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Manage International Marketing Programs Editing Services

This is manage international marketing programs assignment help in which we discuss marketing activities, internal and external analysis, consumers need

Assignment 2

Q. Describe what should be included in a situational analysis

A. Situation analysis is the analysis of the situation of the company at an instant of time. It is a critical situation. Information about the products and the customers are gathered and entered in the analysis report (Kerin, 2006). This gives the businesses the idea about the present situations.  Before making the inclusions the questions that come up are:

  1. What are the products sold by the company?
  2. What are their prices?
  3. Is it demanded often?
  4. Are they manufactured?
  5. Who are the target customers?

The inclusions are:

Internal Analysis: The work culture, employee intentions, value of the entire company, customer feedbacks etc are accounted for the internal analysis.

SWOT: SWOT analysis is the way the company’s internal figures are analyzed. The figures include analysis about the strength, weakness, opportunity and threats.

External Analysis: The external environment on which the company’s external factors depend. The geographical factors, economic environment, socio – political, technological aspects etc are accounted for external analysis.

PEST: political – economical - social – technological-

This analysis focuses on the organization’s political aspects, economical aspects, social and technological aspects.

Q. What is marketing?

A. Marketing is a set of commercial activities that connect the company with the consumers. It is a process for managing the services and products delivered to the customers. In a shut shell one can easily say that marketing is a set of rules that are essential for the company to be able to serve and where the buying and selling of goods can be successfully done (Kotler and Armstrong, 2006). Not to forget that marketing can only be done when several minds work together.

 The steps go like:

Q. Define the following terms as they relate to marketing –

1. Strategies / Tactics

2. Value (for customer and marketer

1. Strategies that are important in order to improve business functions and profits margins are called marketing strategies. There are strategies or tactics to promote the business growth. Customer service satisfaction is again an added benefit that comes in hand and keeps the good will up always. Thus, strategic marketing is offering of services in order to meet the company goals; it generally has a long term effect. Tactical marketing or analysis is a algorithm to develop the strategies and follow them step by step.

2. In order to get a product or a service the consumers need to give something in return. They generally pay in cash or kind. Let’s say we go to buy a product we need to pay a certain amount of money for it (Onkvisit and Shaw, 2004). On the other hand since the customer wants the product he benefits by paying for it. Customer value is actually the difference between the customer’s benefit and the cost he pays in order to obtain the product. The value thus obtained by the difference is called the Customer Value or Customer – perceived value.

Q. Describe in detail what marketers do

A. The marketers are more focused on the present situations and long term benefits.

  1. Target Market – The marketers analyze the target market; including customers, products, prices etc.
  2. Product selection – This is the next step of after analyzing the market. The products that are sold or are going to be sold are analyzed.
  3. Promoting the product –Promoting media like newspaper, TV, FM, internet etc. are used in order to promote their business.
  4. Distributions of products – The products are distributed in various sectors for the consumers to use (Vitale, Giglierano and Pfoertsch, 2011).
  5. Price fixing – The target markets and their demands enable the marketers to fix the prices of the products
  6. Services contracts – After the product is sold to the customers the services are provided.

Q. Describe the following legislation / codes of practice / national codes

1. ADMA Direct marketing code of Practice

Australian Direct Marketing Association is a governing body involved in informative marketing in Australia since 1996 with its co – regulatory and self – regulatory solutions and also the enlightened direct marketing strategies and produces a tangible result.

The responses can be measured over various ways and ADMA marketing is done via

  1. Mail / post
  2. Email
  3. Telephone call and / or SMS
  4. Social Media
  5. Other ways through internet

ADMA helps obtain clearer response and produces guidelines for the members in compliance with Direct Marketing Code of Practice.

2. Australian E-Commerce Best Practice Model

The Australian E-Commerce Best Practice Model is a set of guidelines launched in 2000 which makes the organization bound to abide by certain standards to protect rights of a consumer in an ecommerce business. The guidelines are:

Fair business practice –

  1. There must be a fair business in B2B commerce.
  2. There is no place for deceptive services.
  3. Fake or false representation is prohibited (Bird and Bird, 2007).
  4. Customers must be treated well and never harassed.
  5. The goods ordered for must be supplied and no other wrong product.
  6. Quantity must be within merchandisable limit.
  7. Customers must be served well.


  1. Delivery must be within accessibility range regardless of any software or hardware.

Disability Access

  1. People with disability should not be left out but given enough access too.


  1. The products advertised for must be identifiable in the advert.
  2. SPAM Act 2003 must be complied with; the spam messages are not allowed to be sent.
  3. Information must be intact and complete.
  4. Sender of the message must be identifiable and never hide identity.
  5. Consumers who do not want the update may be given unsubscribe option.

Minor engagement

  • Advertising must not include adultery and must keep the targeted children in mind
  • Ages of the viewers must be verified
  • When needed the minors must be asked for guardianship


  1. There must be clarity in the business involved in a transaction.
  2. Online payment must be easy for people to tackle
  3. If and when needed, legal or governmental documents may be needed to be produced.


  1. Consumer’s privacy and information is supposed to be kept strictly confidential.

Payment - security

  1. Payment gateways must be authentic
  2. A help or guide must be given for the understanding of the way to use the gateways (Bird and Bird, 2007).
  3. Payments once made successful must be authenticated; users info may be rechecked


  1. A complain help line or mail system is needed
  2. The complaints must be respected and issues must be resolved as soon as possible

3. Australian Government Policy Framework for Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce

The Australian Government Policy Framework for Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce Act started in 1999 is an act that has its main focus on 5 points -

  1. Information – users must have information about the company they are dealing with or buying from.
  2. Payment – payment must be done securely.
  3. Redress –redress availability is essential
  4. Jurisdiction – Australian state of law must be followed while making the agreement.
  5. Privacy – customers are an asset to the company and their details must be kept confidential

4. Free TV Australia Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice

The content of an advert, its theme, its motive etc. are supposed to be checked and reviewed. Free TV Australia Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice was introduced as self – regulatory to the public by free-to-air broadcasters who review the content published.

