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HI6008 Data Collection and Analysis Assignment Help

HI6008 Data Collection and Analysis Paper Editing Services


Through the entitling“Online Marketing”in this particular research, the researcher attempted to make adequate study on the online marketing strategy and the business plans of such huge retailing stores. The company JB Hi-Fi stoodAustralia's biggest CD retailer and stood second in case of sales of car stereos, computer games and televisions.Based on the quantitative research, JB Hi-Fi lagged behind in terms of their pricing strategy, customer service, quality of products and also their promotions. The customers of the JB Hi-Fi had a mixed opinion about the company as some of them were satisfied with the products and services but some were not. The company focused on the quality and longevity of the products they sold.

HI6008 Data Collection and Analysis Assignment Help

According to the qualitative research, the company took feedback from their customers from time to time to maintain their level of business and to diversify the business more. The company tried to provide the customers with better after sales service which would help attract more customers. Also based on the information given in the website, the company had many competitors, so for sustaining in the market, the company tried to focus more on their business strategy.

Chapter – 3

3.1 Introduction to data collection and analysis

Data collection means collecting information from different sources and measuring them in a systematic method through which anyone can answer to appropriate questions and estimate the results. To retain the reliability of the research, precise data collection is necessary. Data can be collected in two methods - Quantitative and Qualitative method (Gallagher & M, 2009).The quantitative collection data method is based on ordered data collection tool and random scrutiny. The results obtained can be easily compared and summarized. In qualitative data collection method, it includes visual analysis, interviews and observations with managers of the organization or selected respondent. This method has richer information and deeper insights but is time consuming. In order to conduct this particular research, the researcher has conducted qualitative data analysis process that mean the researcher has analyzed the data which have been collected through interview process.

3.2 Data Sampling Method

Data Sampling Method is numerical analysis used for selecting a subset of data points and analyzing them so as to identify possible patterns and trends in the sample for a sample survey (Altmann & J, 1974).Probability Sampling and Non-probability Sampling are the two categories of Data Sampling Method, where probability sampling has the chance of being chosen and in Non-probability; sampling does not have the chance of being chosen for the sample. Data for testing the hypothesis can be obtained by researching different parameters associated with the data, analyze them, and interpret the result. The sample has been collected through the interview of 2 managers of JB Hi-Fi.

3.3 Data Analysis

The process of analytically applying logical and statistical technique to describe and evaluate the collected data is known as data analysis.Qualitative data has been interpreted through evaluation process of interview answers of managers (Weir & B. S. 1990). In order to conduct qualitative data analysis, learner has evaluated and explained interview responds of managers in data analysis part.

3.4 Conclusion to Data Collection and Analysis

The data was collected thorough face to face interview of managers. As the managers are busy in their professional field so the researcher can collect feedback of 2 managers only. The researcher continues the research work to find out the proper solution. The researcher also faced some inconvenient challenges and limitation. The researcher tries to indicate some loopholes, which are critical to handle in the research work. As it was a face to face interview in office waiting room so managers did not respond about some confidential information regarding product and services of organization. As a result, the limited time is factor of challenge for the research work. In addition with those the researcher can completely rely on the data provided by managers. Hence, the researcher collected the required data and used particular approaches, philosophies, methods to collect data through this chapter.


4.1Discussion on Hypotheses

Was your initial hypothesis supported or rejected? Why?

A through on online survey had been conducted by our researchers to analyze the various aspects of our online shopping store. The results of the survey that had been conducted on 100 respondents has been summarized and analyzed below.

4.2Discussion on Literature and Research Results

What are the implications of your findings for the theory base, for the background assumptions, or relevant literature?

Qualitative questions:

1.  Are customers happy with your packaging and delivery service?

“We get a mix response from our customers, but mostly all the customers are happy with the delivery service and the packaging of the product. For those who do not like it, we take a feedback from them on this so that we can improve and satisfy all the customers. We ensure that the products are protected from any damage. But there are some damages which cannot be ignored, so we get a feedback in terms of those minimal damages. We also try to make the packaging attractive to the customers. Furthermore, in case of the delivery service, we deliver within the time mentioned by us, which mostly depends on the kinds of products which are ordered and also the external factors like weather and holidays.”

2. What are your responsibilities as a manager?

Manager 1- I am a manager in the department of strategy and digital. I am responsible mainly for single functional task team. I supervise the department of advertising. I am currently dealing with the digital advertising portion too. I am also handling the social media on behalf of the company. I sometimes need to collaborate with the HR team while recruiting members under my department.

Manager 2- My responsibility as a manager is to take care of the needs and requirements of the employees. I take care of the HR department and it is my responsibility to maintain the decorum of the office. I have to arrange for the recruitment during any point of the year whenever there is a vacancy. I recruit for all the departments of course I include managers from the respective department. If there is an issue faced by any employee they come to me. Employee problem resolving is also my responsibility.

