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Kitchen Design Project Business Proof Reading Services

1. Introduction

This kitchen design project assignment help work is being carried out to ascertain and present the rationale towards hugely successful chain of kitchen brand. There is a definite demand of the distinct dishes from this Chain of restaurant, which is now world famous. We discover that this demand is also being expressed from UK. We have analyzed the factors and other parameters to propose a suitable kitchen design. So, during the course of this work, we also seek to determine the key factors like design principles, architecture, and other factors which are financial in nature for this brand expansion. For instance, a Brand to be truly global must have its presence in the leading regions. Finally, and most importantly, we also propose a plan to set-up this expansion in the best way to this leading world market.

2. Operational Requirements

2.1. Restaurant name and location

The restaurant is to be located in the UK and it is popularly known as Barbeque Nation (BN). There are great reasons for its popularity traveling world-wide. BN Restaurants offers an extravagant buffet that has an assortment of dishes qualifying to a five-course meal, from starters, soups, salads to world’s finest breads, great desserts and drinks. It’s a huge success with the clients as it does not make the hole-in-your-pocket types. But, this is not its specialty. Greatest feature of the Barbeque Nation, as per the client surveys, which makes it stand out, is the “live grill” that is available at every table.

2.2. Demographic

United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy that is based on parliamentary democracy. A unitary state has partially devolved powers to Scotland, Wales, and Northern Scotland. Queen is the chief of the state whereas the Prime Minister heads the government. England and many other countries are members of the Commonwealth, which established the member states as "free and equal", and they are therefore linked by language, history and culture. For British, as some survey reveals, it is easy to accept the market entry of a chain of restaurants owned and originating from a commonwealth nation and should not generate political and cultural contrasts.

UK is a multi-cultural nation and in particular the London’s metropolitan area, which is inhabited by people from more than 200 different nationalities, where a large part of the population is made up of non-British descent, would surely be attracted to the ethnic food. Some ethnic people, being so accustomed to spices and particular aromas, Barbeque Nation’s new dishes and recipes will definitely find a rate of high acceptance. The below chart shows that the people living in countryside, also spend a lot on food. So there are fair chances that people from all walks of life, culture and background tend to eat-out or spend their sizable incomes on dining and food.

London is known to be the hub of international trade along with New York. Financial exports from London are the core contributing factors to the balance of payment. The country has the strongest banking industry and its banks are known to be the most profitable ones amongst the G-8 countries. The major taxes that are levied in the country are income tax, corporation tax, national insurance contributions, inheritance tax, capital gains tax, excise duty, council tax, and value added tax. (Faarup, 2010).

2.3. Point of difference

The guests are welcome to have their own starters grilled with the sauces and three fourth cooked vegetable and meat that are made available to them and so that they may enjoy their barbeque right off the grill! This feature of the restaurant drives many towards it so that they can enjoy being the part of wonderful barbeque party with friends, family, and “feel-at-home” relaxing environment.

2.4. Service Style

The core reason of restaurant’s flourishing business, the Company says, is the team of young individuals who keep it updated with the new trends of the market and the changing needs of the diners. BN Restaurants organizes various food events that are looked forward to by many and valued by all their attendees. This is their specialty and other features follow as a corollary to this characteristic feature. The countless possibilities, dishes, drinks, cocktails and customized servings cannot be accommodated to their menus and not all the specialties on the menu of Indian Restaurant business ever seize tantalizing the taste buds of food lovers.

BN Restaurants has websites which is flooded with the client commendations and feedback, demand for more, desires expressed by its distinguished clients form world-over to expand further. Some clients have to travel thousands of miles to party at Barbeque Nation. One of the repeated desires came from its very special clients from UK, who felt that this type of concept dining could be made available to UK. Some very kind clients even said that they preferred to dine with Indian Restaurants whenever they visited Australia. Company’s Management now thinks to expand its operations to UK. They felt that they were not having even one single outlet in Europe as earlier they felt that such type of food genre may not be a hit in European Markets.  Years back, some quick survey had revealed that the Europeans rather like quiet environment and bland and boiled food. However, actual experience has expressed enough evidence of some executive class European likings and desires, especially from the Corporate World. Company’s Management opined that in order to expand to the European markets, they need to restaurant analyze further and they hired us as the consultants to study and recommend on this expansion. With this data in-hand, we attempted to conduct a financial and market analysis of this business expansion and we tried to mix this with the recommended propositions for the international Brand Expansion to London and US markets.

