Industrial Management & Data Systems Assignment Help

Industrial Management & Data Systems Assignment Help

Industrial Management & Data Systems Assignment Help

This Industrial Management & Data Systems Assignment Help discuss ERP implementation and resource planning.

Industrial Management & Data Systems

In the journal Industrial Management & Data Systems, in their popular article “Expectation and reality in ERP implementation: consultant and solution provider perspective”, Helo P., Anussornnitisarn P. & Phusavat, K (2008), provide the statistics that Enterprise Resource Planners has been one of the most popularly cited information system for automation in business. In the news ERP has been quoted as being one of the most expensive and heavily invested technology product with investments to the tune of around $500 billion worldwide! There is no doubt in this fact as we are already aware from one of the articles previously noted from Keziere, R. (2009), where we saw that ERP had become  no less than one of the successive movements in IT which came forth to handle the current problems faced by companies in automating their systems. (Keziere, 2009). ERP was looked as one of the first movements which could help to integrate several individual applications which were historically developed and worked in silos. ERP was possible as the technology had advanced and one could take the help of technologies to unify the systems working in isolations.

An ERP implementation costs to a company or an organization such as a university implies a spending of typically tens of millions of dollars and duration of years of time and slog. Apart from this there are scores of problems and risks involved in transition and migrating to the targeted system. As a consequence, often an irreversible and unexpected change or surprise occurs which makes are lives harder. As it is, today one may not imagine a University functions without ERP software, as almost all the operations of the University are controlled and scheduled by the software. The presence of ERP is almost ubiquitous, whether it means Academic, Admission, HR, Teaching Schedule, University Finance and Accounts. ERP has become a crucial resource and so its uptime is required to a very high degree as the functions intended even for the initial system using Oracle’s Peoplesoft were student admissions, general ledger, budgets, purchasing and payables modules, student records, student financials, billings & receivables modules, inventory, assets and human resources modules. For ERP data is a very important resource and efficient data handling technique is major contributing factor towards the success of any Application whether it is ERP or BI. If we do not have data assurance, we will not implement such software no matter how well the front-end interface design s presented.


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