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HI6025 Current Accounting Issues Editing and Proof Reading Services


In this HI6025 Current Accounting Issues Assignment Help a complete understanding has been prepared over the auditing and accounting standard in determining manner. Organization is complex set of activities in which various functions are performed. Auditing and accounting process have been developed with a research program which is depicted with a view to develop a good understanding over the facts and figure accounting research. Several fundamental factors and analytical approaches have been discussed in order to make effective view point on the accounting and auditing standards in determined approaches. Accounting is the concept which is used to recording, classification, summarization and analysis of all the transactions which could be shown in the monetary terms in effective manner. There are several accounting theories have been developed by the various persons around the globe which helps in preparation of financial statement. However there are several problems have occurred in accounting theories while recording and keeping of financial data in the business organization such as management problems, falsification of facts and figures, incomplete data structure, non compliance with the applicable laws and regulation. The main of preparing of this report is to develop an analytical view point on the functioning of the business and how data is recorded for the better sustainability of the organization.

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Summary of article

In this report a critical overview has been made on accounting policies and its frameworks. Throughout the time there has been find several changes in the business functioning of organization either in following IFRS rules and CICA handbook prepared by Top management. Advanced financial accounting course, theories and contemporizes issues draws useful information regarding preparing and defining financial statement of the organization. Simply this article provides a clear understanding of positive research on accounting, scientific ontology and epistemology and other required factors which plays a pivotal role in development of different accounting policies. However, many people around the globe have different perception regarding preparation of financial statement either as per the home countries laws and regulation or reporting countries laws and regulation. There are other several aspects have been shown such as influential behavior of the top management while preparing and keeping records of transactions, tax evasion cases and entering into transaction which are not arm length price. Different research streams and different causes of factors have been identified in this report in order to make effective understanding over the accounting issue and generated theories in determined approach. This article in easy words depicts the human nature, auditor’s work function and how financial data is modulated and adapted by the line manager in order to make high amount of profits. Observation is the only method which is used to make justification of the single theories. Ideally observation can easily decisively select between two or more theories in effective manner. In addition to this qualitative positive research program is also another way which provides a view point on undertaking accounting and its several concepts in preparing financial statements. This first which is related with to gather required data then differentiated it with the help of recording, summering and analytical of transactions which are in monetary terms. Auditing is the next step which comes after the accounting. A typical auditing example is the examination by Kosmala Maclullich and other persons who made determined study on all critical factors of auditing and accounting. They reveal all the correlation between both and how accuracy in one system assists in completion of other tasks. Auditing and accounting are not feasible with the given level of research project. They provide how a clear recording of monetary transactions could be made in accordance with legal compliance and laws. Several authors and writer have presented analytical view points of auditing and accounting in this article which results into understanding of core factors such as preparation of financial statement, consideration of laws and regulation of reporting countries, creation of financial translation at arm length price and further more. However the current issues in accounting that is being followed by several organizations around the globe is that there are various international authorities who have passed huge amount of circulation. This results into cumbersome process in preparation of auditing and accounting procedure. This article specially depicts scientific ontology and epistemology of positive accounting concepts. Chua’s brilliant analysis identifies interpretive and critical alternatives which explore the different assumption and set of questions for the better vulnerability of the article.

Research questions

This article is accompanied with various facts and figure which provides high amount of hypothesis and values on the auditing and accounting issues. With the reading of data given article it is observed that there are huge differences in the behavior of board of Directors and superior management while managing organization’s auditing and accounting works. However with the adamantine study in this article several facts on the accounting issues are described. There would be following research question which have direct confrontation with the article (Baba, 2014).

Question-1 Whether information asymmetry would actually have measurable effects at other feedback strength?

Information asymmetry is comprised of set structure and format which provides effective use of resources in the business functioning of the organization. This is developed as mean of communication between all the stakeholders. Feedbacks are the response which comes directly from the stakeholders for the better understanding of their behavior and attitudes. However, Information asymmetry provides an effective ways for the better deployment of resources which establish good amount of nexus between all the stakes holders. Various examples shown in the article depicts role of measurement in extending users knowledge.

Question- 2 Whether the data collected on the accounting issues and auditing functioning reflects sampling errors?

