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MBA715 Strengths Finder Proof Reading Services


The Gallup Organization established the Strength finder to provide a model that can be used by people to evaluate and understand their strengths and how they can use them positively. When people receive their Gallup test results, they may read the descriptions and realize just how unique they are (Soria, Roberts, & Reinhard, 2015). Personally, taking the Gallup test has made me understand how strong I am. In this report, I will discuss the results from my Gallup Test by citing how such results have opened my blind eye concerning my unique capabilities.

Description of My Results

After taking the Gallup Test, I realized that I am strong in the learner, business strategic, focus, achiever and analytical themes. Performing strongly in the analytical theme proves that I have the capability of thinking about all the variables that may influence a particular situation and act appropriately. Besides, I strongly yearn for learning new ideas and improving continuously (Asplund, Agrawal, Hodges, Harter & Lopez, 2014). Specifically, I tend to be excited with the process of learning more than the outcome. As a strategist, I can device alternative ways of proceeding with different projects and operations (Dubreuil, Forest & Courcy, 2014). When prompted with any situation, I can easily identify the pertinent issues and patterns to enable me to handle it uniquely. Performing highly in the focused context proves that I can adopt a direction, strictly adhere to it and execute the relevant adjustments to remain on the right track. I am also able to develop priorities before acting on different issues that I may be faced with. Finally, as an achiever, I have great stamina for hard work. Therefore, I can only feel satisfied when I stay busy and productive.

My Initial Reactions to My Results

Taking the Gallup Test has enabled me to understand my hidden talents. I am particularly amazed that I have been concentrating on some issues that do not pertain to my key strengths. For example, for a long time, I have always held that am good at commanding and that I can manage large teams by delegating roles and commanding them to adhere to their designated duties. However, upon doing the Test, I have realized that I am not strong at this theme. Also, I was surprised that I have an analytical talent which I can use to find patterns and logic in large sums of data.

How I can draw on My Strengths to enhance My Effectiveness.

I can use the five strengths as defined by my Gallup Test results to enhance my current and future leadership. Particularly, I can use my analytical talent to prove my arguments and establish facts in a team (Soria & Stubblefield, 2014). I may also use the analytical talent to understand how certain factors affect the firm and the causes of problems the organization may face. As a strategist, I will be able to identify alternative strategies that may be adopted by an organization to be more competitive compared to its market rivals. As a learner, I will be able to learn new approaches to handling different duties and continually improve my leadership and technical skills to become more productive. Besides, as an achiever, I will be able to work tirelessly to ensure that organizational goals are attained. Finally, the theme of focus will enable me to prioritize group activities to ensure that they are done logically.


Doing the Gallup Test has enabled me to understand my key strengths and weaknesses. Ideally, people may perform better if they concentrate on their capabilities rather than trying to review their weaknesses. Therefore, I will try to focus on my key strengths as depicted by My Gallup Test results to improve my current and future performance.


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