3. How long have you been working on JB HI FI as a Manager and what is your experience as a manager?

Manager 1- I have joined JB HI FI in May 2016 as a Manager in Strategy and Digital. It has been almost a year that I am working here; I have worked in different companies in Strategy for almost a period of 10 years. The work environment of JB HI FI is very good. I have been attracted to the work culture of JB HI FI before I even joined this company. The journey so far has been very good.

Manager 2- I have been working in JB HI FI for the last five years. The atmosphere is challenging, inspiring at times. Lots of motivation is required to keep going during challenging times. But overall the experience can be called positive. Though there were a lot of ups and downs.

4. What do you think was the challenges JB HI FI faced when they started their business?

Manager 1- JB HI FI had faced issues regarding funds at the very early stage of their business. They had sold themselves to private equity to gain funds later private equity floated their share in the Australian stock exchange. Another problem that JB HI FI faced was the changing technology which was slowly making their records obsolete. JB HI FI has faced the problems well enough and has evolved as a company.

Manager 2-The one major problem that this company has faced is regarding the gender inequality in the number of male and female employee. We called it the ‘bloke’ problem. The number of female employees in this organization is very less. 21 per cent in commissioned sale, 10 per cent store managers and only 4 per cent of the upper management has female staff. The scenario is changing.

5.Has JB HI FI done any research about online marketing?

Manager 1-JB HI FI has developed the whole digital department. The fact that I am a manager in this company is because they are conducting digital marketing. JB HI FI has adopted the “bricks and clicks” strategy. They are going to be present in both brick-and-mortar stores as well as in online market. The online sales of JB HI FI have been up by 29 per cent in recent times. This year sales from online market have constituted two per cent of its overall sale. This can be considered as a good figure. The total revenue that the online sales have generated is $65.9 m.

Manager 2-JB HI FI has indeed has taken steps to venture the online market. There has been a department created to handle the digital marketing.

6. Who are the competitors that JB HI FI has to face for online business?

Manager 1 –The Good Guys were one of the major competitors of JB HI FI but after we took over the company, the scenario has changed. Now our company has become the largest home appliances retailer in Australia. But that does not mean that we are free from competition. We still have to battle against our other major rival, Harvey Norman. Harvey Norman is a remarkable retailer but due to the deal with The Good Guys our share in the consumer electronics market has gone up to 24% whereas Harvey Norman’s is 15%. 

Manager 2 – The Good Guys and Harvey Norman aren’t our only competitors, we also face competition from David Jones, Target, Myer and Big W. But the fact is that we love working in a crowded space, and we know that our brand stands out against all the other brands mentioned and that’s what matters. Our customers know that they are going to get an exceptional service and high value as compared to a few of our competitors.

7. Which online channel was used by JB HI FI for starting online business?

Manager 1 – Well, the first channel that JB HI FI used to start online business was the most popular social networking site, Facebook. Even though we had a large customer base online, but we had to venture into the online business as that was what was going to be required in the future. And online business is a crucial part of any organization today, as quite a lot of sales happen online because people like shopping from the comfort of their home. So what better way than to start our online business via Facebook, right?    

Manager 2 – JB HI FI started online business by creating a company page on Facebook. This was the best avenue then as people from each and every age group is present over there, so at first we used to promote various products and upcoming offers on Facebook. Soon after that, a proper ecommerce website was created for JB HI FI. So the first actual online channel for selling products online was the JB HI FI website.

8. Customers from which country and background are more attracted to buy your product online?

Manager 1 –A lot of research is done by the company to determine the type of customers that are attracted in buying our products online. This is essential because it helps us in formulating strategies for the future on what kind of products we should add to suit the tastes and preferences of the most popular customer base. I cannot divulge a lot of information regarding this, because it is sensitive data, but I can tell you that most of our customers are Australians and are youngsters between the ages of 16-40.

Manager 2 –Well, JB HI FI hasn’t diversified much into other countries so its major customer base is from Australia and New Zealand. We are planning to promote our websites in other major countries in the future, so that might change the percentage of customers buying from Australia, but still it will be our major customer base. As far as the major customer base is concerned, the younger generation prefers buying products online as compared to the older generation. So mostly, people below the age of 45 are more attracted to buy our product online.

9.Based on your experience as a manager in JB HI FI, what are the possible new approaches or strategies that can be adapted by the organization to increase the sales?

