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Service organization refers to firms that have primary objective of earning revenue through providing intangible products and services according to the demand of the customers as well consideration of trends. Services industry organization involves firms like retail, transport, food and telecommunication. The report will discuss about blueprint of services organization and analyze the functions for front and back stage services for Hilton hotel. This is an international services industry organization that offering the high quality accommodation and food services to customer across the world. Hilton management is offering full service at more than 84 countries as well as maintaining the high standard according to trends and culture of the local market and types of visitors. Moreover, report will analyze the moment of truth for services organization as well as explain satisfaction and dissatisfaction of service organization considering the theories that will help to identify the gaps and quality measurement to develop the plan to deal with the incidents.

Management Services Organization Assignment HelpService blue print

For a service industry organization, different types of blueprints are available that used for managing the products and services standard. Hotel Hilton is leading hospitality organization in world that following the hotel service blueprint that is helpful for managing the services and products according to international standard. By using the blueprint, Hilton management has determined the flow of services as well as it helping to monitor the approach of the individual to overcome risk and guide the staff to meet the objectives ()Campbell and Wiley, 2013. According to analysis, it is been identified that following are the key elements service blueprint of Hilton hotel:

Physical evidence:For services industry organization like Hilton blueprint involves physical evidence such as parking, cart for bags, desk registration lobby, and food menu as well bill desk services. For example, Hilton hotel management is offering the all physical services for all types of customers that helping to maintain the flow of services as well as make changes in the service criteria to meet the satisfaction level of the customer. Hilton management is offering front desk registration, food menu and room amenities as well as bath products as per the requirements. This has significant impact on business, branding and customer retention policy of organizations. 

Services Blueprint

Customer action:The blueprint of service organization includes customer action like arrival, check in, room service sleep and shower and check out. All these services are based on the proper communication and availability of physical evidence (Al-Fedaghi, 2016). However these services are common for the each services organization like Hilton but management focus on the customer requirements which help to offer customized and satisfactory services.  

Front stage:This is an important service area of organization that determines flow of services and standard of the products as per the requirements of the customers. Front stage blueprint of Hilton involve making of reservation, check-in details, waiting area planning and operating the rooms as well the check-out details have been recorded by the front stage department of hotel organization. Moreover, blue print of service organization is making the decision on the basis of information and details that provided by the front stage for each customer and offers the direction to the back stage departments to develop the services and products.

Back stage:For service organization like Hilton hotel, back stage plays critical role to meet the business objectives and satisfaction level of customers and visitors. Moreover, back stage blueprint suggest that cleaning, housekeeping and post operational activities are having vital role in the process of maintaining the services standard and implementation of plan that proposed by the management using the information that provided by front office desk. In spite of that, back stage is flexible as top management could make the changes in the activities of organization to meet the delivery time and expectation of customers ( 2016).

Support process:The blue print of hospitality organization consider supporting process and activities to meet the objectives more professional manners. This involves services like online registration system, security equipments and tracking and process check which plays significant role in the management of on-going services of hotel and apply the additional human and financial support. In addition to this, support process helps to motive the quality of services and planning of organization to locate the equipments that are essential for improving the satisfaction level.

Front and back stage functions of service organization

For hospitality service organization front and back stages plays critical role in the planning of operations and arranging the resources according to requirements of the customers and visitors. Both the departments work in coordination to achieve the organizational objectives and provide the information to respective departments. Following are the major functions of front and back stage departments of Hilton hotel:

Front stage: Hospitality organization Hilton hotel has defined the front office for managing the initial services and communication with the customers and visitors. The major functions of front stage staff are to meet and greet with the customer, supplier, agents and visitors and offer them information according to their requirements. By using the different styles of communication the front office executives are influencing the decision of the customers ( 2013). Moreover, front stage blueprint of Hilton involve making of reservation, check-in details, waiting area planning and operating the rooms as well the check-out details have been recorded by the front stage department of hotel organization. These functions of front stage of services organization are control and monitor by the manager of hotel and head of teams that provides the direction and guideline to team members. For example, front stage department of Hilton collect and ensure the information from the visitors and customers by having the interaction and provide the details about the services and reservation as well other facilities of organization. Moreover, front office staff member coordinate with the back stage and top management members to develop the plan and establish the services according to trend, culture and need of the customers. The other major function of front stage of Hilton is to record the checkout information of each visitor that helps in further planning and online booking of the rooms.

