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Week 1


The text discusses a number of modern mass-storage technologies however there have been huge advances since the early days of computing. Collect and summarize two online resources that explain and describe two mass storage technologies that are not mentioned in the text that were prevalent before 1980.  The resources must not be about the same technology.

Hard disk:
Its developments continue to wring a mixture of maximized capacity and always increase the performance at less cost. For instance Seagate launched 6TB disk in 2014 that is developed technique but comparatively they launched 8TB hard disk that creates competition in the market. The technique is based on Shingled Magnetic Recording that is SMR. Hard Disk works by permitting tracks on the drive to overlap with other. SMR is successful for the business purpose because it will speed up the adoption of another technique like Two Dimensional Recording (TDMR) that is single processing. All these methods are becoming approved as pervious innovations opposite rather than longitudinal footage. By adjoining all the innovative ideas the hard disk is becoming more successful dive for the business purpose and easy to carry. Hard disk users may easily get the access of data at any location by connecting the drive with the computer and access the data any time.

What Are the Different Types of Mass Storage Devices?
Various types of mass storage devices exist containing hard drives, optical disks; floppy disk etc in spite of other technology includes MP3 players and secure digital (SD) cards. Most types of memory devices can be used to store and type of file, but the once in MP3 audio devices can only display various types of file are not connected to the media devices. All of the mass storage devices need a laptop to operate properly, because a laptop is required to move documents to and from the storage drives. Hard drives are the most common type of mass storage device that provide facility to the business to store the data in more appropriate way. Floppy drive is the most common type of storage device that helps the user to store the data secured way allows user to operate the data from any part of the world through computer or laptop.

Information Technology Assignment Help

Week 2


The text briefly makes mention of embedded (operating) systems. Collect and summaries two online resources that describe specific embedded operating systems that are not mentioned in the text.  The resources must not be about the same embedded operating system.

Summary: Embedded operating system is used to operate electronics and software within the product which is designed to perform a concentrated system. In some cases embedded systems are part of larger operating system or larger things. Some example of embedded system is anti lock breaking systems in the car is one of the example of embedded system. The basic function of embedded system is real time operation, reactive operation, direct use of interrupts, I/O device flexibility etc. It protects the device of the user from any Un-happening event and improves the performance of the device through providing innovative kind of software to the user. The present commercial operating system can be used for an embedded system can be developed by real time capability, streamlining operation, adding important functionality etc. One of the benefits of embedded software that it is familiar interface it can be connected with any device and coordinate with the functionality of device. 

What is an Embedded Operating System?
Embedded System operating system are generally used for hardware that have very less computing power and have little RAM and ROM and also have slow CPU to operate the computer. They are generally made using assembly language in order to really take benefits of restricted calculating resources. In most of the embedded operating systems the applications are designed in to the operating software’s or part of the operating system so they are operated when the operating system works. The most ordinary instance of the device with an embedded operating system would be android and iOS admired the mobile operating system. The embedded systems are the most commonly accepted operating system that provides various functions to the device users and try to operate the function so the system. One of the major examples of operating system is mobile devices that help the user to operate the phone according to the choice of user.

 Embedded Operating System

Week 3


The “the Internet of things” is an emerging trend towards smart interconnected embedded technologies that allow us to monitor and control our environment.  Collect and summaries two online resources that describe examples or applications of the Internet of things. The resources must not be about the same application or example.

Summary: Internet of things is becoming the most common trend at the work place. Broadband is the most common platform that connects the device with the help of WIFI facility and sensor built into them. All of these things are creating a perfect platform for the IOT. Internet of Things allows for virtual limitless chances and connection to take place. For example many car businesses are providing tracking system in the cars by which they can track the cars through GPS facility. Through internet facility in the car the user can track the problems in the car and also handle the car in the absence of driver the car. Virtual sensor in the car made the driving more easy and safe. In case of any accident driver can activate the sensor in the car and eject himself from the car. This all facility can be provided by the embedded software that can be connected through internet.

