ITC 540 IT Infrastructure Management Proof Reading Services

ITC 540 IT Infrastructure Management Assignment Help

ITC 540 IT Infrastructure Management Proof Reading Services

This is the assessment 1 of ITC 540 IT Infrastructure Management

What does ‘’IT’’ mean to you?

Information technology (IT) term is an activity which is used to store and send the information through computers. It means to move data or sending data by using computers which covers up all the activities we do using any computing device. The science and activity of digitally moving or sending the data to a computer is known as information technology (Guttmann, 2001).

ITC 540 IT Infrastructure Management Assignment Help, ITC 540 Assignment Help

Why is IT important to your career? 

The organization or business has the ability to make changes faster than they normally do in the global market by using information technology. A large organization has their own information technology department which is designed to maintain their software and hardware. According to Quinonez (2014), the information technology is present in every department and hence is important for the career as well.

How does IT supports business processes and links them together? 

Information technology is a very important enabler for business achievements, it provides several platforms for communication to all employees such as instant messages, electronic mail, and SMS server. These channels are used to save the cost and time while binding the business processes and links together as well. For example, information technology helps to develop a competitive benefit by initiating some self-service software which give the processes an edge in connecting with each other (Gilsonadao, 2013).

What are some of the emerging technologies?

As we know that we enter the fourth revolution that is more dynamic, so the technologies serve morality to an ecological future. There are 10 emerging technologies that are presented by Forum Meta-Council in 2016 and that are published in scientific American.

The ten emerging technologies that are given as 2D material, Batteries for next Generation (it provide the energy source to villages), Blockchain, Nano-sensors and internet of Nano-things, Autonomous Vehicles, Organs-on-Chips, Open AL Ecosystem, Perovskite Solar Cells, Optogenetic and Metabolic Engineering Systems (Cann, 2016).

What is Enterprise Architecture?

The enterprise architecture defines the structure and visualization of a given inspection area. The enterprise architecture elements are vision, feasibility, strategy and focusing on effectiveness & durability. It is the process that translates the vision of business and translates the strategies into actual enterprises through communicating and improving models & principle (Lvanov, 2009). Examples of enterprise architecture: the enterprise architecture approach for a corporation is to prepare the key aspects to outline to complete the goal like deliver the software and hardware to the non-technical department.

enterprise architecture for a Business, ITC 540 Assignment Help

What are the main risks associated with the implementation of new Information Systems?

There are four main risks which associated with new information system implementation, that are:

Project Risk:It occurs when the project will not complete in given budget, schedule or constraints.

Functionality Risk:it occurs when functionality delivery fails.

Political Risk:when information system changes the power of the relationship according to their supplier.

Security Risk:when the system is insecure (Sherer, 2004).

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