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HI6008 Eating and Dining Culture Editing and Proof Reading Services


Research is to be conducted on analyzing the eating and dining culture in Sydney of the restaurant which are situated on the George Street. Restaurants on this street is of upscale with diversity of culture on the street. Glass brasserie is famous for culinary culture and est is famous for its French cuisine.

Literature review

Eating and Dining culture habits as well as dining culture in Sydney of the restaurant that is situated on the George Street are Glass brasserie and est. Glass brasserie is one of the famous restaurants of the George street that provide cuisine with the taste of modern Australia. Another is the EST restaurant that is also situated on the George Street which is famous for its French cuisine as well as its unique culture of France.

Food culture, health and eating habits.

According to Almerico, culture is the important aspect for the selection of the food choices by the people. Culture are the attitude, belief and values that is inherited by the person. So food choices are connected with the religious as well as ethnic beliefs of the customers. Food that is eaten by the person are often by the choice of the customers with the value they possess in there inheritance. Another aspects is that most of the restaurants that are set up in different areas of the streets of the Sydney as per there cultural background such as Australian, French, Italian, Asian and any other (Almerico,2014).

According to Alonso, culture describes the person eating habits. Culture is pass on from culture to culture accordingly eating habits of the person is determined in an effective manner. But with the changes in the culture customers prefer different food products which are influenced with the diversity in the culture. In relation to that, health is also considered in an effective manner that would constitute healthy food in their eating habits. Such as different food items constitute different aspects that also helps in better food choices by the people (Alonso, 2015).

According to Fishbach, it is experienced that healthy foods are preferred by the customers at the restaurants. Most of restaurants always tries to provide the healthy food to the customers at it would not only help to safeguard the health of the individual but also helps in building the image of it that would only helpful in there successful running of the business. But many times people do not associate healthy food with the tasty foods so it become challenge for them to make all the food tasty along with the healthiness in it. Most of the repeated restaurant always tries to provide all the healthy food to theircustomers by considering hygiene with it (FISHBACH, 2010).

Research question

Research question is the first step in the research project. It is made in respect to the inquiry that is required to be made in the research (Webster et.al, 2010). With the research question many answers are taken into account. In this research certain research question are-

  • Question 1-Restaurants on the George Street are influenced by the culture?
  • Answers- Most of the restaurants on this street is influenced by various culture that results in variety of foods availability on this street. Such as Glass brasserie is the restaurant that serves culinary foods and est is the restaurant that serves the French food to its customers.
  • Question 2- What is the eating habits of the customers?
  • Answers- Most of the customers prefer diffusion in their eating habits and are influenced by the variety of culture in there eating and food choices.
  • Question 3- Are most of the restaurant on this street upscale?
  • Answer- This is one of the most famous street in the world where many upscale restaurant with diverse culture is situated with variety of customers in this area.

Research methodology

Aims of the research: The main aim of this research is to analyses the eating as well as dining culture of the George Street restaurant in relation to the two famous food outlets of that area i.e. Glass brasserie and est.

Various objectives of this research are-

  • To analyze the food culture of the restaurant at the George street.
  • To identify whether customers are prefer diffusion in there food and eating habits.
  • To analyze whether customers are health cautious in their eating habits.

Research design

The best way to conduct this research is by taking into account of the primary as well as secondary data by the way of qualitative as well as quantitative approach. All the data that is collected is to be taken into account by the proper strategy as procedure (Hills et.al, 2011).

Sampling of research

Sampling is the way through which the most suitable sample is selected by the researcher. In this research sampling is done by the probability sample method in which random sample method will be taken into account in an effective manner.

Limitation of research

There are certain limitation of this particular research. Such as only limited population will be taken into account for the conduction of the research along with limited time period for the conduction of the research. Apart from that sampling will be conducted in an effective manner.

Reliability and validity

This research will be reliable as no wrong means will be considered in it so it will increase its reliability to the great extent as the sources will be primary in the questionnaire which can be easily be reliable. Another aspects is the validity that is also is taken into account for the research as the research that is conducted will be helpful for the future research (Baxi, 2010).

Action plan and Gantt chart

As per this action plan it can estimated that at the sixth week literature review will become due and then at fourteenth week final business research will become due.