Back stage functions: The back stage service are consider as back bone of hospitality organization as it involve the functions like taking phone calls, reply of mails, documentation and collecting the papers from all departments which helps to develop the plan and manage the human resources for services. In addition to this, for proper management of hotel operations like cleaning, housekeeping and post operation activities the back stage team members have significant contribution (Cina, 2013). The manager of each department report to the back office for managing the human resources as well collect the feedback from the visitors and customers. The back stage department develop the plan on the basis of feedback and information provided by the front stage team members. Apart from that, back stage functions involve the monitoring of the performance use and analysis of requirements of resources and equipments to meet the standard of the services and products. The process and level of interaction helps to analyze the potential and expectation of the visitors for managing the quality and effectiveness of services.

Moment of truth for service organization

Moment of truth refers to interaction between customer and service organization that gives opportunity to customer to make changes about the image of the organization. For service organization it is important for providing the products and services as per the needs and requirements of the customers in demand of products and services. in addition to this, moment of truth helps to maintain the relation with the customers and change the perception of visitors about the services standard. In order to manage the expectation and analyze the different minds of the customers which consider cultural activities, creation of favourable moments to gain the success in the business. Following are the key moments of truth for Hilton hotel:

Value to customers:For services organization, it is essential to offer full value to the customers by offering the information about the existing services process and communicate in clear manner which influence the decision of customer. By offering the clear information to the customer, Hilton hotel is creating the moment of truth that have significant impact on the brand value of organization (Lowe and Rami, 2014).  This kind of process and moment of truth helps to maintain the effectiveness and reliability in the services which aid services organization to meet the results.

Moments of Truth creates the positive image of the organization in front of the customers. It creates the transparency of work in the market and increase the brand image of the organization in the market. The transparency of work helps the Hotel Hilton to gain the customers for the longer period. Under this term management shows loyalty towards the services to the customers and ensures them to provide the quality services. Hotel Hilton is renowned organization that is known for the transparency of the work. It is the best policy that is adopted by the organization it increases the customer base for the organization and forces them to deliver the quality services. In hospitality industry Hotel Hilton is the best organization that gives high attention towards the services delivered to the organization. Management uses it as tool to attract the customers towards the organization and aware the customers to get the full information about the services provided to them (Cowie, 2013). Moments of truth act as a tool by which organization gain the retention of the customers in the organization.

Proper transparency in work assists the organization to increase the brand image of the organization. It also facilitates the management to gain the competitive advantage in the market and attract the new customers from the market. It also increases the sale of the organization and increases the profits of the business. Management also gains the publicity by adopting this kind of policy in the market. It increases the customer retention and attraction by which business is bind to deliver the quality services. In today’s era brand promotion is the most important task for the organization with the help of this initiative management easily does the promotion of the product.

Determinants to measure the service quality

In order to identify the service quality and satisfaction level of the customers in Hotel Hilton various methods are adopted by the organization. To measure the quality of the services management has to identify the organization and then compare the services with their services. This is the best technique to identify the quality of service that is offered by the Hotel Hilton. Quality measurement is the technique that helps the organization to evaluate the performance of the organization. Quality measurement technique helps the organization to identify the satisfaction and dissatisfaction level of the consumers regarding services provided by the organization. The determination of the service excellence is based not only on the fixed criteria but also on the evaluation of the level up to which the criteria have been fulfilled. To identify the quality of the services the management has to collect the feedback of the services provided by the organization to the customers (Dabholkar, 2015). Hotel Hilton has to conduct the research in order to evaluate the excellence of the services. After analyzing, the services of the different organizations management compares the data of the both the organizations. The quality of the services based on the supplier of the services that affects the profits of the organization too. The expected service is the function of the different experiences that attracts the customers. Communication with the market is also affects the quality of the services. The gap theory model affects the service quality model as the direction and magnitude of the difference between customer’s expectations and perceptions of the service all depends on the services provided by the organization.