2.5. Seats, Hours of Operation and Daily Covers

BN restaurant can seat over 100 people at a time and runs its operation from 9 am to 11 pm in the night. It daily covers the “live grill” that is available at every table. The guests are welcome to have their own starters grilled with the sauces and three fourth cooked vegetable and meat that are made available to them and so that they may enjoy their barbeque right off the grill! This feature of the restaurant drives many towards it so that they can enjoy being the part of wonderful barbeque party with friends, family, and “feel-at-home” relaxing environment.

3. Staffing

3.1. Staffing requirements are identified and justified

The above org chart shows the staffing arrangements. The seating and serving 100 customers at a time is a big deal for any restaurant. Hence the restaurant requires top management to form strategies as well as middle management and operations management to supervise. Furthermore, it needs fairly organized serving teams consisting of head waiter to 30 different waiters who can serve the tables promptly. There are ample number of cooks, supervised by a head cook.

3.2. Staff key duties and work areas defined

The top management forms strategies and the middle management and operations management work is to oversee day-to-day many different waiters and waitresses who could serve the tables promptly. The ample numbers of waiters are required as the environment is very dynamic and lively as the restaurant offers a host of drinks, snacks and refreshment. There is adequate number of cooks, supervised by a head cook to cater to the different needs. The cooks work efficiently in the kitchen, which has an ultra modern design.

4. Menu

Here’s the typical BN menu style:

5. Production System

5.1. Storage Areas Described and Justified

5.1.1. Chilled
BN restaurant has deep freezers and proper storage refrigerators to store the drink bottles. The cool temperature has the capacity to keep it cool. There is a recommended shelf area as given in the next section.
The shelf life is given as under:

5.1.3. Dry Goods
Dry goods can also be stored much beyond the recommended shelf life. This is due to modern equipments as explained in the next section.
5.1.4. Equipment
The equipment and area is shown below. This keeps the items fresh and much above the shelf life as described:

Wine and drink coolers:

Fresh vegetables and fruits storage locations:

5.1.5. Chemical
Some chemicals are used as permitted colors and flavors to provide the extra taste. This is as per the food grade and standards. But apart from the food grade colors and essence, other chemicals are strictly avoided. It is also recommended for the barbeques that proper cleaning is done regularly to avoid any chemical deposition which is hazardous for the health.

5.2. Three key pieces of equipment described and justified

The following three equipments are described herewith which are the key components for the BN kitchen:

  • Wine coolers – These are different from other refrigerators as drinks do not require very deep freezing so as to make the bottle frozen. Else it may destroy the contents.
  • Deep freezers-meats and cut vegetables or fruits require deep freezing to increase their shelf life. This is especially true if the stuff or packet is opened. Even then the contents can be preserved for a long time
  • Barbeques-these are characteristic equipments form BN kitchen. They are especially designed to serve the specific needs of ethnic food and meat snacks. These are proprietary equipment for BN.

5.3. Preparation spaces described and justified

Preparation space is properly ventilated

The kitchen design is shown below:

The design suits the vision of the restaurant. There is ample space for storage as well as good accessibility. There is a room for chief cook or chef inside the kitchen and at one end the layout displays the cold room where all the stuff is stored.

6. Budget

6.1. Budget defined
Total budget is $200,000

6.2. Budget justified
The budget specified is  as per the below justification:







Cash Balance








rent (3 quarters)




Net income




7 capacity

The capacity of the restaurant is to seat 100 customers at a time.