Starting weeks

Ending weeks

Week span


Literature Review





Analysis of the research





Final Business Research Thesis




Gantt chart

According to the action plan a Gantt chart is prepared in which all the important milestones are shown in the graphical form.

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Research process

This research will be conducted by the systematic manner by following all the imperative steps in the in the conduction of the research. In this research all the steps will be taken into account in an effective manner that are mentioned below-

Identification of the topic- The first step is to identify the topic for the research. This research will be conducted to analyze the eating and dining culture in Sydney at the George street restaurants.

Literature review- All the literature review will be taken into account to analyze the research topic by proper manner. It provides the foundation as well as base for the research. It gives the brief idea about all the studies conducted in relation to the research. In this particular research, research will be conducted by the taking into account all the materials from various author which are related to this research.

Gathering of ground information- All the information in relation to the research will be made in an effective manner by gathering the data from all the required areas in an effective manner.

Collection of data-All the data will be collected from the primary as well as secondary sources that will helps in better analysis of data. Primary data will be collected by the way of questionnaire and personal interviews whereas secondary data will be collected from the way of literature sources, journals and internet researches as well. In this research primary data will be collected by the way of questionnaire as well as secondary data will be taken by the way of literature review and journals (Gelling, 2015).

Analysis of data-After the collection of data, the next step is to analyze all the collected data in an effective manner. Data will be analyzed by the qualitative as well as secondary data analysis method. In relation to the primary data, quantitative data analysis will be taken into account on the other hand secondary data will be analyzed by the way of qualitative data analysis manner. In this research also quantitative as well as qualitative data analysis will be made for the conduction of thee research.

Evaluation of data- After the proper analysis the next step is to evaluate the data in an effective and efficient manner. With the data evaluation many guidelines will be taken into account that will help in the better evaluation of data. In this research evaluation will be done by the implementation of appropriate evaluation techniques in the research.

Conclusion and recommendation-From the data analysis and evaluation, conclusion will be withdrawn about the research. Along with that recommendation for it will also be made that would help in the future prospects of it. In this research after all the analysis and evaluation proper conclusion as well as recommendation will be drawn that will help in proper conclusion of the same in an effective and efficient manner (Kochanek et.al, 2015).

Data collection and analysis

  • Data collection- It is the way through all the required data will be collected that would help in the analysis of the same as well as helpful in the research. There are two types of ways in which data will be collected. One is primary data collection approach and another is the secondary data collection approach (Fatima, 2012).
  • Primary data collection-It is also known as first hand data that is collected for the first time from the sources. These data are more accurate as well as reliable as there are less chances of the influence in it. There are various method for this like questionnaire, survey, personal interview and many others.
  • Secondary data collection-The data that is collected from second hand source are called secondary data collection approach. Data that is collected are analyses and reviewed by many specialists. There are various ways through which data will be collected such as journals, internet searches, literature reviews and many other sources as well (Fatima, 2012).

In this particular research both the methods will be used as questionnaire will be distributed to the targeted population and data shall be collected from it. This data is the primary data. Another is the secondary data that will also be collected by the way journals and literature reviews.

  • Data analysis-After the collection of data the next step is analysis of the collected data. Analysis can be done by the way of qualitative as well as quantitative analysis of data.
  • Qualitative analysis of data- Analysis which is made on the beliefs, value as well as the reasoning for the behavior of the human. Analysis in this context will be made in relation to the secondary data such as journals and literature reviews.
  • Quantitative analysis-The analysis is made for the numerical aspects of the data. Data that is collected are analyzed in all the numeric numbers and calculation will be made accordingly. Analysis in the quantitative will be made for the primary data (Berning, 2016).

In this research data will be analyzed by both the methods. Like questionnaire will be analyzed by the quantitative manner and the literature review will be analyzed by the qualitative manner. The data that will be analyzed will become effective and be significant for the research.

Expected research outcome

In accordance with this research it is expected that most of the restaurants at the George Street are upscale due to its immense popularity as corporate situated at that street. Along with that eating habits of the people also differ as some prefer diffusion and some are health cautious. Apart from that it is expected that the culture through which the person belongs also helps in the analysis of the research as it would affect their eating habits as well as culture of the restaurant of the George street of Sydney.


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