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Business research topic

An analysis of the factors responsible for attracting customers towards Woolworths in Mosman, Punchbowl, Blacktown

Literature review and background information

Woolworths is one of the biggest retail stores of Australia and New Zealand.  It started its journey in 1931 and by giving through many ups and downs; it is now the second biggest earner of revenue in Australia. It earns annual revenue of about $3.6 billion. Woolworth makes collaboration with Coles- another supermarket and together holds about 805 shares in Australia. It has about 1000 stores in Australia. Woolworths is committed to provide best products to the people of Australia. For it also launches a campaign i.e. “Fresh Food People” (Calvo-Porral & Levy-Mangin, 2016).

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The retail industry of Australia is a complex one in which the products are developed right from planning, production, storage, and marketing and selling of the products. Woolworths is the market leader in the retail industry of Australia. Some of the biggest brands of Woolworths are Safeway, Big W, BWS, etc. which makes its presence at such a higher level in the retail industry of the nation. The supermarkets of Woolworths try to meet the demands of the people who live in different suburbs of Australia so that it can make its place in the heart and mind of the customer (Thomas, 2013).

The research is conducted on the analysis of the factors which are responsible for attracting customers towards Woolworths in three suburbs of Australia which are Mosman, Punchbowl, and Blacktown. The research shows how different layouts of store, locations, facilities and ambience influence the customers of Woolworths at various areas. The population living in every area have different needs and requirements (Noyan & Simsek, 2011). They have different demands which are to be met by the retail stores so that the customers can be loyal to the brand.  Different suburbs of Australia which are taken into consideration have different consumers with different characteristics like Mosman is a suburb in Sydney which is among the wealthiest suburbs of Australia and the prominent people of Australia resides here like Doctors, lawyers and other businessmen. The demographics of the country show that the population is slightly older than the country, the median age is 40. Punchbowl is also a suburb where higher class of people resides. It is the commercial area where there are cinema halls, railway stations, local businesses, gym, etc. The place has most of the residents of Australia but also includes the immigrants from Lebanon, Vietnam, China, Indonesia and Greece. On the other hand, Blacktown is the largest suburb and it is a multicultural place in Australia where more than 50% people are of Australia and the rest of them belong to India, Brazil, Philippines and China (CAMERON, et. al., 2016).

Factors responsible for attracting customers

Woolworths have to take care of the type and characteristics of people so that it can attract the customers in the most effective way. There are some factors which are to be taken care of so that most of the customers get attracted to the stores of Woolworths at different locations in Australia. These factors are:

Ambience of the store

The ambience of the store creates the first impression on the customer. The store should be designed attractive and beautiful so that the customers get attracted. It is the first impression of everything that counts, because if the appearance is not good the customers won’t even like to enter in the store. The ambience refers to the layout of the store, products arranged in shelves and the attractive advertisements and information displays in the store. This can help the store to attract and retain the customers (Verschuren, et. al., 2010)

Marketing activities

Promotional marketing activities are now considered as the lifeline of the business which helps in getting maximum no. of customers for the business. There are various tools through which a store can promote itself like social media, internet, society programmes, etc. which attracts the local people of the area. For attracting the local people, Woolworths can adopt personalised promotional strategies like it can sponsor some local events which make the customers aware about the brand and attract them towards it (Walker, e. al., 2014).

Customer handling

The stores should focus in handling the customers in the best way because customer is the king of market. The customers should be made satisfied by providing them the personalised services. The staff of Woolworths should be trained for the same. Woolworths should provide training to its customers to talk to the customers in their language or in a way which satisfies them the most. For e.g. Punchbowl and Blacktown have residents from Australia and from Asian countries like China and India. So, the employees should have the knowledge of the languages prominent in China and India too so that they can guide eh customers (Walliman,  2011).


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Prices of the products

This is the most important aspect which is considered by the customers. They began to compare the prices of products and services when they have different alternatives. Woolworths should adopt competitive prices so that they can maintain their profits and retain the customers as well. The prices of the services vary slightly with the type of customers with which the store is dealing. For e.g.  Punchbowl and Mosman are the suburbs where the wealthiest people of Australia reside so the prices set for the products are bit higher than the other areas where there are lower spending capacities of people (Mutonyi, et. al., 2016).

Type of products offered

It is very important for Woolworth’s o offer the products to the customers who maximises their needs, satisfaction and desires. It depends on the location that what type of products is demanded by the customers. For e.g. in Mosmon, most of the population belongs to the age of 40 and above which creates demand for products suiting to their needs and there will be lesser demands for the products demanded by younger people. Just like that the people living in Blacktown are higher in no. and the population is multicultural so the store has to keep the products of different countries to where the population belongs.

