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The case study belongs to an organization which is involved in handling the enquiries about the medical products from consumers, pharmacist, drug centers, etc and deals with discussing the broader objectives, mission, vision, strategy of the organization along with analysis of the strengths, weaknesses in the present organization along with the external opportunities and threats for the organization.

HS2061 Management Information Systems Assignment HelpMedical Vision

The vision of the Medical Affairs Department is- “To become an efficient organization, handling medical enquiries in most time saving manner and providing appropriate and prompt response to the enquiries through management of updated database on medical product information”.

Medical Mission

The mission of Medical Affairs Department is- “To facilitate better relationship with the consumers which involve doctors, pharmacists, medical centers, etc by improving facilities and services, along with addressing the concern of internal customers or employees and managing the services and resources in the most efficient manner.”

Goals and Objectives

The objectives of the Medical Affairs Department can be understood as follows:

1. Maintenance of a system or database of medical documents in appropriate manner and maintaining updates of the standard letters database

2. Handling enquiries regarding medical products in an appropriate manner and the enquiries in the concerned organization may be coming from the internal people or the representatives and the external public like doctors, pharmacists, medical consumers, drug information centers, etc (Joshi, 2013).

3. Provide prompt response to the medical queries on telephone through prompt location of the historical data in form of ‘Standard letter’ and the previous enquiries relating to the matter

4. Providing appropriate and satisfactory response to the letter, fax or direct queries through researching the standard letters and other sources like books, dossiers, medical reports past responses, etc (Laudon et al, 2010)

5. Providing quick access to past enquiries and their responses to enquirers (Costa et al, 2016)

6. Providing quick access to the references information

7. Maintenance of a statistical record and analysis of the medical enquiries received so far in the organization

The goals of the Medical Affairs Department are:

1. Installation of the Management Information System in the next two years and shift from manual to electronic system, in order to

a. provide quick access to the medical information (Laudon et al, 2010)
b. handling the enquiries in a prompt and efficient manner with speed response
c. handling the telephonic enquiries by providing spot responses
d. generating written responses in a better manner
e. automatic recoding of the enquiry and associated data
f. maintenance of an electronic database of the enquiries received

2. Improving the efficiency of the systems by 50 % and thus entire organization in future years

3. Generating a better image of the organization (Costa et al, 2016)


Medical Affairs Department has the following strengths as follows:

Handling of the medical queries-the organization processes the queries through location of information in Standard letters and thus queries, which may be received directly on phones, fax, mails, etc are answered in an exact and appropriate manner through letters or mails by adapting the information from the standard letter (Joshi, 2013)

Vast collection of medical information-the organization maintains a huge base of information on the medical products in form of Standard letters and this helps them in handling enquiries in the organization

Undertaking of research-the organization may look for the literature reviews, books, dossiers, internet, etc to gain information about enquiries that are unable to be located from standard letters (Laudon et al, 2010)

Use of written letters in response to enquiry
Maintenance of the database of the enquiries received in the organization along with the response


Medical Affairs Department is having following weaknesses in the systems and management as follows:

Time consuming process-the use of paper based mechanism as for entry of the enquiry information through Enquiry form which is quite time consuming an moreover the process is cumbersome and confusing

Wastage of the human efforts and inefficiency of systems-the writing of the information on the enquiry forms and again on the response letters is wastage of time and human efforts moreover the researching of the product information, compliance guides, consumer product information, books, etc is cumbersome for medical associates and leads to wastage of efforts each time. Also manual transferring of data about enquiries, their mode, etc in to electronic spreadsheets from papers is wastage of human efforts.

Wastage of resources-as paper based system is based on physical documents thus lead to unnecessary wastage of paper which is not the case with electronic formats (Joshi, 2013)

Out-of-date of information-the standard letters available in the current system are quite out of date and lack the current information which means providing of wrong and obsolete information to the customers in the organization which may be doctors, pharmacists, drug departments, etc (Laudon et al,2009)

Delays in location of referencing information related to enquiry that was answered earlier


Medical Affairs Department has the following opportunities as

Installation of a Management Information System-in the organization and thus shifting from paper based system to electronic system thus improving the information recording, handling, database management and keeping up-to-date information about enquiries received (Laudon et al, 2010)

Better image and service to customers-the organization could improve the services provided to the clients through use of electronic information management systems thus providing prompt replies to telephone or visitor enquiries and through e-mails to other enquiries and this will help develop more responsible image (Costa et al, 2016)

Benefits to the Marketing and sales team-as the electronic database on enquiries will help in understanding the interest and direction in future of the market as evident from number and type of queries about a product. Thus electronic database will help in providing assistance to the medical companies (Bidgoli, 2009).


Medical Affairs Department has the following threats as

Misuse of information or databases- The electronic databases are often prone to misuse of the information by the activity of pirates, etc. thus the information can get easily available to others (Joshi, 2013).

Additional costs-The electronic database may be lost and thus need technical training and the maintenance of the systems which can be additional costs to the organization.

Reluctance of stakeholders in accepting new systems-the employees may need training in order to work on electronic systems and moreover the customer or the enquirers may wish to receive manually handled responses as they may consider them to be more accurate. Thus reluctance of the stakeholders towards accepting of new system may pose a threat (Costa et al, 2016).

Medical Strategy

The medical strategy used by the organization is the implementation of the efficient information management system in the organization in order to

1. improve the efficiency in handling of the enquiries
2. handling the enquiries on telephones through providing prompt replies by promptly locating the standard letters in the electronic systems
3. Handling the fax or mailed enquiries through prompt generation of mails with automatic filling of address and adaption of matter from standard letters available electronically
4. Improving the use and reducing wastage of resources (Joshi, 2013)
5. Reduction of human efforts and avoiding wastage of time
6. Generation of better and responsible image


With the adoption of the electronic management information system in the organization the efficiency of the firm operation improves and it is capable of providing better services to the client on time along with better management of the statistical data and less wastage of human efforts and resources.


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