The 15 Most Important Apple Watch Features.
Summary:Internet of Things is the system of interconnected electronic devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects etc. the technique provides unique identifiers and facility to transfer the data through internet facility. This can be also said as the computer interaction or transfer of data from one source to another. In present era embedded software’s are designed for many devices one of the examples is Apple Watch that provides facility to the user that this can calculate the pulse rate of the person and also provide facility to the user to identify the caller. The watch can be connected with the Apple I phone and watch act as a mobile for the user. The user can connect the phone with the broadband and use the device as a computer to do the internet surfing. An anticipated the apple watch is a tool to maintain the fitness of the user. The device also measures the heart rate of the person.

Week 4


HTTP is an example of a text-based (human readable) application layer protocol.  Collect and summaries two online resources that describe other text-based application layer protocols. The resources must not be about the same protocol.

Summary:The open systems interconnection reference model is encoded, abstract presentation designed as a guideline for network protocol design. OSI model differentiate networking operation into seven logical coating, all the layers have unique operation and all this are assigned specific protocol and function. Under this model, information from each layer starting at application layer ISO OSI on the transmitting host. The presentation layer has three basic functions one is coding and conversion of application layer data to assure the collected data from the source device can be interpreted. It limits the data in form that can be decompressed by the destination device. Another function is differentiation of data for transfer and the decryption of data upon recipient from the sender. Application layer ISO OSI protocols are used by together the source and sender at the time of communication tenure. Protocols are established regular rules for interchanging data among the types of messages that are transmitted among sender and receiver.

Application layer protocol is the networks that fulfill the application requirement and perform the application layer protocol function. Examples of application layer protocol are File Transfer Protocol, Sending E-mail, and Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. It connects server to the domain and manage the work of the user. It text based application such as telnet, electronic mail, file transfer, news group etc. the most popular graphics in the world are World Wide Web, Internet telephony, Video conferencing and various high definition games. Application layer protocol explains how an application processes; send the message, operating of different end system. The following are the function of application layer protocol are rules for determining the fulfillment of the fields, determines the sending process message, meaning of the message etc. File transfer protocol under this protocol the user defines the user name of the remote host and provides the user identification of the user. The most common command of the FTP protocol is USERNAME, PASSWORD, LIST etc

Week 5


An increasing computer security threat is the rise of “ransom ware” attacks. Collect and summaries two online resources that discuss specific examples of ransom ware attacks. The resources must not be about the same incident/attack.

Summary: Ransom ware is big threat for the security purpose that cannot be beaten with help of single security based application. Kaspersky Lab products use a double layered security approach to protect form the threat like ransom ware. It is has become very severe threat for the online users. It is a type of malware virus that corrupts the system and makes the file inaccessible by which user may lose the data. It looks like the innocent program or plug-in or an email with clean looking attachment that automatically installed in the computer and hack the personal information of user and slow down the operation of the system by which user will not be able to access the data in proper way. On the other hand during the attack of ransom ware attack user will not be able to get back his data due to the attack of ransom ware attack.

Ransom ware Malware:Everything You Need to Know about It
Summary:Ransom ware is the kind of intelligent software like malware that attacks the system of user by which system may hack and important files and documents of user may be crashed. This kind of malware like viruses, Trojan, horses etc. One of the recent ransom ware that happened in 2013 is known as Crypto Locker. The virus may be designed by the Russian hacker by the name of Evgeniy Bog ache. The malware is injected into the host system and all the connected devices may be hacked by this virus. These could be significant documents or programs that user really needs like files or keys. This virus threatens all the user that it will remove all the files which are important for the users and affects the profitability of the organization.

Week 6


SLAs and network design with redundancy are two ways to reduce the risk of a loss of network connectivity.   However, reports of major network outages and their impacts on organizations regularly make news headlines.  Collect and summaries two online resources that provide examples of these outages and their impacts on the business and/or its customers.  The resources must not be about the same outage/business.

