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Integrated Project Management Proof Reading Services

Challenges of the project managers during the progression of the projects

The challenges of the project managers with the corporate projects are with the undefined goals of the project, and to manage the request for scope of change. Working with a definite team with lack of skills required for the project is another challenge that the project manager face. The improper risk management if the development of the project elements will not be in place will create the contingency plan related problem to be faced by the managers(Schwalbe, 2015).

Integrated Project Management Assignment Help

Apart from that the lack of the transparent communication between the team members for the proper information flow, meeting the deadlines with the string team work , lack of the stakeholder engagement are also the greatest challenge that the project manager faces. In a nutshell, the most common problems faced by the manager are as below:

1. Lack of setting on clear project goal

2. Unclear expectation form the team work

3. Poor communication scenario between the IT and business stakeholders

4. No user input in terms of the resource allocation and the full efforts of the team members(Schwalbe, 2015)

Thus, it is required by the integrated project managers to have some solution ready with their great leadership attribute to get rid out of the difficulties.

Strategy to overcome the challenges

To overcome the difficulties, the project managers should concentre on the following parameters:

Offering the suitable leadership based on the culture of the organisation environment.

Maintaining the transparent communication between the employees and managers

Setting the deadline for the completion of the tasks(Rowe, 2015)

Creating the team with the skilled employees or arrange to impart the require training to the them to make them skilled for the quality output

Including the practice to accept the scope of change as per eh demand of the shareholders in an effective manner.

Thus, it can be stated that the managers of the integrated project management should be professional enough to deal with the difficulties to get the best output.


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