IT leveraging Business Advantage at Managerial Level

IT leveraging Business Advantage at Managerial Level

IT leveraging Business Advantage at Managerial Level


Samsung electronics is the company discussed in details leveraging business advantage. Samsung electronics uses IT extensively owing to the comprehensive hold on the electronics device consumers, businesses IT management requirement for an effective and efficient optimal allocation of organizational resources as well as track the potential market-driven strategic policies relative to both the management of technology as well as subsequent R&D and innovation. Information technology comprise as one of the important factor for the success of the products of the with respect to its smartphones offering encompasses figuring, map reading, imaging, as well as other media apps, nevertheless; the it is essential to understand the factors that drives the consumers motivation for purchase (Pant, S., Sim, H. T., & Hsu, 2001).

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The design of the electronic devices also referred as its engineering refers to the planning of any personal computers or electronic appliances, gadgets, devices used for communication through electronics, electronics applications, as well as websites devised to focus for enhancing the experience of the users as well as the customer interaction. Also evident is that a worthy designing of the interface of devices for the users implies effective features that expedites concluding the work to be performed devoid of attracting the need of any redundant responsiveness towards it. The process of designing therefore necessitates maintain an equilibrium of the existing functions of both the elements pertaining to technical as well as visual aspect to construct a device which in addition to its operational performance also urge to be functioning in addition to the feature of adaptability designed for the fast varying demands of the users.

Besides the use of IT is a vital companion in the effective strategic management of the electronics business, irrespective of the type of business or industry in which a firm of operation. In case of all the aspects of requirements pertaining to computers relative to data storage, transmission, retrieving data or data transmission that facilitates the effective management of the electronics business by Samsung with a global market presence with increase precision as well as business efficiency along with the support of IT infrastructure as well as other computer devices.

Samsung Global IT infrastructure and data management:

Advantages of IT for Samsung electronics | Assignment Help

For effective data storage

For effective global operation it is essential to have an effective storage of the data relative to inventory, trades, goods or funds receivables as well as payables. Latest advent in technology also allows an effective elimination of the existing physical data storage server at all organizational centres by means of effective IT infrastructural set up.

For effective marketing

All globally present organization needs a wide range of the consumer information relative to Internet consumers. It is very important for an effective global online presence, e- commerce, procurement merchandising, as well as for other business operation based completely on the online performance. An effective tool of marketing is use of IT as a platform for Quick Response which may effectively seem as a bar code. An effective Internet technology for marketing is effective for both push and pull direct marketing.

IT leveraging Business Advantage at Managerial Level

Source of Information: It is evident that the worldwide web is an effective source of information relative to the keeping up with the latest market trends, consumption pattern and consumer habits, software as well as human resources requirements. Online data bases is very effective for storage of data and thereby reducing the physical data storage cost as well as elimination of the need of physical IT infrastructure set up. Therefore IT and internet together helps in the management of the business of electronics along with the data collected from online sources that helps in keeping up with the knowledge as well as up keeping with the critical competitive edge (Pant, S., Sim, H. T., & Hsu, 2001).

Use of the IT Systems by Samsung

Use of Management information system: The management information system offers the value proposition to the stakeholders using service as the primary variable. It helps in determining the use of the technology in the various phases of Samsung existing MIS.

