Menu Development Requirement Proof Reading Services

Menu Development Requirement Assignment Help

Menu Development Requirement Proof Reading Services

This is a solution of menu development requirement assignment help in which we discuss how to create a menu for fresh and nutrition food for customer  and keep all the information or requirements of diabetic customer  

Activity A- Menu Development Requirements

Task 1: Develop a Menu for Special Dietary Requirements

Part 1: Identify the dietary and cultural requirement of customers.
Answer the following question
Q.1: What customer group is your menu developed for?
I have developed a menu with fresh and nutritious food products by keeping obese and diabetic patients in view. As there are fewer restaurants in the city who offers thefood productionaccording to their need and taste.

Q.2: What are their dietary and/ or cultural requirements?
Customers with diabetes and obesity disease have controlled dietary requirements and that should be followed properly. Customers with obese and diabetes requires more fibers, control sugary liquid intake, nutritious food with control carbohydrates, use fresh and natural food. For instance, black herbal tea, fresh vegetable or fruit juice without sugar or any other type of sweetener, sandwiches with brown bread, salads, BBQ ranch wraps, orzo chicken salad, Ratatouille with lentils and many other dishes with some changes in the original dish. Not only dietary requirement is considered, but we also have to pay attention to their cultural requirements like Indians who eat non-veg but wouldn’t eat beef, Muslims don’t eat pork, affordable price of the food, can be eaten anytime and many others. It is their responsibility to fulfill their dietary and cultural requirement if they are considering them as their base for fixing the menu.

Q.3: What source of information did you use to determine these requirements?
I have carried out a research for gathering information about obesity and diabetic customer’s requirements. I have talked to various nutritionists and doctors about their dietary requirements, also asked various customers and fail friends and relatives about the disease and what are their cultural and dietary requirements regarding this. I have also taken help of internet to design my menu accordingly, read various journals and made some changes in few dishes to make them tasty and nutritious.

Q.4: Whom did you liaise with to identify and confirm customer requirements?
I liaise with my family, relatives, friends, customers and social circle for identifying and confirming the requirements. I have also collaborated with nutritionists cum chef to help me out with the requirements and satisfaction of the customers.

Q.5: what would be the health consequences (if any) are, if you ignored the special dietary requirements of this customer group?
If the special dietary requirement of a person is ignored then it will severely affect the health of the person. It will result in increase in sugar level, weight, skin irritation, black-outs, high cholesterol, and blood pressure and arises many other complications, which would result in damage to various vital organs and vessels for instance, vessels that pumps blood to various important organs, effects kidney, lungs and other organs. Some damages may be permanent, but some can be controlled, but controlling excess weight and sugar level in blood. Following special dietary requirements ensures the health and satisfaction of a consumer and also ensures the loyalty of the consumers towards the restaurant and helps in marketing.

Part 2: Develop menus and meal plans for special diets

Menu overview, cyclic menu items week 1









Drop Scones

Scrambled Eggs And Toast

Almonds And Fruits With A Twist

Apple And Hazelnut Pancakes

Whole Grain Oatmeals

Smoked Haddock Souffle


Fruity Oatmeal

Breakfast Burrito

Blueberry Popovers

Fresh Fruit Bowl

Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Huevos Rancheros

Morning Tea

Black Tea/ Coffee/ Fresh Juice/ Smoothies

Black Tea/ Coffee/ Fresh Juice/ Smoothies

Black Tea/ Coffee/ Fresh Juice/ Smoothies

Black Tea/ Coffee/ Fresh Juice/ Smoothies

Black Tea/ Coffee/ Fresh Juice/ Smoothies

Black Tea/ Coffee/ Fresh Juice/ Smoothies

Lunch (1)

Louisiana Chicken Drumstick And Tomatoes

Citrus Poached Salmon With Asparagus

Salmon And Spring Vegetables With Dill

BBQ Ranch Wraps

Sweet Pepper Hash Brown Baked Eggs

Wheat Ravioli With Noodles

Lunch (2)

Asian Turkey Steaks

Caesar Style Salad With Crispy Parmesan Rounds

Chicken With Yellow Pepper Olive Green Salsa

Beef Tenderloin Steaks With Brandy Mushrooms

Chipotle Picante Meat Loaf

Beans And Legumes

Afternoon Tea

Black Tea/ Coffee

Black Tea/ Coffee

Black Tea/ Coffee

Black Tea/ Coffee

Black Tea/ Coffee

Black Tea/ Coffee

Dinner (1)

Orzo Chicken Salad With Soup

Ratatouille With Lentils

Fresh Herb Shrimp Linguine

Tarragon Scallops On Asparagus Spears

Crunchy Zucchini And Tomato


Dinner (2)