This shows that how location, products offered, prices, appearance, etc. influences the customers and their retention with the retail store (CAMERON, et. al., 2016).

Research questions

The question of the research conducted on “An analysis of the factors responsible for attracting customers towards Woolworths in Mosman, Punchbowl, and Blacktown” is:

Which factors are responsible for attracting customers towards Woolworth’s supermarket?

Research Methodologies and Techniques

Research methodology from the name it suggests that it is the section of the research report where all the methods and techniques, taken up in the research will be discussed. These methods and techniques are important to understand as this is the base of the research.

Research design and approach

The research will be conducted by collecting the quantitative and qualitative information and data which makes it a mixed approach for research. This data will be collected from different types of sources like primary sources and secondary sources and helps in conducting the research successfully.

Aims and objectives of research

The main aim of the research is to analyse the factors which are responsible for attracting the customers towards the retail market of Woolworths.

The main objective of the research is to study the factors in detail which determines the satisfaction of customers of different suburbs of Australia. The objective is to find out how the customers in different suburbs of Australia are attracted towards Woolworth retail store.

Research Limitations

There are some research limitations which hamper the progress or outcomes of the research. The limitation of this research is the limited time because of which the big sample of data is not collected and analysed and the outcomes will be based on the small sample size.

Technique of sampling

The suburbs of Australia, Mosman, Punchbowl, and Blacktown has huge no. of population and the customers of Woolworths at these places are also huge in number so a sample has to be selected so that the survey can be conducted among these customers. The sample size of 100 is selected randomly for the survey questionnaire and the technique of sampling is random sampling technique.

Reliability and validity of research

The research is reliable because the references are given for any data mentioned in the research.  All the required permissions are taken from different authorities so that the data can be hold reliable and valid.

Project plan and a Gantt chart

The research project plan for “An analysis of the factors responsible for attracting customers towards Woolworths in Mosman, Punchbowl, and Blacktown” is given below:




Time needed (in weeks) 



Literature review

Week 3- week 06


It is the section where the data is collected from the Secondary sources like online sources, magazines, articles, etc.


Data analysis

Week 07-week 10


Data which is collected from secondary and primary sources are been analysed over here. It takes up to 4 weeks.


Final business Research thesis

Week 11-week 14


After all the analysis of data, the final report of research is been prepared in 4 weeks.

Gantt chart is the graphical representation of the action plan

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Research process and steps

The research will follow the full- fledged process which is discussed below:

Planning of the research

The first step of the research process is planning in which the aims and objectives of the research are determined. A proper blueprint is made on the basis of which the whole research is executed (Verschuren, et. al., 2010)

Implementation of plans

The steps and activities in the blueprint which is made are now executed so that the decided aims and objectives can be achieved.

Data gathering

Once the plans are begin to be followed by the researcher, the most important step is to collect the data with the help of various sources like surveys, internet, emails, newspapers, journals, etc. This data is been collected in the limited time and in the form of numbers and details (Walker, e. al., 2014).

Data analysis

The data collected from the surveys will be in the quantities and it will be analysed by using different statistical tools. The descriptive information is analysed by the researcher. Both the type of analysis is finally presented in the form of research report.

Conclusion and Recommendations

The data is analysed to get the conclusions of the research. When conclusion is arrived, the recommendations are given which will definitely help Woolworth to expand its market share and no. of customers in the market. These changes will increase the footfall of the customers (Walliman,  2011).

Data collection and analysis methods

Data collection is the part of the research process in which the information and knowledge is been gained from different sources. These sources can be primary and secondary. Primary sources of data are the ones which provides fresh and new data which is not collected before and is unused whereas the secondary sources of data is been already collected and now used for the purpose of completing the research successfully. In the present research, the data is collected from both the sources. Primary data is collected through the questionnaires from the customers who visit the supermarkets in in Mosman, Punchbowl and Blacktown. The secondary data is collected from internet websites, journals, social media, etc.

Data once collected, will be analysed with the help of various tools and it will be presented in the form of tables and charts. It will help in getting the right suggestions to Woolworths so that it can make improvement in the services (Verschuren, et. al., 2010)

Expected research outcomes

The research outcomes can be gained after the analysis of data collected. It is proved that Woolworths tries to provide the goods at the lowest prices possible. It also makes collaboration with a big brand Coles so that it can gain maximum share. It keeps on carrying on market research which helps it in providing the products suiting the needs and requirements of the local customers. The factors which are responsible for attracting the customers towards Woolworths are been discussed which shows that the ambience of the store, prices of products, product offerings and customer handling is very important to make place in the market with tough competition.

It is recommended to Woolworths to keep a check on the regular and constant changes in the needs and demands of people so that their requirements can be met. It helps in gaining new customers and retaining the existing ones.


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