Summary: Australia’s largest and most expensive internet and mobile phone provider Telstra is facing issue of network outages as it has been crashed three times in the year. The impact can be seen on about 8 millions customers. With improper network redundancy, organization is losing customer loyalty and trust for services. The reduced performance and quality in internet is diverting customers towards new solutions to their problem. If the same impact will continue, organization may lose large customer pond and services. The temporary technical issues those are rapid in several hours during day are being frustration for customers. Telstra is organizing more adequate resources and investing a large amount of capital to safeguard the network from temporary down conditions. The impact on organization can be seen in loss of capital and trust in market if same issues persistent for long time. Competitive market with Vodafone and other companies are monitoring conditions and making use of Telstra’s present down time.

T-Mobile Just Suffered a National Network Outage.
Summary: National network Outage suffered by T-mobile is in news because of decrease in high speed LTE wireless network for speed. However, the outage stand only for one day but it has increased complains on 3% which is a large number for such big organization. T-mobile officially announced that engineers are working hard to resolve the issues. T-mobile has impact of this temporary outage in term of additional efforts and capital to resolve the issues and it has increased the marketing values of other competitors for few hours. Also the network get conjunction due to high number of complains and feedback from customers. Also the outage occur at time of battling in competitive time so organization has faced huge lose in customer loyalty and market values. Opposite to it, most of researchers are telling it uptime for organization as it has resolved the issues effectively in few time

Week 7


Organizations are increasingly using social networking to engage with their customer base. Collect and summaries two online resources that provide examples of organizations using social networking successfully to expand or improve their business. The resources must not be about the same organization.

7 Examples of Companies Using Social Media Right
 T-mobile USA is most expensive and responsive organization in service of internet and mobile phones. Organization has Face book as well as twitter like social accounts to listen from customers and to make use of digital advertising to reach customers. Organization has used social media to collect customers and to know market conditions and scopes. Organization has about 92% response rate on social media. This means that nine of ten customers are directly getting reply for their queries from official sources. However, it is comparatively very high as Verizon has 65.66% and AT&T has about 68.03%. In this manner, T-mobile has get market under control as customers are feeling secure and assistance to services every time. Customer complaints and feedbacks from social media are helping organization to achieve high quality and performance in workplace. Also it becomes easy to reach every customers using social media marketing.

The art of business relationships through social media.
Increasing use of social media has transformed the relation of business to customers. Traditional formats of advertising to customers are being less effective as about 70% organizations are using social media to promote business to customer relationship. This relationship is increasing accuracy in business strategy and goals as determinations of customer demands and requirements have become easy. Also organizations are using benefits from this direct to customer relationship to reduce the communication cost. Organizations like AT&T are using social media to introduce new services and plans prier to use so that customers are becoming part of business decisions and helping organization to become more target specific for market. Customers are also getting advantages of social media to get product and services in their prices and have more choice to make decisions on investments in competitive market. In this manner, AT&T has direct relationship with customers and melting operations according to requirements.

Week 8


There are a multitude of paid and open source DBMS solutions available on the market.  Collect and summaries two online resources that discuss examples of the more commercially popular DBMS vendors and that describe who use their products. The resources must not be about the same vendor.

Summary:Microsoft does not need a description as it is business leader in industry and has well known reputation for its services and products. SQL server provides enrich set of features to use in enterprises. Product is capable to provide high end integrity with other DBMS solutions and views on mobile devices. Also the report generation and encrypted data are at core to define it best product in DBMS software. Microsoft SQL server is commercial but it has only a small amount to pay for enrich featured product. Dynamic data masking and JSON supports has been added into newer versions to make it more adaptable in dynamic range of platforms for development. Multiple TempDB and Poly Base are other features which are required at developer end to make the development process fast and effective. SQL server is used mainly in enterprise workplaces but it is also effective to deliver capabilities in small businesses.

