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In this MGMT20130 operations management assignment help, we will be discussing Hawkesbury and how effective it is running its business in the given market segment. Hawkesbury cabinets are being managed by Mei Chen and his sister. In this case study, they have developed a new builder’s kitchen for the betterment and generation of more sales revenue in the present time. This report is consisting of a complete description of Hawkesbury cabinets Pvt Ltd and troubleshooting of various problems in the given context.

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(A) The current production systems and processes used by Hawkesbury Cabinets (a technical analysis)?

Case study

Hawkesbury Cabinets Pty Ltd designs and manufactures custom-built kitchen cabinetry. The company was incorporated by two siblings Fung and Mei Chen in 2008. In this organization, Fung is a master cabinet maker Mei is a qualified interior designer. An organization has been selling kitchen apparels and other equipments for the better satisfaction of the consumers. Hawkesbury cabinet operates a single manufacturing facility in Mulgrave. Now in order to make good effective sales in the market Hawkesbury has developed a new line of operation that has showcased a drastic increase in the turnover of the company. The Organizational Behaviour has also developed a different plan of keeping the products standard at some places and customized at different geographical area. In this MGMT20130 Operations Management Assignment Help we will be discussion how Hawkesbury Cabinet’s Operation is making is consistent efforts in order to sell its old and newly introduced product in the given market segment.

Technical analysis: It is the study of the particular subject matter which is more concerned about forecasting the right price of the product offering in the market by the organization in context with the clients response and their choice of actions (Shefrin  & Hoffmann  2014).

It is the fact that company was following traditional approach and focusing on costuming made product as per the clients. Specification of different countries demand and need with the particular subject matter has made corporation to keep its product customized for the time being. But in order to keep product cost low and for the increment of the effectiveness of the product in the market company focus on making product standardized. Now with due regard with the clients expectation all over the word Hawkesbury Cabinets operates have a single manufacturing facility in Musgrave, where both custom and standard kitchen cabinets are manufactured(Barton, et. Al., 2010).

Production process:The cabinet produced equipment is comprised of mainly of high level of quality in order to provide customized product to the clients as per their need. The factory layout is also flooded with the wide range of equipment and value chain activities in the production process system. such as saw and cutting tables in one side router and shaper on the second level, assembly area, using of product in the esteem that reflect the quality of the product(Solnik, 2014).

(B) The effect of the new builders’ kitchen line on Hawkesbury Cabinets’ operations?

Hawkesbury Cabinet’s Operation is running its business for the effective development of the company In order to enhance the sell more products in the given market segment Hawkesbury has developed a new builder’s kitchen line and its demand has been rising in the market (Bell, et. Al., 2014).

  • After introduction of the new builders’ organization has reviewed the progress of Hawkesbury Cabinets, Mei Chen being  in the management team  was pleased to note that the company has grown and due to increase level of sales company’s Financial Report.
  • The most appropriate effects of the new builders kitchen line is that cost associated with the product is rising and in order to accommodate the new product line company has rented new  Place.
  • The current operations systems were pushing manufacturing capacity to the limit, and with the current layout, no space was left in the plant for expansion.
  • Management has got ready to understand and making a complete analysis of the new kitchen line and how it could be best for the betterment of the company.
  • After making a complete report by the accountant the fact was come to the consideration that there was not adequate profit margin in context with what management has anticipated.
  • Customized product of the kitchen were give top priority as they were the key driver in the earning process system of the organization.
  • As per the changes made in the new product Line Company has made a good quality changes in the development of new product (Ayieko, et. Al., 2010).

(C) The effect that moves to producing builders’ kitchens might have on the company’s financial structure. (Broader organizational issues caused by operational problems)?

Company has been running its business since the very long time and has showcased the drastic improvement in the process producing builders’ kitchens.  There are various problems that were identified throughout the time in the company by the management given as below (Rauf, et. Al., 2010).

  • In the development of the new product company has to make a big level of investment in its fixed assets such as establishment of Saw and Cutting tables, routers and shapers and other required equipment.
  • During the current sale of new developed product that has shown a big rise in the sales turnover of the company but at the same time less profit margined has been identified as a most appropriate hurdle in the good financial structure.
    Increasing amount of capital was infused so that proper raw material could be purchase and another fact that there is being found the significant rises in the cost associate in the product
  • As in the context of progress of Hawkesbury Cabinets there is shown that in order to expand Business Company has to hire a big rented area that is the main factor of cash outflow from the business.
  • Now with the clear expanding idea and innovation plan Mei Chan and her sister has decided to take the all the material point in consideration for the complete development of the new line of standard builders’ kitchen.
  • Company has been facing following problems such as Space availability, decrease in the product quality, man power hiring, and financial availability in the Business Strategy, management proper guidance, and conflict in the employees working system.

Now with the above given fact we could say that there could be make following investment regard with the chosen strategic plan.  Hawkesbury Cabinet’s Operation should be taking full due diligence process in order to make its business expand for the further development (Pinto, et. Al., 2015).


With the help of this MGMT20130 operations management assignment help I could say that organization has to make its strategic plan very effectively in order to see the sustainability of the business in the long run. Hawkesbury Cabinet’s Operation is the leading company in offering kitchen appliance to the consumers at large and shows its valuable product operation in this report. In this report I have learned how to make investment effectively and how to make product planning process as per the clients demand and supply.  Now I would like to conclude up my report by saying that making investment in the new project is very typical and strategically task for the betterment of the company.


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