Manager 1 – In my experience as a manager in this company, I have realized that people are increasingly going towards whatever makes things easy for them. Previously, people used to go to the stores to search for any products they required, and then came the age of websites and people stopped going to stores whenever possible and started shopping online. Now the focus of online shopping has changed from websites to apps as no one wants to open their laptop anymore or the browser on the phone. So, according to me, a change that can be adopted by JB HI FI is to create a shopping app to boost the sales.

Manager 2 –Nowadays most of the major companies like Amazon and Ebay have their own shopping app along with a website. So I think, one way of increasing the sales would be by creating a shopping app of our own so that we do not lose out on customers. Apart from that, we can also start a Facebook Store. This is a new feature provided by Facebook that has not been explored by us.

10. With the change in consumer trends and increase in competitions, is your organization planning to expand to new markets?  

Manager 1 –JB HI FI is planning to venture into markets overseas in the future. Since our customer base has already been built in Australia and New Zealand, we are targeting to make our products available in some major countries but that is going to take a while. But that does not mean that we are going to stop focusing on our primary market base. We are also planning to shift our focus from living rooms to laundries and kitchen as well.

Manager 2 – Well, we have already started doing that by taking over one of our major competitors, The Good Guys. Apart from this, we have started JB HI FI Solutions division, which offers the education, government and business sectors integrated products. Several stores have also been upgraded and several new stores were opened up last year under a store investment program by the company.


There are a few things which were not stated clearly by the marketing manager of JB Hi-Fi in the interview. This can be because of the business policies and strategies which companies keep it as a secret. They do this because of the huge competition they have to face on a daily basis. In case of JB Hi-Fi, the competitors are David Jones, Harvey Norman, Target, Myer and Big W. To compete with these companies they make different business plans. The companies never disclose their key strategy and tricks with which they implement the business plan. 

The limitations which can be observed by the interview of the marketing manager are:

Time limitation- As the marketing manager of JB Hi-Fi of the Bankstown store which is located in Sydney, he has a very busy schedule. But he still managed to take out 30 minutes to give answer a few questions. But as these topics are very in depth, too much of details couldn’t be extracted.

Fund Limitation- For the proper research and collecting information, the fund was not enough. Going to different places for gathering more information was also a constraint.

Lack of secondary information- The secondary information was difficult to obtain from the online information and journals. As the companies keep their business strategy confidential, very less in depth information is available for the public.

4.3 Recommendations

As per the interview, managers have consulted that the organization has faced issues in different segment such as traditional technology, gender inequality, online sales and marketing and promotional expense. Therefore the organization needs to conduct some necessary activities such as:

New technology implementation:

In order to compete with their rivals, the organization has to implement some innovative technical support such as automated order processing, automated product packaging and billing with bar code sensor. In order to monitor the employee performance, the managers have to implement Key Performance Indicator to understand the performance level improvement of the employees.

Gender equality:

The manager has discussed that gender related discrimination affects the employees performance. There are almost 21% female employees in work place. Therefore, human resource management has to recruit more female employees to balance the ratio between male and female employee.  

Online sales:

In order to sustain in competitive market, the organization has to improve their online shopping site. Additionally, the organization has to develop new mobile application to attract new customers and retain existing customers.  

Online marketing:

 In order to improve their marketing strategy and reduce the expanse of their marketing strategy, the organization has to design online marketing strategy and use online media and social media to publish their new advertisements. Partially, the marketing professionals have to monitor the social media marketing strategy in order to enhance customers’ interest.

Chapter – 5

5.1 Conclusion

Brief summary connecting your business research topic to your research results

The interview of two managers having 10 interview questions was conducted verbally and face to face which explored their own views about their organization. The researcher did the research work based on interview session. The researcher has arranged interview questions on different segment such as satisfaction of the customers, responsibility of the managers, job experiences and others. According the satisfaction related question the managers have replied that they received both positive and negative feedback from customers. Positive feedback motivated them to solve the issues which were delivered as negative feedback. On second question, both managers have replied that they are responsible and have that capability to handle social media marketing. In forth question, managers have discussed about their issues faced regarding floated share price in Australian Stock exchange. Apart from that technology related issues and gender equality related issues have been faced by the organization. However, the managers have already started research about online marketing strategy to stable their position in the competition with rivals. The managers have explained that the organization has global client base. Base on those described issues; the researcher has designed suitable recommendation which will improve organization performance in future.

5.2 Future Work:What suggestions can you make for further research on this topic?

As the online shopping is trending these days, JB Hi-Fi should focus on making their customer base bigger and sell more products in the coming years. However, the researcher prepares the entire dissertation in a very compact manner but there are a certain positive aspects, which provide the way for the future research. The future research is important because it improves the factors in effective manner for helping the company to improve. They should understand the customer needs and have better retailers to sells their products at a good price level. With a better plan of selling wide range of products, it can change the fate of the company in the future.



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