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Hospitality Venue Planning is an important aspect in the hospitality business enviornment and market (Boella & Goss-Turner, 2013). According to Boella and Goss-Turner (2013), proper planning of the hospitality venue based on the location, ambience and staffs help to increase the overall customer turn over. In order to analyse hospitality venue planning, this report will scrutinise two restaurants located in New South Wales. The report will initiate with the statement supporting implementation of the feasibility of studies followed by detailed description of two selected venues and comparative analysis of two venus based on their features and planning strategy.

Statement supportingimplementationof feasibility studies

The study is feasible as the author will go manually in both of the restaurants and will provide a detailed report of its interior design, diversity in menu planning, services offered and the behaviour of the staffs. Since both the restaurant is located in and around Sydney, the overall process of survey became more convenient for the author.

Venue: 1

Basic Information

Business name: Thai Pothong

1. Location: It has multiple outlets, one in New Town (King street), another one in Marrickville and a ThaiwaysTakeway in New Town Station.

2. Market: The main target market are the customers who love Thai food or Asian food and customers boarding the stations and are in hurry and relies and fast take away food.

The average customer spends 26.22 dollars per head.
Hours of operation:
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
5:30 PM - 10:00 PM
Monday to Thursday
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
6:00 PM - 10:30 PM
Friday and Saturday
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
6:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Peak hours: During evening

Detailed Description

Thai Pothong is an iconic, 2 decade old restaurant. It is located in New Town Sydney and is on top list of preference for the Thai food lovers since its inception. At present they have expanded their branch in New Town station (Takeaway shop known as Thai Ways) and MarrickVille. The main strength of this Thai restaurant is its impeccable Thai service, soothing ambience and finger licking delights. The name of restaurant has spiritual reference as Thai Pothong means Golden Pho Leaf and “Pho” is the tree under which Lord Buddha got enlightened. It was established on 1996 and it is cherished by the customers for its Thai ambience provided in the heart of Australia. Its main position market is its location and its menu. In the domain of customer, it can be said that the main consumers of Thai food are the Asians. According to News Australia (2016) $38.8 billion tourism boom in Australia due to the high footfall of the Asian tourists and alongside there are Asians who are working in Australian and Asian students. These Asian groups of population are the main target market for Thai Pothong. According to Australian Bureau of Statistics (2016) as per the census of 2016, more than 50% of the inhabitants of Australia and born overseas and majority of them are from Asia and the number is more than the Europeans. Thus the selection of the Thai menu for the target population which has high infiltration of Asians is definitely profitable. Moreover, the restaurant is located in the New Town is Sydney which is the central business district which has an active night life and is the Shoppers head to King Street’s Indie bookshops and thrift stores (Destination NSW, 2018). This place is infiltrated by the students of University of Sydney and other working class and thus Thai Pothong receives high footfall during the evening. The interiors of the restaurant is also very attractive with statues of Lord Buddha standing with a blessing posture is located at numerous position on the restaurant floor and the ceiling is beautifully decorated with lanterns. Menu is another attraction of this restaurant as they have monthly special menu, vegan menu, kids menus, desserts, wine and drinks. Kinds menu is smoothing unique which makes this restaurant popular among the parents of young children. The entire carpet area covers seat over 350 guests, including 2 new function rooms, seating up to 60 guests. It also has small gift corner within the restaurant stocked with affordable handcrafted gift from Thailand (Thai Pothong, 2018). The kid’s menu, gift store within the restaurant and attractive décor uplift the overall customer service experience. They also serve complimentary desserts for anniversary which increases the level of customer satisfaction (Hennig-Thurau & Hansen, 2013). The staffs of the restaurants are also very friendly, and they are mostly from Thai origin and thus they are good when asked to select the perfect combination of food or while asked to explain the taste are cooking process of any food (Thai Pothong, 2018).

