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Literature review and background information

Cherry brook is a suburb in Sydney, Australia which is around 27 Kms. Away from the central business district of Sydney. Cherry brook has its own shopping centre which has retail shops and other shops which cater to the needs of local people. There are many educational centres too. The population of the place is around 19000 in which 49% are male and 51% are female. The average age is 40 years (Domain, 2016).

HI6008 Business Literature Review Assignment HelpCherry brook petrol stations should provide car wash services in order to attract more customers to the petrol stations. There are certain companies which provide the services of car washing to the customers in Cherry brook. These companies have tie ups with the petrol stations which benefits both the petrol stations and the car wash companies. Some companies which are already providing these companies in Cherry brook are Driven Colour, Car Care, Coles Express, BP Car Wash and many more.

Car wash services should be provided in order to protect cars and its finish. It protects cars from the dirt, bird droppings and keeps it safe and scratch free. The car wash companies provide dedicated services to their customers in order to beat the competition in the market.  Car wash can be made compulsory at the petrol stations to ensure safety of cars and to encourage the business and employment in the nation (Tommycarwash, 2015).  Car wash is not a new concept but it is provided from years in garages and at the service stations when cars visit for the services. The no. of visits of cars to the service stations is made very rarely i.e. 3 to 4 times in a year. But washing at petrol stations can be made as many times the car visit the stations for getting fuel for their vehicles.

The car washing companies not only provides a wash for the car but provide a complete set of services. The wash may include services or a combination of foam wash where the stubborn dirt is removed from the cars by the help of Detergent. Wheel washing is used, the underneath of vehicle is cleaned, the car gets polish which makes its body new and drying is also done to remove excess water from the car’s body. Car washing at petrol pumps should be made mandatory because it does not only save time of individuals but also protect the resale value of the car. It protects the environment and also promotes business and employment (Petroleum & Biofuel Association, 2015).

As per Genuino, et al. (2011), nowadays modern equipment’s are used for removing dirt and dust residues from the car.  These equipment’s have electronic sensors which are used for cleaning cars. The companies should use the alternative methods to the existing methods which are eco-friendly and approved by the industry regulators. The companies which are providing these services should have water recycle systems and proper drainage systems so that the collected water and dirt do not cause any harm to the public health and do not result in environment pollution. The famous companies like BP car wash and Coles express car wash offer easy to use Car wash facilities at many petrol stations. They provide economic services which are hassle free and keep the car in good condition. Regular washing services will reduce the costs of services for the customers (Waterwise, 2016).

The car washing companies should hire experts for cleaning and good mechanics who have good knowledge about the car and its mechanical systems. It is because the customers will only understand the importance of car washing facilities and services when they will bear the fruits of it in the longer run (Utekar, et al, 2015). Car wash services are popular in Cherry brook but to make people understand about its benefits and to convince people to use it frequently, the petrol stations can advertise these services. These services can be promoted by providing discount on them if fuel is taken from the particular petrol pump. A loyalty program can be started in which the customers will have to pay for 2 wash and will get 3 washes. Like this, people will slowly get attracted to the concept and will start using it on the regular basis once its benefits will be seen (Kishore & Patel, 2012).

Research Question

The research question for the research topic “The provision of a car wash at a Cherry Brook Petrol Station” is:

1. What is the provision of car wash services at the Cherry brook petrol stations?
2. What are the benefits of car wash services at Petrol stations?
3. How the car wash services can be made popular among the car owners?

Research Methodologies and Techniques

This is the key section of the research in which the methods and techniques will be discussed which are adopted for the successful completion of the research. These techniques form the basis of the research.

The research will be conducted by collecting and gathering the relevant information from different sources which includes Primary and secondary sources. The primary data will be collected through respondents with the help of survey questionnaire and secondary data will be gathered by going through different websites and internet.

Survey questionnaire: It is the method to collect primary data from the sample respondents.  A set of questions will be arranged and these questions will be asked from the sample respondents. These responses are then analysed to get the final conclusion of the survey.

Research approach

The approach of the research is mixed. It is because both the qualitative and quantitative information is collected for getting better results of the research. The qualitative data will be collected from secondary sources and quantitative data will be collected from primary and secondary sources. The collection of both the type of data makes the research more strong and credible.

Aims and objectives

The research is conducted at “The provision of a car wash at a Cherry Brook Petrol Station” have an aim and some objectives which are as follows:

The main aim of this research is to discuss the importance and provision of car wash services at petrol stations of Cherry brook.

