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ITC563 IT Management Issues Editing and Proof Reading Service

Task 1

1. Role of information and communication technologies in organizational activities

Zoopla PLC is the British property website that sells residential property through online platform and very popular website in context of residential property in UK. Zoopla PLC focuses on giving users with access of information such as area trends, current value of property and sold house prices. The success of all the business is depends on certain factors either that is online business or manual business but all the organization has to go with the current trends and the trend is of technology (  E-commerce organizations are totally based on the use of ICT tools and they are not able to operate their business without technology. Zoopla PLC gets various opportunities with the help of information and communication technology. It also provides various tools and techniques that help the business to solve the complex problems. The USP of the organization is that it provides online map of the properties and buyer can easily identify the location of the property with the mobile only. So it can be said that technology plays vital role in the growth of organization. The ICT tool helps the Zoopla PLC in decision making process by conducting the market research for the organization with the help of online questionnaire filling. Presently Big data, Google Analytics and Microsoft CRM Dynamics are the most helpful tools to collect the information for the organization. Information technology may help the Zoopla PLC to do the marketing of the business and get the positive growth of the business (Hashim, 2015). It provides better satisfaction to the clients and they can easily get the information about the properties.

Zoopla PLC

2. Value of information to an organization

Information plays vital role in the growth of the organization and also helps the business to take the suitable decisions for the development of business. The information assists the business to reach on the certain conclusion from the collected information. Information is the creator of opportunity in an organization and also helps the business to gain the competitive advantage. Information assists the business to identify the taste and preference of the customers and provide the properties as per their desire. Information may assist the business to identify the target market of the organization (Hsiao & Malak, 2015). Zoopla PLC can easily attain the management goals with the help of information. For better services to the customers organization conducts the survey about the services provided by the organization and makes the proper conclusion of the feedback of the customers. To get the specific conclusion Zoopla PLC reviews the collected information many times and then gets the results. Information collection is the easiest way to connect with the clients and design the services as per the desire of customers. It can be said that information can give shape to the organization and also identify the elements that are affecting the online business. It is the way that may facilitates the Zoopla PLC to evaluate the current market and also derive the current market position of the organization (Swash, 2013). Information may identify the risk factors that are included in the organization and provide the alternative to eradicate them.


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