Information Security challenges Business Proof Reading Services

Information Security challenges Assignment Help

Information Security challenges Business Proof Reading Services

This information security challenges assignment help is based on security issue in business operation and organization seriously keep the business safe


Security, privacy and ethics are three major points around which every organization is growing. Without proper implementation of these factors, it is impractical to sustain business in market. IT organizations are vulnerable to many security challenges for the information, human resources and equipments. Report will identify the issues of security in IT organizations. Later report will determine the applications of ACS code of ethics in workplace. Report will discuss the implacable areas for code of ethics.

The report will emphasize on employee performance management techniques that are applicable in workplace to deliver efficiency, effectiveness and accuracy toward work. Report will use the processing fundaments of Innovative Group which make software solutions and finance applications in United Kingdom. Report will cover techniques for performance management as well as for enhance with flexibility.

Security Challenges
The growth of information technology systems in United Kingdom is influenced with some security challenges. IT organization like Innovative Group has some major security issues in business processing and expansions as they can lead a big loss over the time if not treated well. IT Organizations can have following security challenges which must be handled seriously to keep the business safe from incidental as well as accidental loss.

Information security
With increasing use of technology, organizations have got new dimensions to work and regulate the business but the problem is arising in form of management of proprietary information. Innovative group is facing problem to secure the business secrets among employees, outsider and intruders. Also information collected from customers, employees, partners and other secondary sources may be confidential and basic for the regulation of organization which must be secured from access and modification by unauthorised entities. Information may be vulnerable to security issues of cloud computing or distributed systems. IT organizations are facing problems to safeguard the information from competitors and others. The information may be valuable to achieve specific position in business and hazards to victims to whom information belongs. In same manner, organization also has impact in loss of loyalty and market reputation (Line and Moe, 2015). For Innovative group following information is considered under security challenge:

  • Customer’s private information provided to be used only in certain business constraints.
  • Employee information distributed and shared among various branches.
  • Product specification and making information.
  • Business strategies and policies.

Personnel Information
After information, IT organizations have another main concentration on security of employees as they are most valuable resources for any organization to grow and sustain. However, it is said to know that most of human resources are also need security protection from co-workers in organization as employees have thread from other employees. This security issues is because to achieve reputation and post along with money margins in business. Security of employees is becoming the challenge as organizations need to identify the threads and possible cares for certain employees. Less but possible changes also occur from competitors in market as other organizations can harm the resources to put down the business and values in market. IT organizations are using associated factors like likelihoods of employee and behaviours with others to determine the security parameters. Workplaces are also being under governance and surveillance of security systems to avoid violence and conflicts at workplace (Oyelami and Ithnin, 2015).

Physical security
Later after the employees and information, organizations are also aware about the pricing of resources and equipments. Licensed software and high profile computer machines along with network setup are considered for physical security. In Innovative Group organization, resources are kept under the surveillance of camera and other sensor based security equipments so that most of hardware can be saved from theft and access. Access to resources is key challenge for IT organizations as all the information is saved in electronic form which is easy to share and modify if someone is able to have access. However, proper implementation of security in system and hosting workplace can eliminate the security issues in organization regard physical loss.

Other challenges
Besides to this security challenges in Innovative Group, it is also to note that an IT organization must be transparent to political influences, social conflicts and natural disasters. These factors also work to bring the security issues in organization. Therefore, organizations are vulnerable to security challenges those are possessed by insiders as well as outsider in organization. Organizations are recommended to implement standards in practices to make the system secure and safe (Ramachandran and Chang, 2014). Also it should be aware with changes in security technologies to fight against the challenges.

Applications of ACS code of ethics
Australian Computer Society (ACS) has defined code of ethics. Members of ACS are recommended to uphold and advance the honour, dignity and effectiveness of being professional. Code of ethics has defined additional attributes those must be presented by members along with characteristics of person as good citizen and lawful. Code of ethics has defined following adherences for members those are also applicable to employees working in all most every industry including Innovative Group:

The primacy of the public interest
Members are advised to possess the social interest those are apart from personal and business interests. Organizations need to equal responsible for the hosting environments and need to make contribution towards the major and negative issues in community. The code of ethics emphasizes this because this is also useful for organization to create market and trust along with inclination for public interest and welfare (Warren and Lucas, 2016).

The enhancement of quality of life
Organization must need to improve the quality of life of peoples those have impact of work done by organization. This makes organization liable to employees and customers for equal consideration to their welfare in parallel to business and personal objectives. Products and services of organization should be effective to improve the life style of employees and consumers.