  • Offering Online accessibility of commercial software 
  • Centralized management of Software
  • Software model used for delivery is a “one to many” type 
  • There is no requirement of Users involvement in software upgrade or modifying the patches 
  • It offers the services for strategic development phase, stage of testing, deployment, application hosting as well as sustain the applications in the existing environment of an integrated development.
  • It also serves to use the internet based information technology development tools to facilitate the creation, modification, examination as well as deployment of the overall diverse Information technology situations it also facilitates the use of a multiple tenant IT architecture where multiple synchronized users make use of the single application for development.
  • It enables balancing of load as well as any potential failovers owing to its wide deployment of software
  • It allows integrating with internet services as well as other Information technology bases using general standards 
  • Facilitating and collaborating the development team, where in a number of Information technology management services also include planning as well as communication tools of project. 
  • Set up of tools encouraging billing as well as subscription administration
  • It encourages the distribution of resources together as a service
  • It enables a dynamic range 
  • It follows the variable costing method and the utility pricing method 
  • It allows in general a multiple users to use a single hardware
  • It is suitable as the organization is planning two make separate offices and thereby its demand is incredibly volatile along with potential and important spikes as well as troughs based on the infrastructure demand (Pant, S., Sim, H. T., & Hsu, 2001)
  • In case of the organization office splits the new offices would have to invest very low capital for the hardware set up 
  • The organization at present is planning for rapid expansion in addition to overcoming the problems pertaining to scaling hardware 
  • It helps to utilize the financial resources optimally by limiting the capital expenditure as well as by moving the operating expenditure.
  • .It also will facilitate a trial or temporary IT infrastructural requirements

Implementation of Decision support system

  • This assumption considers the most feasible alternative approach in the favour of administration and subsequent control of the loss as well as subsequent remaining that is elaborated as below:
  • Today the stakeholder’s interest involves effective eco-friendly monitoring of the products and the process with respect to the release of a waste product, refers for the most preferable way of avoiding as well as diminishing the antagonistic impacts on the surrounding environment with respect to other social factors
  • Understanding the process emission’s nature as well as the sensitivity of the process discharge with respect to the environment as a recipient and evaluation of any possible adverse impact on it thereafter;
  • The economic implications in addition to its impact on the surrounding of the project alternative selected in comparison to the other project design alternatives;

The existing level of understanding of the technology in the business along with the consumer’s need understanding as well as the probability of the available alternative that can subsequently be applied effectively (Pant, S., Sim, H. T., & Hsu, 2001).

  • The application of an effective approach towards the use of the best practicable alternative approach implication may not necessarily eliminate the accountability of the designers conducting the activities for the compliance of related policies as well as rules with respect to the regional as well as district strategies along with the consent for the resources in all applicable cases. In fact, it is crucial to comply with the set of the standards for effective discharge as well as efficient process stages as the consideration for an effective project design selection approach.

Use of Executive support system

The use of Executive support system offers a specialized decision making support system and helps in determine the user interface. Therefore the use of Executive support system is relative to the usage of the IT infrastructure for understanding the consumer behaviour. It needs to be critically acknowledged that the consumers would use the desktop for accessing the site’s information which is not accessible using the electronics user interface and the software’s. Therefor the assumption refers to an effective connecting link for enhancing the customer experience. Now in order to understand the customer need, a high response of clicks on the provided link and on the online infrastructure would suggest the incorporation of that feature in the next device version launch for customer value addition experience. Continuous recheck as well as re-evaluation of the device design is necessary to imply this assumption. It supports in an effective reporting.

Streamlining as well as emphasis on all the design aspects in addition to the factors influencing the consumer’s total experience is crucial. Identification of the user interface design value as well as the services in addition to the consideration of the ways of improving the product as well as the service delivery enhancement in accordance to the capabilities of the user interface of the device (Forester, 1987). It is evident that the user’s need is widely variable with respect to the wide requirement of the screen size , resolutions of images as well display , in addition to capabilities wide range need along with the demand of uniqueness in the design of the user interface solutions with respect to the electronics device.

Application of the Executive support system 

However the user of design via responsive web allows the demonstrations that effectively react to the user interface presentation background as well as consumer’s behaviour. This assumption can be implemented through the usage of easy to change layouts, lattices, pictures, as well as media requests for recreating the user interface screens on the basis of the consumer’s preferences. Moreover in case of the designs directed towards a particular platform, it is required for the project designers to utilize the most of this user need accessibility besides portraying the device strengths.

Intelligence of Business data and information

It helps in the effective utilization as well as the integration of all the IT tools for an effective data collation as well as analysis.