Green Salad With Soup

Sweet Pepper Green Onion Quesadilla

Red Pepper Basil Raviolettis

Root Beer Marinated Pork Tenderloin With Sweet Potatoes

Mexican Beef And Corn Skillet Peppers

Afghan Salad With Soup And Ginger Bread

Weekly meal plan and menu item checklist


Main Ingredients

Cooking Method




Size and Shapes


All purpose flour, oatmeals, fruits, vegetables, chicken

Virgin olive oil, grilled, low fat butter


Mild and spicy

Soft and crunchy

In small proportions and in standard shapes


Eggs, fruits, burrito, salmon, parmesan cheese, lentils and bell peppers

Cooked in extra virgin olive oil with little spices and herbs



Spicy and crunchy

In small proportions


Almonds, fruits, salmon, vegetables, chicken, shrimp, all purpose flour

hand tossed breakfast, lunch cooked on low flame in extra virgin olive oil and properly baked ravioli




In small proportions and in medium size


Apples, hazelnut, fresh fruits, all purpose flour, barbequed chicken, beef, scallops, pork

Cooked with extreme care in less oil and butter


Extra mild


In proper proportions


Oatmeal, cinnamon, eggs, meat, vegetables,beef and corn

Cooked in extra virgin olive oil and butter till they are crispy and juicy



Soft and crunchy

In proper proportions


Wheat flour, noodles, beans, legumes, seasonal vegetables, ginger bread

Cooked with proper proportions of ingredients on low flames to increase their flavors



Crunchy and slightly juicy

In proper proportions

Part 3: Cost and document special menus and meal plans

Complete all four tasks.
Refer to checklist at the end of Activity A of all required documentation.

  • Itemize all proposed expenditure items for each dish.
  • Calculate portion yields and costs from raw ingredients for each dish both manually and using computer
  • technology. (Provide formulas, calculations, spreadsheets, etc., for each dish.)
  • Assess cost-effectiveness of proposed dishes against any budgetary constraints. (Provide formulas, calculations, spreadsheets, etc., for each dish.)
  • Choose high-yield dishes and list them.

Activity B- Research and Assess Dietary Trends

Task 1- Research

According to my research along with Paleo Diet, 22 Vegan Day Vegan Challenge, Raw Food Diet, The Fat Black Diet is trending, but the Keto Diet is followed the most. It utilizes the ketone bodies for energizing. It is formed through cytogenesis when glycogen stores started to decrease. Keto diet is followed by eating low carbohydrates. This diet is made of 30gm of carbohydrates and rest is the mix of fat and proteins. Keto food includes meat from healthy animals, fishes, egg from pastured chickens and cheese. For vegetarians, low carbohydrate vegetables are also considered as a good option. When the body doesn’t have enough carbohydrates to function properly, it started to extract stored fats from the body and turn it into energy, the procedure is called neoglucogenesis. The needed energy studies requirement, for instance, after work out, it will force the body to use the stored fat, resulting in the calorie burn and losing the weight. Keto diet doesn’t work for  all the body types, sometimes people can function well on low carb diet, but it doesn’t work for some people, which may lead to some consequences. The Keto diet also helps in balancing various diseases like autism, alzheimers and many other.

Task 2- Assessment

Q 1: What are the strengths of this dietary trend or regime?
The Keto diet has helped many people in losing their weight and gain self-confidence. But this dietary regime is not only useful in losing weight, but it also helps in balancing some diseases like in case of  Alzheimer’s patients, it helped them not only containing the disease but also in reversing the process. The regime also helps in managing the occurrence of seizures and in some cases curing the epilepsy. It is also considered as an alternate treatment for cancer during its initial stage. This dietary regime has benefitted more to the patients suffering from obesity and diabetes.

Q 2: What are its weaknesses?
Though the dietary regime has helped people in many ways but, keto food is not available at all social gatherings, schools, restaurants and other places in proper proportion. The keto diet should be followed properly and in control. Many food products which are low on carbs and proteins like butter, lard, coconut and others increases the risk of heart disease. If people arefood planningto follow this diet for a long period of time then they have to make sure that they consult their physician about it’s

Q 3: Liaise with other professionals. Would this dietary trend or regime be suitable for a child? why? Why not?
The Keto diet is good for the children who are suffering from epilepsy. It manages their seizures and in 15% of the cases it cures them. But if the child is not suffering from any such kind of disease, then they shouldn’t be following it as children are in growing age, they needed energy which would help them in going through the day.

Q 4: Liaise with other professionals. Would this dietary trend or regime be suitable for a pregnant or lactating woman? Why? Why not?
The keto dietary regime is not good for the pregnant or lactating women. It highly affects their body which may result in risk to their lives. Lactating woman and pregnant woman needs energy and all the vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates to maintain their energy, lacking in any of the essentials would result in risk to them as well as to the baby.

Q 5: Liaise with other professionals. Would this dietary trend or regime be suitable for an older Australian? Why? Why not?
The dietary regime may be suitable for an older women till a certain age, as it helps in balancing many of their diseases. But it is not suitable to the much older women, it may possible that they won’t be able to digest the heavy food which can affect their body.

Q.6: Liaise with other professionals. Would this dietary trend or regime be suitable for an athlete?
This dietary is not suitable for high level atheletes. They needed carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and others to maintain their energy in performing well in the games.

Q 7: Liaise with other professionals. Would this dietary trend or regime be suitable for an obese person? Why? Why not?
This dietary trend is good for the obese people. But they should be following it with their physician’s guidance. Obese people should be able to control their weight with this diet but they should make sure that they don’t blindly follow it and affect their health.


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