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Human Resources Job Analysis Proof Reading Services

Description of the organisation

Bank of Nova Scotia or the Scotiabank is one of the leading multinational bank provides financial services in North America, Latin America, the Caribbean and Central America and Asia-Pacific. There are approximately 24 million customers across the globe who get a broad range of financial services in the form of financial advice, products and services including the individual and commercial banking, wealth management and private banking. Moreover, the Scotiabank has a large number of employees approximately 88 thousands all over the world. In fact, the annual report of the Bank of Nova Scotia shows that the bank has an asset of $915 billion as per the 2017 report. Over 185 years of experience in the financial banking sector helps the bank to make a better market capitalisation and maintains good public relations with the customers. The bank has it’s headquarter in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and effectively put a deep impression on the Canadian market under the leadership of Brian J. Porter (President and CEO).

As far as the workplace environment is concerned, the Bank of Nova Scotia maintains a culture of workplace diversity in Canadian branches. There are 963 branches of Bank of Nova Scotia in Canada and those are well maintained a good customer service relationship with the clients. Moreover, the bank always put great emphasis on the satisfaction of the customers and as a result of that sets some goals and objectives for the betterment of service quality and management.

Doc2. Interviewee answer

Job analysis questionnaire

A. Job Responsibilities and Duties

> 1. Job title

Assistant Customer Service Manager

> 2. Department title

Customer Service Department

> 3. Title of immediate supervisor

Customer Service Manager

> 4. Description of duties (describe the duties in enough detail to provide a complete and accurate description of the work.)

> a) Provide a general overall summary of the purpose of your job.

The purpose of this designation is to deal with the customer and provide them quality service so that they will be encouraged to invest again. Moreover, it is also the responsibility of the Customer Service Manager is to provide the detailed terms and conditions to the clients in order to make a transparent business relationship. It will boost the rate of interests and customers as well. In fact, for the business clients and handling huge amount of salary it is essential for the manager to get acknowledged with the banking regulations of Canada and has to cross-check the background of the clients and its essentials.

> b) What are the major results or outputs of your job?

1. Identifying the needs of the customers.
2. Providing quality service.
3. Maximizing customer loyalty.
4. Informing the customers regarding different services that the bank is provided.
5. Undertaking suitable market research

> c) What are the duties and tasks you perform daily; weekly; monthly.

On daily basis the role of a customer service manager is to deal with the customers. Besides this, submitting a weekly work report to the senior manager is also the responsibility of the Customer Service Manager. In addition to this, publishing monthly report of the respective department is also performed by the manager.

> d) Describe duties you perform irregularly.

Monitoring the transactions in a daily basis is not possible for the managers due to heavy work pressure.

Moreover, revising the legislative amendments is also not possible in a regular basis.

> 5. List any machines, instruments, tools, equipment, materials, and work aids used in your job. Indicatepercentof time used.


> 6. Describe the nature of your responsibilities for money, machinery, equipment, etc. What monetary loss can occur through an error?


> 7. What reports and records do you prepare as part of your job? When are they prepared?

The monthly transaction report and the Annual report has to be prepared by the Customer service manager. In this regard, the monthly report will be prepared every month on the lack working day whereas the Annual report will be prepared on the end of the end of the annual month.

> 8. What is the basis of instructions for performing your job (eg oral or written specifications)?

There are some written specifications that are written on behalf of the company. As a matter of fact, the Human Resource Management provides the basic specifications for the job in the form of a job description. Moreover, the Senior Customer Service Manager will foster further specifications regarding the instructions for the job.

> 9. Describe the nature and frequency of supervision received.

It is important for the respective manager to procure supervision. In this regard, the Assistant Customer Service Manager will monitor directly the client service management and the transaction procedure. In fact, the Senior Customer Service Management to supervise the work of the assistant manager. The client service management incorporates the process of direct interaction with the client, procuring the client accounts and managing them with the client needs.