  • The product quality management is the major objective of the test for offering a value proposition to the customer experience; this is dependent on the quality of the product sustaining the product test.
  • The requirements of the users under study and as the target audience relative to their objective for usability is extensively articulated as using the deliverable set listing with respect to the device’s behaviour under usage along with the compatibility testing of the executed software.
  • These usability necessities are further dependent on the product features of every component of electronics device together with the hardware component, software component as well as the users. Therefore it is essential that these necessities needs to be conveyed in the form of a metric which could be thereby measured relative to the usability of the system in the proposed background, relative to its aspect of usefulness, competence as well as contentment (Durmusoglu, 2009).

Knowledge management system

The knowledge management system helps in the collection, processing as well as sharing the overall administrative knowledge and information which would result in the accomplishment of the overall business objectives.

  • Security:Owing to its virtual presence for the overall organization it is highly subjected to the risk of vulnerable attacks of hackers (
  • User Interface Compatibility: It needs to optimally change its existing resources. With the usage of other User Interface although the risk is invariably reduced.
  • Standardizing Technology: Due to the absence of standardization of User Interface computing it is impossible to measure its quality standards
  • Monitoring: User Interface Accessibility to the service provider and hence may lead to potential issue in information monitoring
  • Data collection with respect to overall business Information analysis – Business Intelligence assist in the subsequent acknowledgement of the Data to secure all the organization information as the key responsibility of every individual
  • Conventional Data for usage – All the business economics information belongs to the bank organization and should be used otherwise.
  • Data Sorting effectively– It is important to understand the importance of conserving the information security effectively. Wireless Security, network Firewall, as well as security Data concerning encryption as well as authentication besides Data concerning Accessibility Regulation
  • Data concerning Electronics devices as well as Wireless networks – This Data is for controlling the portable devices that needs additional security safeguarding
  • Data for effective consumer behaviour study
  • Data concerning the effective control of remote accessibility (Kim, Y. J., & Sanders, 2002)

Data mining

The use of data mining helps in pulling out the product development data as well as consumer end data for the effective evaluation of the products as well as its sales, inventories, etc. It is noteworthy that the electronics Usability quality needed to design the features of electronics device as well as affecting the evaluation of the device Usability which is referred as an indispensable activity necessary for user security perspective for safeguarding an exceedingly usable user interface of the electronics that needs to be shown in every Product designing life cycle stage.

While the data mining of evaluation refers to the user experience of the prototype released. The inquiry phase refers to interaction with the user with respect to the way they use the system in the actual setting of work. This is done through conducting focus group or questionnaire answering etc. The phase of inspection involves the analysis of the device’s aspects relative to user usability.

Competitive intelligence

This refers to the collection of the competition data for the subsequent analysis for effective product development as well as for an efficient marketing and advertising communication designing.


The tools for OLAP as an integral part of the business intelligence facilitate the effective enabling usage of the analysis of the multi variable data relative to the interaction from several perspectives. OLAP tolls comprise of three elementary logical operations: this comprise of primarily consolidation of the data, drilling down of the business intelligence data, as well as consequent slicing as well as dicing of the storage database. The first phase of data consolidation comprises of collection of the business data that is then gathered as well as computed relative to a number of aspects. Therefore the integration of the OLAP along with the other tools of business intelligence management is significantly important (King, J. L., & Kraemer, 1995).

Prerequisites of the effective Internet technology implication in Samsung electronics

These perquisites underline the below parameters: The work stations need to be preserved as devices that cannot be trusted besides the prerequisites of checking the quarantine of the base stations prior to the permission of wireless network access offered to any client in the banking organization. Every staff needs a comprehensive training prior to the implication of the wireless security network and the concerning risk besides in what way and places wherein the information may be securely transmitted. The accessibility of the Wireless network to the third party users or the non- staff members should be strictly restricted to configuration of public accessibility of Internet Security policy compliance checking should be executed regularly.


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