The management of the service quality has to be done with the nature of the service provided by the organization. The quality of the services provided by the organization can be judged by the perception and requirements of the customers while visiting the organization. The services must be match to the customers’ expectations and must satisfy their needs and demands. The right quality is gathered if expectation is achieved and demand of the customers is meet. One of the tools that were developed to measure the quality of the service is SERVQUAL scale. The basic for the development of this scale is that this method identifies the customer expectation, perception and actual demand of the customer. The method helps the customers to identify the current trend in the market and also evaluate the gap among the performance of the services provided by the supplier to the customers (Klaus and Maklan, 2013). The technique evaluates the methods followed by the competitors in the market to overcome the issues which affect the growth of the organization. The model is useful in identifying the perception of the customers and employees while getting and delivering the services. The quality of the service always depends on the delivery of the service. The following are the methods used by the Hotel Hilton to identify the following gaps:

Gap 1 is the difference between the customer’s expectation and management perception of the customers’ demands. Management does not understand how the service should be designed and what support customer required means what are the expectations of the customer regarding quality.

Gap 2 is the difference between organization’s quality specifications and management perception of the consumer’s demands of the service and its quality. To overcome this kind of issues management to reduce the costs, management places internal restrictions on the services performed etc.

Gap 3 is the variation between the quality of the service deliver and quality specifications. IF the quality standards set by the Hotel Hilton than it is easy of the organization to overcome the issues related to the delivery of the services (Booth, 2015).

Gap 4 the difference between the quality of the service delivery and the quality promised in communicating the product and services. It is compulsory not to promise the customer more that the available product with the organization.

 Gap 5 is the most significant gap that indicates the difference among the expected and perceived service quality.

Quality is the most important factor that a customer expects from the organization by which he pays for it. The valuable services are expected by the management in order to get the good assistance in return. Quality is the most important factor that helps the organization in order to retain them.

Strategy plan for the organization to deal with various critical incidents

The strategy plan helps the organization to achieve the organizational goals. Different organizations adopt different strategies in order to deal with the current issues related to the quality. Strategies related to the quality help the management to evaluate the quality of the service. Strategies related to the quality assist the organization to identify the satisfaction level of the customers. The first phase to plan the strategy is planning in which management plans the overall strategy to overcome the issues related to the quality. The strategy assists the organization to identify the overall issues and then plan the strategy. In planning part management of the Hotel Hilton recognize the factors that are affecting the growth of the organization and what kind of problems are facing by the management to provide the quality services to the customers (Hislop, 2013). The basic motive of the organization to plan such kind of strategy is to overcome the problems that are faced by the management like timely delivery of the services, quality of the services, trust of the customers etc. Planning is the most important part that helps the management to identify the current trends in the market.

Next step in planning the strategy is implementation of the strategy. The correct regulation of the strategy is the base of the strategy. It helps the organization to overcome the issues related to the delivery of the service, feedback collection of the customers etc. The manager of the Hotel Hilton assist the organization to develop the plan in a way by which it can be easily understand by the employees and they can easily contribute in the implementation of the services. The success of the strategy is based on the cooperation of the employees. The employees are the most important part who helps the organization to regulate and operate the strategy in better way.

After implementation of the strategy next step is the monitoring of the plan. This step helps the management to evaluate the overall performance of the strategy in the organization and facilitates the top management to identify the improvements in the quality of the services. The monitoring checks the loyalty of the employees towards the organization and ensures the pros and cons of the strategy. The monitoring helps the manager to measure the work performance of the employees. The strategy guides the employees to deliver the quality services to the employees and maintain the transparency in the services provided to the employees. It regulates the work performance of the employees and guides them to perform better task that is being provided to them. After monitoring manager of the Hotel Hilton collects the feedback of the services provided to the customers ( 2013). If any negative command find by the manager than management take the corrective action in order to improve the services.


From the above study, it is been considered that the organization follows the blue print for managing the services and process of developing and offering the products to customer in customized manners. Report has provided the information about the functions of front and back stage departments of Hilton hotel to understand the service flow and process to meet the organizational objectives by coordination. Moreover, reports has evaluated the theories of quality service measurements and identified the gaps in services and develop the strategy to overcome the issues and deal with the various critical issues to encourage brand image.


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