The main objectives include:

1. To discuss the provision of car wash services at the Cherry brook petrol stations.
2. To recognize the benefits of car wash services at Petrol stations of Cherry brook.
3. To identify how car wash services can be made popular among the car owners.

Limitations of the Research

There are some limitations to the research which limits the successful outcomes of the research. These limitations are the shortage of time which limits the sample of the survey questionnaire which may not be sufficient enough to provide actual results of the research. A small sample of the research may not be good enough to deliver actual results. Another limitation is the biasness of the respondents. Some respondents may not provide genuine responses or the actual responses.

Technique of sampling

Sampling is done to take out a set of respondents from the big no. of population which cannot be surveyed. This set of respondents which is taken as sample belongs to the whole population. A small sample size of 10 is selected from the customers or car owners to know their responses and their views on the car washing facilities on the petrol stations. This sample is selected with the help of random sampling technique where randomly 10 customers are selected who own cars to provide their responses. Random sampling technique is the one where every customer has the equal chance of getting selected.

Reliability and validity of research

The research is reliable as all the data collected will be supported with the references to show their credibility. The genuine permissions are taken from the related authorities for holding out survey among the customers of Cherry Brook petrol station.  The data which will be collected through survey questionnaire will be presented in actual form and no modifications will be made to preserve the validity and reliability of data.

Project plan and Gantt chart

The project plan for the research is given below which shows how the research project will be completed:

Classification of Activities



Time needed (in weeks)




Preparing the base of research after selecting the title of research

Week 01- 02



At this stage, the initial planning is done to prepare blueprint of the research once the topic of the research is selected.





Research Questions and preparation of Literature Review

Week 03- 06


Here, the data is collected from the secondary sources like online websites, newspapers, previous research papers, etc. The proposal of research is prepared in order to get the approval.






Primary and secondary data collection for analysis of data.

Week 06- 10


It takes 5 weeks in collecting the information from survey and secondary sources. Once the data get collected, it is analysed using various tools so that conclusion can be made.



Final business Research thesis

Week 11- 14


It takes up to 4 weeks to prepare final business research thesis which was due in week 14. It is prepaid after considering the analysis of the data collected in the research.

Gantt chart can be referred as to the graphical representation of the action plan of research

Gantt chart can be referred as to the graphical representation of the action plan of research

Research process and steps

The research is completed in several steps which are followed for the successful completion of the process. The process of research is explained below:

Research planning: This is the initial step of research where the basic plan will be made regarding the project of research. The aims and objectives of the research are discussed and finalised so that the research can get a base.

Execution of plans: the plans which are made will be executed properly in order to achieve the pre-determined goals and objectives of the research.

Collection of data: This step is related to the gathering of data from various sources like Primary and secondary sources. For completing the research successfully, it is very important to collect relevant data. For this research the primary data is collected through survey questionnaire and the secondary data is collected through online websites, newspapers, previous research papers, etc.

Data analysis:  The quantitative data collected through different primary and secondary sources will be analysed with the help of various statistical tools. The researcher will analyse the descriptive information. Once the analysis is done, it will be presented in the research report.

Conclusion and suggestions: When data analysis is done, the conclusions of the research are made. On the basis of conclusions, final suggestions are made. These suggestions are given to the petrol stations and the car washing companies in order to bring improvements in their business services.

Data collection and Data analysis

Data collection is the important part of the research process in which the information is arrived from various sources. These sources can be primary and secondary sources. Primary sources are those which are used for the collection of raw data. This data is not used before by anyone and is collected for the purpose of the present research only. This type of data is collected through survey questionnaire in this research.

Data analysis, on the other hand, begins when data is collected. It is analysed through many statistical tools. The data once analysed will be presented in the research report to show the findings of the research and it also helps in deriving the conclusions.

Expected research outcomes

The research outcomes suggest that cash washing services is beneficial for the customers, their cars and for the businesses as well. The customers do not have sufficient time for washing and keeping the cars clean in their daily routine therefore, the car washing services at petrol stations provide them the facility to get their cars clean at regular basis. The petrol stations and the car washing companies can have tie ups which benefit both the businesses. It is very important to promote these services as there is tough competition in the market. It is suggested to the car washing companies to provide different offers to the customers so that new customers can be attracted.


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