This provides that all the data which is collected by the author for strategic development of this article whether results into extensive study and management view point for the effective use of resources. Accounting issues data could be collected from the development of design and structure of key points of accounting policies and program.  There is consequential an acute and  doubtful effects is that development of good theories on accounting and auditing is hampered by lack of data, less effective facts and negligence of user while implementing accounting concepts in the articles (Gross,et., al.,  2015)

Question- 3 is there any way to determine which results are false positive except to replicate the works?

There is no way to determine whether results shown in the article and accounting issues are false positive except to replicate the same with the other works. Yet accounting theories are the most effective way which could be used to identify the falsification of data and making bifurcation of accounting issues in effective manner (Wyatt, 2010)


In this article it is given that if user have motive to test the limits of applicability of a finding then that approach should be based upon what is to be examined such as accounting problems and auditing structure in implementation of internal control system. Ideally this article is based upon the several problems, hurdles and limits of accounting in recording of financial data faced by the top management of the organization. The research practice recommended in this article is very critical and demanding with the given level of situation for the completion of required level of tasks. Positive accounting structure is accompanied with the Kuhnian normal science which depicts the simple way solving the puzzles according the accepted rules (Gross, 2015)

These above questions are true indicators of all value and belief related with the accounting and auditing issues in effective manner.


This article is revealing various facts and figure which are related with solving problems and development of analytical skills for the organization business functioning, however all the information depicted in this article is related with facts and figure of planning stage and implementing works to test the theories. Author, in order to develop effective understanding on the accounting issue and auditing standard, has depicted various data based on the real crux of the recording keeping of financial transactions. The ontology and epistemology of positive research on accounting has provided that how current business practice of accounting research results into downfall of what is required in real world. Other value which comes through the ontology and epistemology depicts the causality of accounting and auditing procedure which are internationally accepted by each and every organization for the better recording of financial transactions (Marland., et., Al., 2015)

Theoretical frameworks

This article has been comprised with several facts and figure on the accounting issues in the business functioning and normal life as well.  The most elaborate models in this article such as interval of parameters, test particular theories, critical qualitative research, theory of organic chemistry and theories of determination of auditing and accounting standards provides a significant view points on the recording keeping of  financial statement transactions. This theories have provides several points such as meta analysis of the audit fees, analytical models(coefficient of variance ) for the better understanding of collected facts and figures. In simple words this theoretical frameworks is used in this article to make effective use of resources in determined approach. Simple self consistent and discoverable rational causality are the most effective theoretical aspect of Greek philosophers which came into commitment with its scientific successors exclusively direction of thinking.

Significant and limitation of article

Throughout the time with the increment in the cumbersome process of business activities there  are several accounting issues such as different legislative system of reporting, alignment of international accounting standard with the domestic laws, compliance with laws and standard in determined approaches and further more. There are various viewpoints which have been developed by various authors in this article. However, there are following significance and limitation which are given as below.

Significance of article

It is accompanied with various facts and figure which put emphasis on audit and accosting legal regime.
The discussions in this article address quantitative research in context with the auditing and accounting issues.
Positive and negative both factors of the auditing and accounting have been discussed with the given examples in determined approach.
Statistical tools such as standard deviation, coefficient of correlation have been used to evaluate the present and future accounting problems.
Various facts and figures are based on the true theories which provide a deep understanding of the case.

Limitation of article

Use of unethical perception of authors
Based on the hypothesis of facts and figure
Dependent upon the highly vulnerable data which are variable in nature less effectiveness in details testing of work.
Measurement of test statistics is coupled with more probability of negatively occurrence behavior.
Various shortcomings such as feasibility of study, hypothecation of cases provides only imaginary view points of the cases.


In HI6025 Current Accounting Issues Assignment Help of article various facts and figure have been divulged which provides an effective understating over the current accounting issues.  Accounting and audit issues are the critical factors which had been taken into consideration in this report of the given article. However with all this data shown in the article it is observed that logic and weakness of statistics in the collected data has resulted into big drawbacks for the better implication of accounting concept. Quantitative accounting research currently fails to address the key questions in the given article.  In addition to this various theories and analytical perception given by authors in the article shows the true value of the accounting auditing issues in determined approach. Now in the end it would be said that article given in this report has very imperative information on the accounting and auditing rules but simultaneously accompanied with number of hypothesis.


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