken.

A-Attainable: The attainability of the goals is also very important. There are few goals which are very important but sometimes they are not attainable for the person.

R-Realistic:The goals must be realistic as the unrealistic goals will lead to only disappointment and failure.

T-Time Specific: The goals are called SMART only in one condition and that is each and every goal re must also be a time-limit. (AARP Foundation, 2016)

Aims and Objectives

Action Plan


Improved Communication Skills

The communication skills are very important for the reason that without the communication skills the person can never be able to express himself. Thus the learner would attend the Communication class which are focused to improve the communication skills.

3 months class of communication. However one more thing to be noted here is that the improvement in communication never stops and it lasts forever.

Better Technical Skills

For making the improvements in the technical skills the best way is to learn from the mentor. The mentors are the experts in their area and thus by working under their guidance the learner can become able to improve his technical skills. The IT professional must be through with the coding and the programming activities in order to tackle the technical problems.  

2 months’ mentor-mentee session. The work which would be assigned by the mentor will be done properly by the learner. Through this approach the experience is also gained and the exposure makes the great changes in the learning of the learner.  

Analytical Skills

For improving the analytical skills one of the best techniques is Brainstorming. The brainstorming sessions are very effective as they make the learner able to analyse the situation (the business problems) and then presenting the number of solutions to those problems. These problems are then weighed on their pros and cons and this is how the analytical skills are improved. The problem solving skill is an art which the employees must possess in order to handle the difficult situation at work. The employees must be able to solve the complex situation with the information available to the employees. (, 2016)

1 and 1/2 hour sessions for 5 days.


Flexibility is also very important as there are situations when the need of the hour is to do something different or in a different way. The conditions are different and the person would be able to survive only if he is ready to adopt the situation. For improving the flexibility the Job Rotation is the best techniques and considered as one of the most effective techniques.

Flexible work timing helps in increasing the efficiency of the employee as the employees have the freedom to work according to their convenience. The employees are allowed to work in their comfort zone. This increase’s their creativity and innovation. Innovation and creativity lets the employees have a competitive advantage over the others. (Morgan, 2015)

The job rotation of two weeks of each job for the period of three months.

Decision Making Skills

The decision making skills are also very important as these skills are the base for the career of the learner as well as the future of the organization. It is the decision making that makes the person be able to succeed or failure. The decision must be taken with utmost care and thus improving the decision making skills is very important. For improving the decision making skills the best way is to solve the case studies. The case studies are the set of the problems which are presented in front of people and they have to act as if they are the decision maker.  

Important decisions are to be taken by the managers. The managers must take the consent of all the employees before landing up on the final decision. All the employees must have the decision making skills in order to handle the situation.

The daily session of solving the case studies for 1 month.

Time Management Skills

The time is also very precious as once gone it can never be brought back. Thus in the personality development plan it is very important that the time must be managed. The time management skills must be developed thus for the success in the profession. The best way for managing the time is to prepare the schedule and sticking to it. The schedule helps to prioritize the tasks (as to what tasks are to be achieved urgently and what can be saved for later) and also set the time limit.

Time management helps in the completion of work on time. Time management also avoids stress as the work gets completed on time. It organizes the work and saves time for leisure. (MindTools, 2016)

Weekly schedules will be prepared for improving the time management skills. However preparing the schedule is not enough they must also be reviewed time to time so that they can be catch if lagging behind.

Positive Attitude

The attitude determines that whether the person is going to be success or a failure in life. It is believed that the positive attitude can bring the transformation in one’s life. The person with positive attitude can make the best out of the worst situation and can turn the situation in his favour. For attitude changes the workshop will be attended.

The employees must remain positive in order to avoid stress. With the positive attitude the problem solving becomes easier. The attitude determines the way of life.

2 hours’ workshop for 3 days.

Interpersonal Skills

The interpersonal skills are also very important.

There are the skills that are required to interact with the other people in the business environment. It helps the employees to develop better understanding with each other. (Open Colleges, 2016)

The employee must develop these skills as a part of the living.

Leadership skills

  • Effective management








  • Motivation and inspiration


  • Development of employee





  • Encouragement



  • Management of policies


This method mostly involves the art of time management. It involves thinking of a plan and then devising methods to achieve it. The strategies for the plan are made. There can be a lot of pressure of work. In this situation the person must remain composed and work in an effective manner.

For this strategy the staff must be motivated from time to time in order to increase their efficiency.

The work of the employee must be checked and they must be advised where ever they fail to meet the criteria.

When there are too much constraints and resistance in the work the employee must be encouraged to work

The purpose and the goal of the policies present in the organization must be understood and they must implemented in a strategic way (Johnson, 2016)



Day time strategy to remain calm and composed







There must be employee training and motivation session on a monthly basis.

The challenge must be accepted and they must be monitored every 6 months.



This exercise must be followed when it is a period of high tension


This is implemented when there is start of a new project

Business awareness

All the employees must be aware of the strategies followed in the business environment. The awareness of business is very important in order to develop effective leadership skills. The market and the corporate trends must be analysed before taking any step forward.

Every 4 weeks or may be frequent if there are changes happening in the business environment at a very fast rate.

Effective management

The effective management of the company is very important. The company should choose the employees very wisely. There should be efficient leadership as it is the leade4rship that determine the authority and the culture of the company.

The manager should set the goal and objective of the company beforehand. After that the manager should communicate with the other employees and take their consent before an proceedings. The manager should motivate the employees from time to time and try to build personal relations with them. The work of the employees must be appraised and they must be given appreciation for their good work. If any problem arises in the workplace then managers must think about it and try to solve it in a strategic manner.

The management of the company has to be carried through. The managers are given the training on a yearly basis.

Good communication skills

There are the major basis of interpersonal skills. Through good communication only the managers can build healthy and friendly relations with the others. The employee must be able to express himself clearly and must be good at speaking. The person must be able to interact with the other employees in an effective manner. The non-verbal communication is the communication through signs and signals. The employee must be through with all the signs and the body language. Facial expression and the tone of the voice is also indicative of the mood of the person. The person must also develop the habit of patient listening for effective communication in order to understand the other person. Good communication also avoids misunderstanding between the employees. (MindTools, 2016)

Good communication also helps in the interaction with the other employees.


This report helps in the analysis of own personal and professional skills. It makes us aware of the action of various strategies. This report also reflect up on the strength and the weakness of a person in a specific area. It mainly highlights upon the effective leadership styles and good management skills. Leadership skills are essential for motivating the employees and encouraging them to work with increased commitment. This report also makes us familiar with the major responsibilities as an area manager.


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