Employees and governing bodies of organization should be strived to deliver the effective input from skills, knowledge, product and services. Employees should be responsible for the job and role assigned to them. They need to make use of their skills and experience with transparency. Honestly must be kept in workplace and business relations to deliver the professional results to organization and depending peoples.

Employees of IT organizations should adhere to work under competence. All the stakeholders are advised to be competitive for each other to deliver high productivity. Rather than to be dependent form the output and performance from others, all stakeholders are advised via code of ethics to deliver the performance and quality ( Competition is required to make the workplace positive and innovative.

Professional development
Co-workers need to present professional behaviour with all others without making use of personal relations and knowing. Professionalism should be posses as it is effective to regulate the work flow and information sharing. Code of ethics emphasizes to be professional in language, relations and presentation in workplace. Staff members and colleagues should be treated well with professional appearance to make workplace productive and goal directed.

One’s dignity and honour should be kept in workplace. Activities should be professional for communication and working and need to eliminate the discussions on age, sex and other matters those are personal. Social relations and trends also need to avoid in workplace as they can conflict in thoughts and create issues. Employees are advised to respect other employees in workplace (Leicester, 2016).

Code of ethics use all this elements to make the system and working smooth form the conflicts and barriers. It does not imply the rules for specific position and post in workplace but it is for everyone in workplace. By making use of code of ethics, IT organization like Innovative Group can deliver high performance and quality in workplace along with proper regulations of activities without any conflicts in term of social and legal implementations.

Employee performance management

IT organization also has influence of employee performance over time. In starting employees seem to be dedicated and aware for their job but with time, they start to put the job as daily routines and show less productivity. To achieve high accuracy and productivity from employees, organization uses many techniques like rating, feedbacks and appraisals so that interest of employees can be re-established in workplace. Performance management is necessary to make proper use of available human resource. This is also useful to determine the inclination of employees towards new skills and knowledge. Innovative Group implements number of techniques to determine the performance of employees so that right decisions can be made to praise or dispraise employee in workplace ( Employees those are doing well must be praised with regards and poor performance employees should be guided more efficiently. Innovative Group use following performance management techniques in workplace:

Rating: Employee performance can be measured with some standards to determine the overall performance. In some case, IT organizations use rating method in which individual’s work and quality is measured according to time and workload assigned for specific task. Rating may be marks to employees’ work and quality from leaders and supervisors. But this method is somehow less effective as governing bodies may be partial for employees. Also the method is not accurate to measure the performance as it does not include the other constraints those may be appear in progress of objective. Difficulties may be arrived in form of complex implementation and problem nature, weak requirements to move ahead and less collaboration with supporting team etc. However, this is effective for small organizations making impression in industries.

Feedback: 360 degree feedback is normally used as the effective to measure and manage performance of employee in workplace. Information related to employees in term of workload to it; meet to goal ratio, behaviour with others, responsiveness, responsible nature, presentation, regularities, leaves and obeying are used from all other major leaders in workplace to determine the performance of employees ( This is effective as employees get better chances to improve with reliable and transparent results on performance whereas organization gets benefits in term of management of resources in more professional and productive manner. Output results can be used to make appropriate decisions on employees to praise them with rewards or to encourage them to participate in training and development programs.

IT organization uses above methods to enhance the performance of employees. Weaker employees are reviewed for performance lacking areas and more adequate training and development strategies are made for them to enhance their work quality and performance. For that organizations retain experts to make stage based approach to set targets and objectives for employees to enhance their work quality. Most of time, IT organizations put load and burden on employees to check their capabilities to work under pressure and de-motivating environment. Appraisals are effective to admire well performances in workplace which motivate other employees to work honestly and dedicatedly. However, appraisals are given at end of year which is a larger time to remind someone for performance degradation and opportunity loss. In such cases where organizations demand high performance at every project, performance management techniques are used. Below is given a snapshot which shows that appraisals and performance managements are useful in different conditions as according to difference between them (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014).


Report has been identified number of possible security challenges those are appearing in front of IT organizations to manage their operations and business. Report has concluded that information and employees are most valuable resources for any organization for that it nee to provide effective security solutions. Other security issues in term of physical theft, damage and access to resource has been identified and discussed. Addition to security challenges, organization has determined the role of code of ethics proposed by ACS in workplace. ACS defined code of ethics has number of applications in workplace in the form of regularity, respective and honour giving culture, positive and competitive growth and professionalism. The effective of code of ethics has been concluded in report to make business smooth against business processing complexities and communications. Also various performance management techniques has been determined those are used by Innovative Group to measure capabilities of employees in workplace.


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