Venue: 2

Business name: Zahli
Location: Surry Hill in Sydney New South Wales
Target Market: The main target market is the customers who love Lebanese food or people who are interested in trying out new cuisine apart from Australian food. It also specialises in Mediterranean and other Middle Eastern dishes.

Average customer: 12.53$ to 45.93$
Hours of operation: 11 am to 10 pm from Sunday to Thursday and 11 am to 11 pm on Saturday and Friday.

Detailed description

Zahli is a famous Lebanese restaurant in Sydney, New South Wales. The term Zahli is derived from a beautiful location in Lebanon where river Bardouni flows from Mount Sannie. The mission and vision of this Lebanese hospital is deliver finger licking Lebanese food under an intoxicating back-drop of Middle East. Their main attraction apart from Lebanese food includes Mediterranean, Middle East, Vegetarian, vegan, Halal and Gluten Free. Thus the restaurant has options for people from different religious background. Since, the main food attraction of Zahli is Lebanese food, it can be ascertained that a significant portion of the target customers are Lebanese. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 193,633 people are Middle-East born in Australia and this accounts for 4.4% of the overseas population. Out of this Middle-East population residing in Australia, 40% are from Lebanese origin. According to the ABC News Australia (2016), Lebanese cuisines are principle attraction among the Australian populations. Zahli is located in the Surry hill, which is houses some of the famous night clubs and pubs in Sydney so the crowd dropping at Surry hills is versatile and mainly young starts who loves to experiment with their food (Cha et al., 2014). They also host events and parties and thus they are popular among the corporate sectors too. They also provide combination of classic deserts and missed grilled chicken which are the principal attraction of the restaurants. The interiors of the restaurant is decorated under monochrome colours (black and white) with the wall only displaying colourful wall hanging in the form of plates. The galls walls and open beer counter give a restaurant a corporate communication look (Zahli, 2016). As per the feedbacks given by the visitors, the employees or the staffs of Zahli are friendly and is known for their welcoming tone which they use to greet their customers.

Summary of the main findings

Both Thai Pothong and Zahli score high in terms of location as they are located in the epicentre of the city which houses pubs, malls, and other corporate sectors. The summary of the findings highlighted that Thai Pothong has their additional attraction like the mini-gift centre in comparison to Zahli. According to Mihailovi? (2017), having an additional attraction in any form of business, provides a unique exposure which helps to attract more and more customers. Having a gift centre under restaurant set-up is something new in the cuisine market and that might help Thai Pothong to score high in comparison to Zahli. Thai Pothong mainly appoints people from Thai origin as their mainly service staffs. According to Martin (2014), inclusion of any particular cultural community might decrease the overall cultural diversity of the workforce which in turn leads to the reduction of the workplace productivity. However, Boella and Goss-Turner (2013) are of the opinion that having cultural strong workforce in hospitality industry is beneficial for raising customer satisfaction and retention. When customers visit restaurants serving any particular class of food, they might require assistance while ordering food and this assistance if best accomplished from an individual who belongs to that particular culture. Boella and Goss-Turner (2013) highlighted that an individual having in-depth knowledge about types and form of cuisine can also be helpful in educating customers about particulars dishes however, such specialised recruitment might increase the cost of company. The ambience of both the restaurants is unique. According to Boella and Goss-Turner (2013) internal ambience also holds prominence in increasing customer attraction. The easy take ways provided by Thai Pothing makes it popular among the young adults or the working population thus increasing their customer strength.


Thus from the above discussion it can be concluded that under in effective planning for hospitality venue in case or restaurants in order to promote a profitable success several factors might be taken under consideration. The first factor includes the place or the location followed by the internal ambience, the nature of the staffs and the taste of the food along with diversity in the menu. The other paradigms which collided with the hospitality planning include additional perks provided by to the customers along with the finger licking delicacies. In case of Thai Pothong, they offer mini-gift centre along with their sit and dine options thus making them score high in comparison to Zahli.


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