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This HI6008 Business Research Report Assignment Help will discuss the critical evaluation of the Eating and dining culture in Sydney for analyzing the eating habits and the impact of the different culture over the eating habits. According to Skinner, et. al. (2016), eating and dining culture of different locations or places differs from each other. The most important aspect which determines the eating habit of the individual is the culture and it includes the procedure for preparation of the dishes, type of the food and sharing and eating (Skinner, et. al., 2016). This section will discuss eating and dining culture in Sydney, about the Glass Brasserie and est., the restaurants on George Street, Sydney, about the different aspects such as multicultural flavours, factors which are creating impact over the eating habits or pattern of the different individuals, eating habits of the multicultural population, role of quality and hygiene and customer satisfaction.

According to Lee (2011), the eating and dining culture in Sydney is growing and innovations are taking place in the restaurant industry. Food critics are providing reviews about the dishes or food offered by different restaurants which create impact over the customers visiting the restaurants in Sydney (Lee, 2011). As per the report of Symons (2014), the food prepared by the different restaurants is being prepared with the help of the advanced technology so as to ensure that the cost, time and efforts are reduced by enhancing the quality of the products. Different cuisines are being offered to the customers for meeting the expectations of the customers visiting Sydney (Symons, 2014).

Topic 1: Business model of Glass Brasserie and est. in Australia

According to Teece (2010), Business model can be explained as a plan which has been constructed for the operation management of a business in a successful manner, identification of the source of finance, products or services offered, customer base and the details related to financing.

Glass Brasserie is a restaurant which is located in George Street of Sydney and it is offering different cuisines to the customers by focusing on the innovation in the products offered by it. It is focusing on providing a quality experience to the customers by providing the finest modern experience of the cuisine of Australia. The most famous cuisines offered by Glass Brasserie are Modern Australia, French, and Tapas. In its Contemporary Australian cuisine it is offering a fusion of the flavors and textures which are comprised of the produce of the fresh seasonal. It is offering quality products to the customers by ensuring the hygiene factor and quality of the products (Glass Brasserie, 2017). It is suitable for different types of events which can be organized a Glass Brasserie. George Street of Sydney is a famous place which is being visited by a large number of visitors. Different types of cuisines are being offered for attracting the customers visiting George Street of Sydney. It is having 10,000 bottle cellar spanning which attracts the customers. It is also having an ever-changing choice of Sydney’s abundant local produce which includes an open-plan patisserie and the kitchen theater.

On the other hand, est. is also located on the George Street of Sydney which is a famous place for a variety of food dishes. Est. is offering luxurious services to the customers and is having a beautiful heritage dining room which helps in attracting the customer. It is offering Australian cuisine blended with the French cuisine and inspiration. The most famous cuisines offered by Est. are modern Australian and European cuisines and it has won various awards for the quality services offered by it (Est., 2017).  For the enhancement in the satisfaction level of the customers and attracting the customers it is offering a Private dining room which is suitable for private parties. It is focusing on enhancement in its performance as well as expansion in the area.

In this section, the business model of Glass Brasserie and est. have been discussed which discusses the services offered by these restaurants. Glass Brasserie and est. are formulating plans for the expansion so as to offer the services at a large level.?

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Topic 2: Critical evaluation strategy with Glass Brasserie and est.

According to Jenkins (2015), business needs to adopt different strategies for the purpose of retaining the customers. Different strategies can be used by the restaurants for gaining the attention of the customers. The strategies adopted need to be innovation-oriented and focused on the sustainability of the organization. In the words of Godsey (2010), the success of the business lies in the operations of the business marketing and for the execution of the operations in an effective manner, there is a need to adopt strategies. According to Altunta?, et. al. (2014), a variety of strategies can be used by the businesses for the purpose of ensuring the success of the business and these strategies include competition strategy, differentiation strategy, cost leadership strategy, human resource strategy and functional strategy. Strategies adopted by the business enhance the performance of the business as well as help in the attainment of the objectives of the business.

Glass Brasserie has adopted different strategies for the purpose of dealing with the different issues or aspects of the business. It is offering quality products and for the purpose of attracting customers, it has adopted a competitive pricing strategy (Sienny & Serli, 2010). According to competitive pricing strategy, Glass Brasserie is making decisions related to pricing on the basis of the pricing policies of its competitors. For the promotion of the restaurant, it is using different marketing strategies such as social media marketing and after-sale customer survey. All these strategies have resulted into enhancement in the performance of Glass Brasserie. Glass brasserie restaurant is a renowned restaurant in terms of its food quality. This restaurant has so far has been successful in delivering high-quality food products to its customers. The restaurant has hired world-class chef which are equipped with high knowledge on maintaining quality standard. The head chef Luke Mangan is himself a brand for providing a high-quality product. This restaurant is providing world class spices which are also a good example of the world class quality product. Glass brasserie is seen under pressure in terms of quality when the excess crowd is there. As this restaurant has a seating capacity of more than 200 peoples and therefore at times of celebration. At this time there has been seen the low level of hygiene and compromised quality and late service in food delivery (Skinner, et. al., 2016). Glass Brasserie along with its chef Luke Mangam has made various efforts to attract customers by diversifying culture through food flavors. He has transformed a variety of classic dishes to contemporary one with expertise. This transformation has resulted in the advancement of multi-cultures in its flavors to the next level in the city.

