ITC 540 IT Infrastructure Management Proof Reading Services

ITC 540 IT Infrastructure Management Assignment

ITC 540 IT Infrastructure Management Proof Reading Services

This is the assessment 2 of ITC 540 IT Infrastructure Management

Question 1

Just-in-Time Delivery

This is the strategy through which the efficiency can be increased and waste can be decreased by receiving the required goods only that is required in the process of production. Through this process the inventory cost is going to be reduced. For example, General Motors’s supply chain relies on the parts that are required in making of the car (Mckinney, 2015).

ITC 540 IT Infrastructure Management Assignment, ITC 540


Buying and selling of services and goods or transmitting the data or funds over the electronic network is termed as electronic commerce. These business transactions may be occurred as business to consumer, business to business, consumer to business and consumer to consumer (Rouse, 2016). 


In this supply of the software is done on the basis of subscription over the internet. All the update is delivered by the supplier as a result there is no need of updating or installing the software. Gmail can be considered as the best example to understand it. All the software is hosted externally and there is delivered by taking the help of the internet (Trocchio, 2015).  

Strategic planning

Strategic process is foreseeing of the desired future. Then that vision is translated into different broadly defined goals. These goals are broken by taking the help of sequence of steps which can be achieved easily (Aileron, 2011). 

Supply Chain systems

This is the system in which the organisation, activities, people, resources and information that are involved in moving the service or product from supplier to customer easily.


Through the decision support system, the business data can be analysed by taking the help of computer program. Through this user can take the business decision easily. Different type of information like sales figures and projected revenue can be inserted through this type of system (Rouse, 2010).

Cloud infrastructure

It refers to the software and hardware components which are required to meet the requirements of the cloud computing model. These include virtualization software, storage, servers and network. The abstraction layer is also included in the cloud infrastructure part through which the resources can be virtualized (Rouse, 2017).

Web 2

By taking the help of the internet as a platform there is a great business revolution inside the computer industry through the Web2. This is the improved version of the first world wide web. In this change are done from static to the dynamic or the content which is user generated (Rathore, 2016).


This is a type of the local network which is accessible to the outside business or users but this service I accessible to the general public. Through this technique the user can access that part of information only which he or she is privileged to see (Hope, 2017).

Big data analysis

Through Big Data analysis a large amount of the data can be analysed so that the correlations, uncover hidden pattern and other patterns can be sorted easily (Sas, n.d.).

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Question 2

Key elements of Data Mining

Basic key elements of the data mining are as follow:

Applying the data mining and statistics against entire database

A most common example can be considered as BI software. In most of the BI software, there is a dependency of the business users on developer or administrator for applying the analytical functions over the specific set of data. The user has to ask for the functions in a frequent manner to apply it on large data and after that they analyse the data. As a result, the process becomes slow and inefficient for administrator and user.

For the custom analytic function use plug and play architecture

Specific calculations are used by the organization due to proprietary and unique business model. As a result, simple, standard mathematics modified with their functions so that user can calculate easily.

Data mining tools integration

For the sophisticated predictive functionality, the has to contact the highly skilled developer who can assist them in formal data mining tools. By using the appropriate algorithms, the data mining tools can be “trained” easily. If data mining tools are integrated with these algorithms, the problem can be solved easily.

Collaboration technology

By taking the help of automatic collaboration technology, the problems of the database limitation can be solved easily. Through this the calculation capability of the database can be increased easily (Mccormick, 2011).

Question 3

Significance of Reserve Stock Level

Reserve stock levels are those stocks which are used to replenish field sites which are facing a shortage. This played an important role in enterprise resource planning (ERP) because by taking the help of this flow of business remain in continuity. Also through this stock out and carrying conditions can be solved easily.

Question 4

Business risks that Liberty Wines face

They are unable to fulfil the needs of the customer in the world of fine dining. Liberty Wines are unable to provide the easy and quick access to the customer. Also, the stock and order information can’t be determined by the present system.

IT infrastructure impact its competitive advantage

Due to the expansion of the business the existing servers are unable to handle the large data volume. Also, maintenance of the system is causing pressure to the maintenance team members. Also, responsiveness through the present system can’t be achieved through the present system. At present company is relying on 10 physical servers for services like reporting, order processing and email.  

Benefits of server virtualisation and environment

There are different benefits of the server virtualisation which are shown below:

Server consolidation

By merging the physical server into the virtual server, the maintenance and operating cost of the Liberty wine can be reduced. Also, footprint can be reduced by taking the help of server

Stop server sprawl

Through the server over the of the server can be reduced by the Liberty Wine. And Liberty Wine can perfectly size the virtual machine easily.

Cost saving

Through this, Liberty Wine can easily save the cost of power and physical server hardware. Also, due to less downtime the end user’s requirement can be fulfilled easily.

Simplified disaster recovery

Since the virtual machine going to be hardware independent, restoring of the image based backup which is present on the hardware can be performed easily. As a result, data can be stored by taking the help of the software like site recovery manager (Davis, 2011).

Environmental benefits

There are different factors which are going to benefits the environments which are as follow:

1. Less power is going to be consumed by the virtualisation server
2. Since less physical machines are going to be used therefore less number of the cooling fan is required.

Question 5

IT problems that are limiting the FinCEN to fight financial crime

FinCEN is unable to gather the information, analyse them and deliver the data to the user. Also, the lack of validation of the data, inconsistent quality and standardization is found while analysing the data. The analysis of the massive datasets is not possible by the bureau. Also, they are lacking in the capabilities of the trend protection and proactive analysis. As all the access is done by taking the help of offline system therefore all the data has to be clean first then only transferring is possible. Through this a lot of time is consumed. As a result detection of new and emerging threat is taking more time and disrupting in providing aid to fight financial crime.

IT upgrades needed by the FinCEN to achieve the mission

To achieve the mission, FinCEN needs different upgrades. The different updates which FinCEN has to adopt are shown below:

1. A major effort is needed by the FinCEN to upgrade its IT infrastructure, databases and analytics capabilities. Through this methodology better collection and analysis of the data can be done which are coming from different sources.

2. IT infrastructure of the FinCEN is also needed to improve. Through this improvement many authorised users can easily search, analyse and access data easily. Through this bureau can give direct access of data to state, federal and local law enforcement easily.

3. A FinCEN Query Web-Based application can be created. This can be easily accessed by the analyst of FinCEN, intelligence, regulatory users and law enforcement.

On what does financial intelligence depend

Financial intelligence relies on having the capacity to gather, secrecy and analyse the data so that outer person can’t access it.  Also, the system must be effective and secure.   

Why is the ability to identify patterns and relationships critical to national security

Patterns and relationship identification is a crucial point in national security. Through this identification of the terrorist financiers and money launderers can be traced easily and their criminal activity can be disrupted easily.  

Recent crimes that FinCEN has detected and disrupted

Numerous crimes regarding the money laundering have been reported by the FinCEN. A well-known example is the case of Liberty Reserve which is the money laundering business. Their crime was detected by the FinCEN and investigators of the FinCEN are able to freeze the account of a company which records more than the worth of 40 million dollars.


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