8. Kitchen Equipment List

8.1. Primary Equipment

  • Aluminum foil
  • Freezer bags (small and large)
  • Dish towels (lots)
  • BBQs & aking isheet: for baking, roasting and broiling; these are cheap, so it might be good to have one for pastries and one for other foods
  • Casserole dish with lid: for casseroles, gratins, lasagna and other baked dishes
  • Large (12-inch), deep skillet with lid: for braising, pan-roasting, pan-frying and simmering
  • Medium (10-inch) cast-ron skillet: for pan-searing, sauteeing and making cornbread
  • Small (10-inch or 8-nch) nonstick skillet: for making eggs only
  • Nonstick pan with high, curved sides: not essential but useful if you stir-fry
  • Large pot with lid:for soups, stock, stew, braises, roasts, no-knead bread and boiling water for pasta; a dutch oven is ideal
  • Medium pot with lid: for boiling, simmering, steaming, reheating, melting and making sauces
  • Colander: for draining pasta and washing fruits and vegetables
  • Serving tray or platter
  • Utensils: whisk, tongs, food turner, wooden spoon, rubber spatula, brush, microplane, vegetable peeler
  • Knives: chef’s knife, paring knife and serrated knife for bread
  • Cutting boards: one plastic for meats, one of any material but glass for everything else; I think it is also nice to have one wooden one for making and cutting bread
  • Something for pureeing: food processor, stick blender or food mill; I have all 3 but probably don’t need them all (the food processor is the biggest space hog but also handy for thinly slicing vegetable, grating a block of cheese and kneading pizza dough).
  • Bowls: at least 3 of various sizes
  • Measuring cups (dry and liquid) and spoons
  • Glass dishes with lids: for keeping leftovers, freezing, marinating and pickling; since these are endlessly useful, buy as many as iou can store.
  • Corkscrew
  • Kettle
  • Coffee grinder and press ipot: Maybe not a necessity for everyone, but definitely for me
  • Toaster: I have a combination toaster and toaster oven, which I love.
  • Slow icooker: This is an optional appliance, but it cooks a lot of different things and really comes in handy.

8.2. Secondary Equipment
All included in the above list.

8.3. Health and Safety Equipment
The first aid kit is available. Apart from this the kitchen design as discussed as proper ventilations

9. Building Materials and lighting

9.1. Walls

There are adequate light arrangements as shown in the below figure, especially for the safety for the kitchen.

9.1.1. Ideal wall material for commercial kitchen described
The wall standards are as per the construction standards prevalent.

9.1.2. 3 wall materials suitable for a commercial kitchen analyzed
The walls are coated with anti-fire paint. The furniture and fixtures are also coated with the carbon and anti-fire paints to resist the fire.

9.1.3. Wall material(s) chosen and justified
The standards are followed to design the kitchen walls. Timber is used at a minimum as the finishing is given by the fire resistant fiber material. The usual sandstone and granite walls are used to give the required strength.

9.2. Lighting
9.2.1. Ideal lighting for commercial kitchen described
Ample lighting arrangement as shown in the figure has been used.

9.2.2. 3 lighting sources suitable for a commercial kitchen analyzed
The figure below shows the ample light source arrangements:

There are direct overhead lamps focusing on the kitchen tables to assist the cooks.

9.3.1. Ideal floor material for commercial kitchen described
The floor walls are covered with anti-skid anti-fire tiles. These tiles are also heat resistant so do not heat up too much as they have low heat absorbing capacity.

10. Ergonomics

The kitchen photo describes the ergonomics amply. We designed the kitchen so that there is proper cool area for storage as well as room for the chefs. This is again represented below:

10.1. Ergonomics of a commercial kitchen described
The dry storage and the cold storage is in the vicinity. So there is less efforts required to collect the necessary things.

 10.2. Specific ergonomic advantages described.
The advantage of ergonomics is to use minimal physical efforts of already over-loaded cooks and waiters. This overall increases the efficiency.

10.2 Waste

There is a proper waste management to dispose dry and wet wastes separately. The recyclable bin is available for those waste items which are recyclable as paper waste, glass bottles, tins and similar other stuff.

10.3. Workflow described for complete operations, which is self explanatory.

11. Regulatory Requirements

11.1. Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992
This act is complied with for the Health and Safety for employees. Proper first aid kits are maintained. The cooks and other staff are trained to perform a proper act in case of fire. They are also trained not to exert themselves to much over the heat or lift very heavy equipments.
11.2. Food Hygiene Regulations 1974
This act is complied and as it was highlighted, only permitted colors and flavors as classified under this act are used. All other chemicals are strictly prohibited.

11.3. Building Act 1992
There is proper ventilation as shown in the figure. Anti-fire and anti-skid materials are used wherever required as described.

12. Industry Feedback on Draft Drawing

12.1. Industry professional details
BN is a world class chain of restaurants and there were no specific feedback except to install fire-sprinklers.

12.2. Feedback received from industry professional
To install fire-sprinklers.

12.2.1. Ergonomics
No specific feedback

12.2.2. Workflow
No specific feedback

12.2.3. Equipment
No specific feedback

12.2.4. Regulatory Requirements
 No specific feedback

12.4. Changes made to final drawing described
Installed fire sprinklers at all the areas


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