Est. the restaurant is also high in maintaining hygiene and quality standards of its food products. This restaurant has been renowned as most disciplined in terms of hygiene. It has also won several awards for the high-quality standard of its food products. This restaurant has been a hub for events, parties, and weddings. The restaurant is famous for its quality but sometimes it has been in news for its compromised quality but the situation has not been as worse as the organization has been able to cope up with this situation through appropriate corrective measures (Skinner, et. al., 2016). As this organization has always been among the top, therefore, it has always taken measures to correct all its defects as and when detected. It has adopted a cost-plus strategy for deciding the pricing of the products and services offered by it. Est. is the restaurant that is famous for its famous French cuisine that has also led it to win many awards. This restaurant uses various promotion techniques as the head chefs of this restaurants has received many awards in relation to the French cuisine and flavors used in it. This restaurant also tries to enhance the French culture by attracting a large number of customers to it (Lee, 2011).

Different challenges are being faced by Glass brasserie and Est., which affects the effectiveness of the restaurants. For dealing with these issues strategies have been adopted by Glass brasserie and Est.

Topic 3: Difference from competitors

For gaining a competitive advantage and differentiating oneself from the competitors there is a need to ensure that the quality, price, and various aspects are considered. This enhances the performance as well as provides a competitive advantage. According to Enz (2011), for gaining competitive advantage or differentiating from the competitors there is a need to adopt strategies in which a direction need to be decided, analysis of the business situation need to be done, selection of a competitive strategy need to be done and deployment of the resources need to be done. A competitive strategy needs to be adopted which enhances the performance. Differentiation can be done on the basis of the features of the products, technology embodied for the design, complementary services offered, location, superior service, and innovations in the service, creative advertising, generating effective and efficient human resource for performing the operations of the business, better supplier relationships and leading to better services. In the words of Ban (2012), the services offered by the different restaurants helps in differentiating them from each other. The taste, preference and the trends need to be analyzed for the purpose of ensuring the fulfillment of the needs and expectations of the customers. Gebauer, et. al. (2011), has stated that analysis of the changes in the preferences helps in making changes in the services offered by the business to its customers.

George street is the hub of multicultural peoples with different backgrounds they have different preferences, different taste, different habits (Symons, 2014). It is very crucial for any food chain to assess the ways by which their customer will be satisfied. They have to continuously change their menus in order to be updated in terms of customer preferences. Glass brasserie has been continuously working to fulfill needs of its customers. Its main motive is always been up to the mark to the needs of customers. This restaurant has been serving a large scale of customers at a point of time and there have not been any major problem related to needs of them. This organization is always been high on satisfying needs of its customers in terms of quality, hygiene, taste, ambiance, and service. All type of food products and drinks are provided with variety so abundant options are available to them. The restaurant has large seating arrangement i.e. over 200 people can be seated at the same time (Tan, 2014). This restaurant is renowned of its experienced chef who is renowned all over the world for its exquisite taste. Many books have been launched by this chef that shows that he has knowledge how to satisfy needs of its customers. All these aspects help in gaining a competitive advantage over the other restaurants.  

As George Street is a business hub people from many parts of the world like Chinese, Italian, Indians well as Australian work here so it is natural that they must have different taste. So it is difficult for the organization to assess all their needs. Some customers prefer vegetarian or the other one prefers only non-vegetarian (Vidgen, 2014). Some did not like Chinese cuisine some did not like French cuisine. So at some time it becomes difficult for them to satisfy each and every need. Est. has also been successful in satisfying its customers. It’s beautiful ambiance and quality has always been preferred by customers and satisfy their needs. Their preference can be proved by frequent parties, events, and meetings. It also has a wide range of world-class drinks which make their parties more auspicious. Est. is focusing on ensuring the quality of the services offered which enhances the customer base and helps in dealing with the rising competition.

As est. is mainly French cuisine restaurant and is renowned for this only. So, sometimes it has to face challenges in term of dissatisfaction of customers with different cultures, taste, and background (Vidgen, 2014). Overall both the organization excels in their field and is renowned for its cuisine, ambiance, taste, hygiene and quality. Glass brasserie is offering different cuisines for enhancing the customer base and developing an advantage over the others in the industry.

Topic 4: Demographic profile

The demographic profile includes customer income, size, buying behavior of the customers or perceptions of the customers, Restaurants have to concentrate more on customer satisfaction as in this industry customer preference very frequently change. So it is very important to understand their taste. People from different cultures have different taste, different preference. Other aspects which affect the customers include quality, pricing, hygiene and Restaurants need to ensure that the demographic profile of the customers is analyzed or studied so as to make sure that the products and services are offered as per the customers.