5. Defamation

Defamation is the general term prohibiting mal – speaking against any one or company or group. The principles are -

  1. The legal term associated with prohibition of written defamation is called LIBEL and the one associated with spoken defamation is called SLANDER.

6. Copyright

Copyright is a term associated with giving rights to a maker for distribution of the created product. If the product is stolen then the maker can file a petition against the stealer or thief.

7. Equal Opportunity

Each and every employee of the organization must be treated equally. This gives them the chance to feel free to think and incorporate innovative ideas (Bird and Bird, 2007).

8. Privacy laws  

The privacy of the customer is maintained in confidential files; they are not distributed or leaked out. The privacy policies store information like bank details, personal data, other commercial details and many more classified details in a governmental data storage.

9. Anti-discrimination

Rights to equality and anti – discrimination go hand in hand. Racial discrimination, sexual discrimination, partiality, biasness, ethnicity discrimination etc. are not given attention and are rather prohibited.

10. Regulations for sweepstakes

Sweepstakes and contests should be informative. The one who is offered the contest or sweepstake has the full right to know about the company information before and while indulging.

11. Trades Practices Act 1974

The employment reformation comes with a series of dos and don’ts. There are rights restrictions based on the letter of offer. E.g. the newly promoted officer may retain the rights in the previously appointed designation.

Q. What benefits to society does marketing offer?

Marketing strategies have a colossal effect on the organization as well as the society. There are highly capable services lined up for people in organizations which bring fame and sophistication. The sales guys in various companies feel enormously relaxed and helped by the strategies taken up. The customers do not feel helpless anymore and feel free to communicate about their issues.Marketing strategiesdo also have monumental effects to offer to the natural resources. The use of natural resources has been made effective with time (Special Issue on Marketing Knowledge, 2001). Consumers benefit widely through the improved products and services. Even on the road there have been incidents which proved that the public are more logical and sentient about accidents; the use of several safety kits have increased. Consumers have started working more viably in while making decisions regarding buying a product. This has also created a pattern of modernization. Consumers have got comfortable in using their cards online to make a purchase which also means online buying and selling has also taken a place in their minds. Orthodox families also have started welcoming the modern life settings and this is an achievement in many parts of the world. People have become more aware about the fraudulent activities; spamming has decreased or at least people have been able to judge between honest and fraudulent ones.

Assignment 1


An organization runs with the support of the stakeholders. They build it, grow it, take it to the heights and make the most impossible things possible. To understand where the organization stands one needs to analyze the day to day business (Howieson, 2011). A focus on the external and internal environments of the organization is needed to construct a firm strategic planning. There are various ways to analyze the external and internal environments. The most commonly used are PEST and SWOT respectively. PEST is based on the political – economical – social – technological aspects and SWOT is based on the strength – weakness – opportunity – threat.

Executive Summary

KFC is a food chain business with its clientele reaching almost every corner o the world. Kentucky Fried Chicken is the chief product sold by the company and they are serving the world at its best. There are companies who still are not supporting the food due to the way the chickens are killed and / or the types of flesh that are cooked there. Though there seem to be a superficial pomp there is still darkness when it comes to future prospects of the company. Religious belief and superstitions are heightened when there are stories about cooking living chicken, electrocuting them and many more.

Strategic planning helps the company to achieve success to a certain extent. Being world’s number one fried chicken company KFC is celebrating the success around the planet.


Potential – KFC is a well known fried chicken company. In a very short period of time KFC has become the center of attraction for many gluttons. This was the result of the immense marketing by KFC. Selection of the target market is a vital step. This means that before going further and selling the product KFC made sure that the market they are going to target is handy and cooperative. Many places like the Middle Eastern countries do not prefer KFC due to the way the chicken are processed. KFC made sure that the people engaged in buying the food is processed well and in accordance with every religious belief (Howieson, 2011).

Marketing efforts – Efforts to push sales depend on various factors. The factors are demographic factors (age, sex, ethnicity etc.), geographic factors (place, weather, market volume etc.) and psychological factors (personalities, lifestyles etc.).

The marketing team is a team of professionals who excel in marketing strategy building. They make sure that the promotion is done properly. Promotions are a strong point in marketing where the maximum people can be reached at just one point of time. Promotions can be done via media like TV advert, FM advert, newspaper classifieds, digital marketingand of course the word of mouth. Marketers have a tough job to reach out to the remotest parts of the world hence promoting via mass media get the job done.

The next stage is distributing the end products. The fried chicken is served with other combinational soft drinks. This makes many buyers come to the outlets only for the drinks; many only drink and do not buy the chicken. This also has a negative effect. However, the chicken being sold at a higher price range makes the cumulative revenue increase at a lesser period of time.


KFC is renowned for its delicious food products and its unique recipe. The marketing nevertheless has an amazing role to play in making the company so famous. Having all the delicacy at their doorstep consumers love it and enjoy it at the same time.Marketing strategiesas said above also has threats to conquer. The vegetarians do not opt for KFC hence KFC has introduced a “veg” section too where they only provide vegetarian fries like French fries, veg – rolls etc.

Marketing keeps track of all the ups and downs of the company and tries to get rid of the threats one and for all.


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