Oracle which is well known for its contribution in internet and database applications. Oracle provides commercial database management systems with name oracle database to facilitate the users to manage large data in cloud computing. Oracle’s solution for data management in cloud computing is capable to secure the data and to migrate the data into cloud platform. It helps developers and administrators to scale the network and data paths without being worried about management of data as oracle database for cloud computing is effective to automate data processing. Also it is easy to secure and analyze the data in enterprise without going in depth of implementation. Vast community services and supports are other benefits for administrators to handle the data. Oracle database management system is mainly used in enterprise level organizations and in cloud computing to make data available and accessible anywhere in world. Small business also can use database 12c from oracle.

Week 9


Outsourcing all or part of an organization’s IT function has had mixed outcomes but for some organizations it has been a wise decision. Collect and summarize two online resources that relate to two specific outsourcing success stories (i.e. two organizations where outsourcing has worked out well).  The resources and your summary should explain why the outsourcing was a success.  The resources must not be about the same organization.

Summary: Mark McRae is Australian sunshine coast entrepreneurs who have multiple businesses with proper management in business and work- life balance. He has about 30 companies and really a busy business man. Along to have 3 children, he was hired about 1300 peoples. With help of this team, he has achieved $280 millions in online and offline business. He did it with positive prospective of outsourcing. He accepted that he has outsourced most of work into other countries as outsourcing can provide best talents from all over the world to accomplish the task cost effectively and within time. He has outsourced script writer from USA, film crew from Canada, post production team from Croatia and editors from Serbia. In this manner, McRae has used outsourcing to stand up his small business into well known enterprise to achieve competitive as well as market benefits.

2 Outsourcing Success Stories You Probably Haven’t Heard Of.
 P&G which is known as Proctor and Gamble production company has faced problems to manage the requirement of changing market and rapid customer nature. Company has outsourced the reach and development work to other companies to reduce the business burden and to focus on primary production quality and management. As a result company has achieved with struggle of decades, a well managed position in market which has 60% higher production in comparison of traditional parallel working under same roof. The decision of organization has boosted the company innovation and profit as organization has achieved $10 millions more in profit and has introduced new 400 products with collaboration of outsourcing companies. In today’s context, half of work of P&G is outsourced as organization gets enough time to manage the business and strategies towards market opportunity. Entire research and development work is outsourced to other companies.

Week 10


The text discusses the need to manage scope, time, cost, quality and risk in IS implementations. Of these, cost is arguably the most difficult to manage and the cause of many IS implementation project failures. Collect and summaries two online resources that describe examples of where IS implementation project costs have vastly exceeded the original budget. The resources must not be about the same organization/project.

Summary: Canadian firearms registry project is perhaps the most overrun project of all times. Initial cost forecasted for project was about 2 million Canadian dollars but the project has ended with investment of 946 million Canadian dollars. Major reasons behind the cost exceed is assumed to have improper analysis of requirements and scope of the project. As a result, organization has invested large amount of capital in scope, time and quality. Scope of the project has been changed later to new requirements which were considered as the major reasons to enhance the overall cost. Also the quality requirements of government has changed the team in between which also has raised the cost. The actual investment of project was about 36,917% higher than the estimated original budget of project. However, it was governmental project and can be continued to achieve long term goals in country but it is not true for private sectors with this factor of risk.

Federal Government Cost Overruns.
Federal government of United Kingdom has number of departments, agencies and programs those are estimated to spend amount of 4 trillion dollars in a financial year. However, government has failed to perform the operations in given budget due to lack of cost in manage the agencies and to deliver the desired quality. Major reasons behind the project cost overrun are that taxation has consumed large capital and engineering corps has demanded about 106% of actual budget assigned for their job. Addition to it, rapid transportation, communication and controlling cost were not added into project. At many other locations, the difficulties in implementation were more complex than the estimation. Therefore, cost invested to resolve the barriers in implementation has played a vital role to exceed the overall cost from original budget. However, it has been identified in US 10% of private business got failed due to overrun of budget to regulate the business.


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