Eating and dining culture of Sydney is getting affected by the various factors which create huge impact over the restaurants operating in Sydney. According to Bannerman (2011), eating habits of the individuals depend on the culture they belong from. The factors which create impact over eating and dining culture of Sydney include the multiculturalism, different perceptions of the individuals and the taste and preference of the individuals (Bannerman, 2011). Glass Brasserie and est. is focusing on these factors and offering different cuisines to the customers so as to enhance the customer base and the satisfaction level of the customers. Varieties of cuisines are being offered by Glass Brasserie and est. The nutrition knowledge of the individuals is increasing due to which the eating and dining culture of Sydney is getting affected.

According to Vidgen (2014), there are different factors which are responsible for creating impact over the eating and dining culture of Sydney. The factors include the manner in which the food is prepared, eating habits of the individuals, differences in the cultures, specialty of the location and quality of the products offered by the restaurants. The rise in the awareness of the individuals regarding the nutrition, hygiene and the quality of the products offered by the restaurants which enhances the safety of the customers (Vidgen, 2014). Glass Brasserie is offering different cuisines such as Modern Australia, French, Tapas and Contemporary Australian cuisine which is a composition of the different flavours and textures.

According to Johnson (2015), the concept of Sustainable diets has increased due to which the eating pattern of the customers of the restaurants is getting affected. Australian Dietary Guidelines have been provided which are affecting the cuisines offered by the different restaurants in Australia. The factors which affect the choice or the eating and dining culture and these factors or determinants include biological determinants, economic determinants, physical, cultural and social determinants. The culture and the tradition are also acting as factors creating impact over the eating and dining culture of the place (Johnson, 2015).

According to Alakaam & Bodzio (2015), the eating habits are affected due to the wide range of the factors and these factors include the preference of the individuals, religious beliefs of the individuals, and the availability of the food and health consciousness. The individuals are coming from different cultures due to which they have different eating and dining habits (Alakaam  & Bodzio, 2015). Glass Brasserie and est. are analyzing the needs of the different individuals so as to offer the products or the dishes to them according to their expectations. It is focusing on other aspects also which create impact over the satisfaction level of the customers.

Over a span of time with the change in lifestyle of people there has seen a mass scale divergence in eating habits. These eating habits have been transformed from local food culture to international cuisines. This has led to increasing demand for different types of food items. Their lifestyles, working pattern have been changed drastically. More and more people have to travel to their workplace which consumes time (Alakaam  & Bodzio, 2015). Due to workload, their leisure time has reduced which has increased their urge for new food items. These food items provide them a sense of joy and relaxation. This makes their hectic life much easier.

Glass Brasserie and est., the restaurants on George Street, Sydney are finest among these. Both of them deeply studied food habits of their customers. Increased transformation in eating habits has motivated them to introduce Australian and European cuisines to satisfy their needs. These organizations are working to give world class taste to their customers. Glass Brasserie is one of the finest restaurants of George Street which provides world class cuisine with fine dining with a unique atmosphere (Anderson and Benbow, 2015). Est. is also one which provides finest French cuisine, with the coolest ambiance.

Glass Brasserie is famous for signature dishes which is famous all over the world. This restaurant never stops in surprising customers. As this restaurant is situated at major business street more and more people enjoy services and cuisines with their family and friends. This restaurant has launched its own range of spices, condiments, and gourmet products. It has also developed itself as a consultant. Consultancy services are provided to Virgin Atlantic where it also provides signature dishes to guests of virgin flights. The restaurant is also involved in making charity to various social organization structure (Bannerman, 2011). One of the finest parts about chef of this restaurant is that he has launched five recipe books by which it stands out from others.

The restaurant is situated on the business street of Australia where people from all over the world travel to work here and have different food habits. It is difficult for any restaurant to satisfy every need of customers. A type of food which is favorable for one can be unfavorable for another one. Est. is famous for its luxurious ambiance with fine dining. This is the reason that this restaurant is preferred for many executive meetings, special weddings, and chef showcase dinners. This restaurant has won various awards for services. This restaurant provides unique French cuisine (Johnson, 2015). It gives a royal feeling to its customers while enjoying their food and gives a sense of pleasure. This restaurant also has a nice collection of world-class drinks.

As the restaurant is famous for its French cuisine because of which it is mostly preferred by French food lover. The restaurant is still to develop in another type of cuisines as well. Demographic profile is an important aspect which creates huge impact over the functioning of Glass Brasserie and est.


The focus of this literature review is the critical evaluation of eating and dining culture in Sydney. There are various aspects which have been discussed in this section and these helps in the analysis and evaluation of the eating and dining culture which is prevailing in Sydney. Different cuisines are being offered in Sydney for meeting the expectations of the customers and data has been collected related to the differences in the culture and the impact of the culture and cuisines over the customers. The influence of the different cultures has been made on the eating and dining habits of the individuals.


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