ITC563 IT Management Issues Editing and Proof Reading Services

ITC563 IT Management Issues Assignment

ITC563 IT Management Issues Editing and Proof Reading Services


Openstax CNX is the e-learning platform which is the global repository of educational content provided by volunteers throughout the world maintained by Rice University. It also provides services of remixing and editing of the educational content and facilitates its downloading in digital formats also. The company was previously recognised as Connexions. The business operations of the e-businesses directly relate to the service delivery technologies and Information and communications system tools used in business operations to provide digital services to customers. Information and Communication Technology comprise of all those systems which are used for the business operations to process and communicate information. The service delivery systems are the information system tools which are used by the e-businesses to provide the services to its customers located at different places. These systems help the businesses to communicate valuable information to intended users of such information.

Role of service delivery technologies

The service delivery technologies used for the business operations including providing semantic mark up of documents using XML which is extensible markup language so that the files can be searched and combined. It also allows for the ability derive content from existing modules, version materials and allows facilitation of collaboration by providing shared space. This helps the company to achieve the competitive advantage for its business through effective use of service delivery technologies to communicate the relevant and required information to its customers as compared to other e-learning portals and e-learning services (Pijpers. et al, 2012). These technologies play a very crucial role in the effective performance of business operations since under the e-businesses proper and effective communication of information to customers is very important. Information and communication technology provides the tools and techniques of service delivery which is the core business function of e-business models.

In an organization or a business, information delivery plays an important role since it provides the basis for the decisions of consumers of services offered. It is very essential for the very business to not only communicate relevant and accurate information but also to all the intended users and also on a timely basis. The online services of the e-business are used by a large number of customers who access the company’s business from different sources simultaneously and from different locations and systems. In this situation, the use of advanced technological systems under the Information and Communication Technology framework becomes very important for the smooth functioning of business operations and provision of better services to customers (Lee. Et al, 2011).


From the discussion about the role of information and communication technology and service delivery systems in the e-business model which relates to e-learning portal facilitating access to educational content, it can be concluded that effective information delivery is very important for such business which can be achieved only through proper and effective service delivery systems and technologies and appropriate use of information and communication technology. The company Openstax CNX shall focus on the use of effective service delivery systems for its business operations and functions.


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