ITC 571 Stage 3 Template Sample – Review Based Projects

ITC 571 Stage 3 Template Sample – Review based Projects

ITC 571 Stage 3 Template Sample – Review Based Projects


Describe the uses of the technology (e.g. Mixed Reality), with the techniques (e.g. visualisation), in your project domain (e.g. Medical domain). What is their purpose in that system (e.g. Image Guided Surgery). How they achieved their purpose (Describe the generic process steps of the system that uses this technology, linking with the components of your system, to show the importance of these components in your project).  What are the important of these components into that technology. 

What is the technology that you are using in your project. How this information technology has used in your generic domain, and then how has used in your sub-domain. What are the limitations of this latest technology in your sub-domain, and link the limitation with your goal and the improvement you do. Provide an introductory of the technology and the techniques that are used in your project, and what are the different domains they used, and also what are their use related to your specific domain. 
Give the reasons that make these type of systems (The systems that include these technology with the techniques) related to your projects haven't widely used. In this case, you are going to show the motivation of working you on the components of your system 

What is the objective of your project, what are the important of classifying you the components in your project, what is the gap that you found in other previous solution and you are going to solve, and the important of your system output in your domain that you set. What is the Objective/Goal of your work compared with current studies. Show the use of the  technology with Techniques in your specific domain. You need to show the link of this  objective with your system components (what do you propose,  How your proposed system is going to solve them). 

How you have chosen your previous solutions to work on them.  why you chosen some papers out of all your collections to classify. What are the criteria that you used to verify your system components (The criteria you used in your comparision).What are the steps that you are going to consider in organising your paper?
Give a definition to the technology that you are use in your specific domain, and show how the technique is work with it.

Literature Review

  1. Give an introductory about the GAP in previous studies to show the difference between your work and other state of art solutions. 

  2. Show how the state of art solutions classified their work?. List all your collections of your journal papers you analysed in organised way. Provide the details of each including input, output, components, technique process step of each system.  Please be aware, that you need to consider the components  (factors /classes) you identified in the beginning in your project. 

  3. After presenting all your collections of journal papers you analysed, Then chose the first best solution, and explain it in details. The best solution should be selected based on your project objective and your proposed components.
    Simulate the selected solution as a diagram and refer to it in your content. Describe this model as a text as well. Consider in your presentation the components of it, and also show the example of each component, and also explain it. 

  4. What the previous state of art publications done, and what are their limitations ( and what you will do in your work, and why you design it in this way. (Show the differences between the previous state of art publications and your proposed solution to show the motivation of working you in these New components)

System Components

  1. Describe your proposed system, and what are the criteria that stand on it (The  proposed system based on what?). 
  2. What are the inclusion criteria you considered in collecting and analysing your literature?. How many state of art publications you collected, How many excluded (rejected) and why. How many you included and why.    
  3. What are the points you considered in proposing you the components of your model? . What is the motivation (need) of classifying you each component in your proposed system analysis ?. Show how each will help in your specific domain .

Each factor (class) in your classification should has subsection in proposed section, and each of them should be presented as below:

PS: Working you on this part should be linked to the table of proposed system components

  1. For each subsection, give introductory about that component (factor/class). Show the subclasses for each. Show the link between this component with other components in your proposed system, and present it in a diagram.  
  2.  purpose of using each component in your classification and link it with your goal?. What are the motivation of considering the subcomponents (subclasses) in each of your components (What is the problem that need to be solved).
  3. Please also make other subsections for each factor that is related to subclasses you mentioned in table 1.
  4. Justify in details, why you use this factor in your classification. What was the problem? What the need of this factor (class), … etc.  

System Classification

 What are the selection criteria that you used to classify your system.

  1. You need to create a table to show the classification comparison for all previous work that you collected. This table should compare all previous solution in term of factors you considered in your work. Also you need to show what is the domain of each solution they work on it, and what was their input to the system.  
  2. The last paragraph in each subsection should give the conclusion about your classification you presented in the table  
  3. Start with subsection again with each of your factor that you mentioned in your classification table. The number and title of subsections here will be the same as in "Proposed Components" section. The contents will be different as will present what state of art publications done in each section/subsection.  The explanation in each subsection, will be linked to the classification table.

System Components Validation and Evaluation

  1. Here you are going to validate (show the right system built and give that meet your goal you set), and also evaluate (Show the value of your system and the usefulness of it) your proposed system.

  2.  This you done by relying you on the comparison in classification table that you done in previous section.  Justify why you evaluate and validate  and evaluate your system components. What are the validation and evaluation criteria you used in your proposed system. What are the validation and evaluation and research methods used (qualitative and quantitative methods)?
  3. Write about how the state of art publications have validated and evaluated their system.
  4. What are the parameters that you are going to use in validating and evaluating your system.  
  5. Classify you presentation to 3 groups, list the previous works that evaluated and validated their system, other group for previous work that only evaluated their system, and last group for only the works that validated their system. Based on the Evaluation and Validation you done, write Recommendations show what are the best solutions, and JUSTIFY why.

System Verification

  1. What is the tool has used to evaluate the proposed model.  

  2. Provide subsections for the tools that used in evaluating the model. For each tool, provide the following:

  3. What are the failing criteria for the proposed system.


  1. Give an introductory on what you are going to do in Discussion section.
  2. you are going to discuss sub-factors that only considered by few the state of art publications and weren't clearly described.,You are going to create subsections for each component in your proposed system.  In each subsection, and based on your two classification and validation tables
  3. Why do you think this sub-factor hasn't clearly identified. How they described. How should be described, and JUSTIFY based on basic and theory, why do you think should be described in different way.
  4. For each sub-factor in each component, Discuss what are the things that haven't considered or mentioned.
  5. Continue describing the few publications that considered some factors, and how they done it.
  6. After discussion the sub-factors that only considered by few the state of art publications, give your opinion by critical analysis , WHY do you think few publications have considered specific factors in each component.