> 10. How is your work reviewed, checked, or verified?

The Senior Manager is responsible to check and verify the work positively. Moreover, there is an online portal for the review and verification of the task. This online portal is controlled by the senior manager with a database that incorporates all the transactions and customer details and their respective assistant customer service managers.

> B. Reporting relationships

> 11. How many employees are directly under your supervision? What are their job titles?

There are 10 employees directly under my supervision with the designation of Customer service agent.

> 12. Do you have full authority to hire, terminate, evaluate, and transfer employees under your supervision? Explain.

There is no provision for the managers in my designation to hire people. We can also recommends the HR department about the need for more employees. Furthermore, it is my responsibility to provide the detailed specifications and purpose of this recruitment process. As a result of that I have no right to terminate the employees as well. It requires the involvement of the senior manager in case of terminating any employee. However, for the evaluation and transferring the employee I get the entire right to deal with it. In this regard, the senior manager give me full provision to transfer and evaluate the subordinates.

> 13. What contacts are required with other departments or persons other than your immediate department in performing your job? Describe the nature and extent of these contacts.


C. Working conditions.

> 14. Describe the working conditions present in the location and environment of your work, such as cold/heat, noise, fumes, dust, etc. Indicate frequency and degree of exposure.


> 15. Describe any dangers or hazards present in your job.

As far my job is concerned there is no such danger in terms of the health issues. However, hazard can hamper my work. It can be argued that the most sensitive task is to secure the information related to the employees and the customers. Any kind of data breach can create huge loss for the bank. As the assistant manager of the company the entire responsibility relies on me. Therefore, it is my responsibility to ensure the safety of the details of the employees and secure the accounts of the customers.

> D. Job Qualifications (Be certain not to list the incumbent’s qualifications, but what is required forperformanceby a new employee)

> 16. Describe the kind of previous work experience necessary forsatisfactoryperformance of this job.

It is important to have a previous work experience of minimum 5 years as a financial supervisor or manager who have enough knowledge regarding different attributes of the customer service in the financial sector.

> 17. What is the amount of experience required?

Minimum 5 years’ experience in the respective industry is required for this job.

> 18. What kinds of knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA’s) are needed to perform the job?

As far as the knowledge is concerned, it is obvious that the graduation in the finance and marketing is highly essential for the job. In addition to this, it is also imperative for the assistant customer service manager is to have a certificate or diploma in accountancy. Moreover, having great skills in the human resource management and speaking skills will foster a strategic advantage for the managers. Simultaneously, the abilities to encourage the employees and convince the customers is also considered to be effective for this designation.

> 19. What is the minimal level of education (high school, 3 yr college, 4 yrs college, etc.) required?

In this context, the Assistant Customer Service Manager requires a minimal educational qualification of 3 years college. It means the manager has to be a graduation degree for applying in this designation.

> 20. Are any special physical skills and /or manual dexterity skills required to perform the job?

1. Managing employees and foster a systematic workplace environment is a key skill.
2. Better communicative skills with the employee benefits and the customers are played a significant role in this regard.
3. Smartness and calmly handled the situation is paramount in this profession.
4. Having an in-depth knowledge regarding various aspects of the profession is also required for making better outcome for the managers.

> 21. Are there any special certifications, registration, licenses or training requirements?

Certification in accountancy is considered to be a strategic advantage for getting job as an Assistance Customer Service Manager.

In addition to this, training in communication will help to deal with the customers.

The workplace management training is also an important aspect on which the manager can focus upon.

Doc3. Secondary research 1

In case of discussing the job description of Customer Service Managers in Banking sector, it is important to get acknowledged with various attributes of the Customer Service Managers. According to Paul, Mittal and Srivastav (2016) customer satisfaction is of paramount interests for the customer service managers in order to sustain the business orientation of the banking organisation. In this regard, the managers have to keep an eye on the operational performances and push the employees to do better for maximising the customer strength. As far as the research of Dong et al.(2015) is concerned, satisfied customers maintain a continuous contact with the company and purchase more products or services more frequently that generate more profit for the organisation. Therefore, it is important for the mangers to perceive an idea regarding the performance and quality of services that they provide and compare it with the standard of expectation of the customers.

