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Grading the Teachers:

Case scenario:

This case is all about the evaluation system that is required in order to grade the teachers in different districts of Mexico. Many teachers and the administrators have discussed that it is very important to evaluate the skills and the proficiency of the teachers. This is because it is essential to provide quality education to the children and this can only be possible if the quality teachers educate the students. An administrator from Mexico suggests that it is essential to identify the best practices required to assess the teachers in the districts and similar evaluation method should be sued. To identify the best method, many teachers have been interviewed, in that interview, teachers have shared the way they evaluate their teachers in the university and what are the outcomes of the that evaluation. Identifying the best method from all the districts helps in standardization the evaluation method in the country.(, 2017)

evaluation method

Some of the ley features have been discussed in the case. These key features are related to the approaches used by different district schools and universities. The first key feature that has been discussed is 50-50 split approach to evaluate the teachers. In this approach half evaluation is dine on the basis of performance of the teacher and half of the evaluation is done on the basis of the student’s achieving in the particular teacher’s subject.(Fierro, 2006)Teachers should also complete the assessments for proving their capability. Capability of the teachers can be classified as the individual capability to deal with the subjects and the students and the professional capability to deal with rules and policies of the schools. All these features have been included in the evaluation method at Colorado district. Another professor from Indiana district suggests that development is key feature for the evaluation. Evaluating the continuous development and growth of the students helps in evaluating the efficiency of the teacher. Although the teacher does not have that much skills but they should be efficient in dealing with the students continually. In Oregon, the university professors discuss that evidence base evaluation is the method to evaluate and grade teachers. The teachers should provide the evidence of the skills(Green and South, 2006)They possess rather than the class room performance. According to them, the teacher should provide evidence of their clear understanding of the knowledge and the subjects as well as implement this evidence based learning in the class as well. An administrator from Nevada suggests that there are two main aspects of the evaluation. These aspects are student’s achievement data and the adjustment in the grades of the students. She argues that identifying the achievement data of the students and the adjustments in the grade of the students help in determining the pattern of the evaluation that has been used to evaluate the teachers in the district. they suggested that there should be similar approach used to evaluate the teachers in the whole district.(Loyo, 2002)This overall discussion describes that different districts have different interpretation and patterns to evaluate the teachers. Analyzing the outcome of each of the pattern should be done in order to make final pattern of evaluation of teachers that can be implemented in all the districts.

final pattern of evaluation of teachers

It has also bee identified with the case that many of the teachers have strike regarding the changes in the evaluation pattern. The inclusion of assessment tasks in the evaluating method made the teachers to go on a strike. The teachers have restricted the implementation of the new evaluation system.(Montes, 2017)

This case also discusses about the hopes and fears of the people regard the evaluation system. As far as the hopes of the teachers and the professors have been considered, the main elements that have been identified by assessing the case are trust fairness and consistency. Most of the teachers argues the evaluation system shoule be fair. It should be conducted fairly at all the districts with nay partial activities towards any of the teacher. Building trust is very important in order to be fair. Another element is consistency. The approach used to evaluate the teachers should be consistent and should not be exposed to any of the changes again and again. The teachers expect that the evaluation system should set the proficiency for the teachers at much higher level. This helps in development of the teachers in the professional aspect and thus provide quality teachers to the students. another major expectation of the administration is that the evaluation system should provide regular feedback so that corrective actions can be taken immediately.(Press, 2017)This helps in development of the teachers as well as the learning system as a whole. The major issue or the fear is the trust issue. Many teachers have argued that building trust with the evaluation system is very important. Every teacher needs to be satisfied with the features and procedures of the new evaluation system. Than only trust can build up.

Another concern of the administrators and the professors is the leadership. The professors of Michigan argue that the teachers should be sense makers. It is very important for the teachers to have some of the leadership qualities among them. This is because the teachers have to deal with the students or handle the student of different types. Thus, they have to possess the quality of leadership in them. The teacher should be professionally and emotionally string in nature so that they can easily deal with the situation arising at the daily basis in the class room. Being emotionally strong also helps the teachers to deal with the students. Direction is another major element to be discussed.(Mexico News Daily, 2017)Most of the people from Michigan and New Hampshire discusses that collaborative approach of administrators and the teachers is the best approach to come up with the evaluation method or the system to evaluate the teachers. This is because involvement of both the stakeholders helps in discussing the approaches or the perspectives of either sides. This helps in developing better strategies or making better decisions. It can be said that involvement of the stakeholders help in making out better decision because it results in involvement of concerns from each and very side that is relevant for the evaluation system. Therefore, it has been analyzed the collaborated approach is best way to develop the most effective evaluation system for the teachers.

Some of the advices have been given by different stakeholders or the administrators and the professors. These advices include involvement of stakeholders as the major concern. This is because it is important to consider the aspects of all the stakeholders so as to make them feel impoert5nat and in order to make the efficient evaluation system. This also results in conflict less development of the system because it has been made with concern of every stakeholder. Another advice is that the system should be open and transparent. Everyone including the evaluators and the teachers should know about each and every step conducting under the process of evaluation. Being transparent helps in making decision out the true results and true measurement of the capability of the teachers.(, 2017)Biasness in the evaluation does not make any sense and this also leads to ineffective education system in the districts. The best advice that has been given is about the development of the community of education quality. this community helps in framing the standards for the education quality along with the standards for the teachers. Determining the standards helps in comparing the actual performance management of the teachers with the standards or the actual results with the standard results of the evaluation and thus teachers can be provided with the grades accordingly. Strict approach of developing the evaluation system is also important. This is because many of the districts may modify the evaluation rules according to themselves that may hamper the actual results of the evaluation.(Fierro, 2006)

After analyzing the whole scenario, it has been recommended that the consistent and fair evaluation system should developed for grading the teachers. Involvement of all the stakeholders help in developing more efficient system of evaluation. It has also been recommended to use the collaborative approach of administrators and teachers in developing and implementing the evaluation system for the teachers. This is because to will make it easy to implement the system in all the districts.


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