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The organization leadership issues play great importance theatrically and practically towards the growth of the company (Northouse, 2018 pp.67). Increasing changes have led to high competition among companies decision making them face more challenges and threats. Such negative impacts have led to complete breakdown of some organization which has raised an alarm to other organizations in perfecting their leadership. To minimize the competition effect, appropriate leadership style should be deployed in organizations (Northouse, 2018 pp.67). The linkage that exists between the leadership and the organization performance massively define the business importance. As quoted by many authors the style of leadership implemented influences the performance of employee relation. To perfect in business, an organization should innovate widely on productive kind of leadership (Raelin, 2011 pp.195-211). Some of the leadership styles that exist include Autocratic, Transformational leadership, charismatic leadership, and others. The existing styles of leadership work differently in different companies. To some companies, a certain style of leadership may fail and succeed in implementation in another company (Feng Jing et al, 2011 pp.224-242).

Leadership act as the determiner of the kind of motivation existing among the employees. With positive motivation towards employees, the status of the performance is highly and positively influenced (Bolman and Deal, 2017 pp.1-10). The leadership-effect on business can either be negative or positive. For example, as discussed, several organizations deploy the same style of leadership and experience different outcome toward the growth of the organization. Generally, nowadays most of the organizations are investing in the good leadership for their business which will uplift their marketing and services offering process (Bolman and Deal, 2017 pp.1-10). It can be said that the style of leadership is not the determiner of the growth of every organization. The type and capability of the leaders in all styles of the leadership are the determiner on the effectiveness of the style implemented. For example, corrupt and less creative leaders cannot demonstrate growth irrespective whichever kind of leadership is deployed in their organization.

Organizational background

The beauty and health sectors require a productive business performance. The United Kingdom is rated among the top in the beauty and health sectors. PWC completed deals in the UK have led to the movement of investors from the UK and abroad. For example, L'Oréal a big company of cosmetic have experienced drop economically due to the leadership issue. Rebuilding the customers' trust and satisfaction, the leaders should bring remedy to some of the factors that chased customers from seeking their services (Bolman and Deal, 2017 pp.1-10). Generally, health and beauty is a non-profit organization which was discovered so as to attain productive sales and marketing executives by adopting a suitable leadership which meets the customers' requirements (Feng Jing et al, 2011 pp.224-242).

To reinforce the communication between retailers, wholesalers, and suppliers, the health and beauty organization initiates leadership style evolution. This sector of business expects a 2.8% growth rate over the next 3-years. Despite high expectation growth, the sector is affected by some challenges. Consumers have become suspicious of the ingredients used which initiates the need for leadership to put into consideration the customers complain. The sector has also experienced social media impact. Social media advocates green and natural product which has made consumers avoid the products containing the chemical (Raelin, 2011 pp.195-211).

Leadership plays a great role in the organizations' performance. Leadership is a key determiner of the direction of every business, it should be highly invested. The existing gap between leadership and organization performance should be minimized so as to uplift the growth of health and beauty organizations.

The significance of the problem

In general, challenges have fully affected all the organizational fields in Global due lack of leadership. Leadership is the major remedy for existing problems and challenges in health and beauty organization. Many organizations implement different styles of leadership. Irrespective of the leadership style used it should display a productive performance. The quality of leadership determines the motivation of the employees when delivering their services. Leaders are the determiner of the massive impact experienced by every organization. Perfect leadership implements strategies that boost the workers' motivation. The strategies are deployed by the health and beauty organization such as good salary and protective working business environment for the employees (Kislov et al 2011 pp.64).

The major purpose of having an organization is to obtain the create goal which is a process which requires guidance from the leadership. Research done by various authors proves that the workers only utilize 60% of their capabilities without supervision while the remaining 40% requires leaders' observation (Feng Jing et al, 2011 pp.224-242). Positive leadership is a basic requirement in today's businesses. This study satisfies that leadership is the main key to success in every organization. Leadership plays major important roles in today's organizational business for a variety of reasons. First, it influences managers to deploy motivation, inspiration and effective communication among employees. With such qualities among managers and leaders in general the employees' performance is expected to be highly productive. Secondly, positive leadership makes leaders initiate training programs for their employees which uplift the performance of the organization. Initiating training programs among workers not only improve their performance but also it makes them feel part of the organizational growth determiner. Lastly, through leadership, the organization is capable to neutralize hazardous environmental changes within the workers which prevent the downfall of the organization. Some of the hazardous environment include conflicts among employees, inequality among employees and bad working condition for the workers (Feng Jing et al, 2011 pp.224-242).

The study on the connection between the leadership and organization performance and then relating their effects to the health and beauty performance is a valuable task. First, the study offers a link between roles of leadership and business performance within all the levels. Secondly, seals and minimizes the existing gap from other researches.it also gives a clarification by distinguishing between a responsible leader and irresponsible leader when challenges arise. This is determined by the kind of response the leadership of health and beauty displays.it may either lead to success or to a failure. The study also clarifies the qualities of positive leadership for the health and beauty sectors in the UK (Feng Jing et al, 2011 pp.224-242).

Statement of the problem

Despite the health and beauty sector positioned as the top industry, it experiences various challenges. During 2016 the beauty sector market failed by 2.1% due to poor leadership management. (Feng Jing et al, 2011 pp.224-242). A good leadership should initiate a remedy to the factors generating the chances of failure in an organization (Aaker, 2012 pp.58). The sector of health and beauty failed due to the lack of an effective approach for risk management in ingredients and product assessment. The sector also was affected by the product preservation problem. Due to the lack of modern preservation method the sector faced a lot of competition in the market which resulted in the failure.

The problem is said to have been contributed partly by the kind of leadership that existed in the health and beauty sector. This is because the leadership failed in the kind it responded to the problem. For example, the leadership should have come up with an effective way to introduce modern preservation method for the sector to manage to absorb the developing pressure (Feng Jing et al, 2011 pp.224-242).


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