Subsequently, improving the service quality is intricately related to the quality of leadership followed by the managers in order to not only maximise the customers but also encourage and motivate the employees to foster more pragmatic and efficient performance. Henceforth, the managers must follow some leadership qualities that can influence the employees as well. According to Aliyu, Rosmain and Takala (2014), honesty is the primary concern that the managers must be nourished in the financial sectors. The reason behind such measure serves both the interests of the employees and the customers also. In case of the employees, the honesty of the managers can facilitate transparency and openness that create a better workplace environment. The employees feel more relaxed and keep focus on their job efficiently. On the other hand, Dong et al.(2015) argued that the communication skill is a major issue that can put challenge to the course of the success of the company. Communication between the employees and managers should follow a direct relation so that the subordinates feel free to inform the manager in case of dire situation. In addition to this, Paul, Mittal and Srivastav (2016) advocated that confidence of the manager influence employees the most. As the primary focus of the organisation is to increase profit in a sober manner so that the confidence of the manager will boost up the employees to take challenges and implement creativity in their job.


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Doc4. Secondary research 2

Besides the skills and motives of the managers it is also essential to understand the basic role of the customer service managers in a banking organisation. As far as the research work of Omarova (2016) is concerned, it can be argued that there is no basic difference between the managers of banks and other private organisations. After all, profit is the ultimate motive of any private organisation. Therefore, following the same trend the managers also entitled to do promotions and marketing on behalf of the company. Promotion through his or her effectiveness, efficiency and the ability of dealing and mitigating the issues are undoubtedly determine the success of the banking organisation. Besides this, Belias et al.(2015) also opined that one of the major functions the customer service managers play in their respective banks is to guide the customers and resolve their issues as far as they can. Therefore, meting the customers and resolving their problems are also identified as a part of general activities that the managers have to take. In addition to this, the managers are also responsible to ensure and provide high customer service to the clients. It helps them to maximise the customers and procure a sustainable business framework that is simultaneously helped the organisation to set up a business stronghold.

On the other hand, Johansen et al.(2015) transcended the role of the customers service managers to a far extent by claiming that the managers are responsible to monitor the sales targets and keep a track of the development. For their own benefit and for the help of the organisations the managers submit their report weekly or monthly basis. However, weekly reporting is strenuous due to the enormous responsibilities that the manager has to incorporate in his profession. Therefore, in most of the cases they preferred monthly and annually report submission. In addition to this, managers play a pivotal role by acting as the mediator between the branch and the head office. Belias et al.(2015) pointed out that the managers are acted as the representative or the spokesperson of the respective bank brunch and entrusted with the responsibility to report to headquarters within the given time. Therefore, maintaining connection with the parent branch is also a major aspect that the managers have to practice in their basic training program.


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3. Omarova, S.T., 2016. Bank Governance and Systemic Stability: The Golden Share Approach. Ala. L. Rev.68, p.1029.

Doc5. Complete job description

Based on the above discussion, the report succeeds to portray a complete image of the purpose of the job and the basic role of the customer service managers in a banking organisation. Therefore, the complete job description is as follows,


1. Directing all operational aspects such as customer service, distribution, administration, sales and performance evaluation in accordance with the objective of the bank.
2.Conducting training and coaching for the new colleagues and subordinates and following an effective leadership that can motivate the employees in a great manner.
3. Recommending forecasts, marketing plans and the financial objectives for the benefit of the bank.
4. Provide a deep insight on the flaws and advantages regarding the banking operations and advice corrective actions.
5. Put emphasis on the customer satisfaction and measure employee performance