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HI6007 Business Research Proposal Assignment Solution

HI6007 Business Research Proposal Proof Reading Services

Business Research proposal

Research topic- Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Marketing

Introduction and Background

Internet Marketing can be understood as advertising and marketing which is done on online platforms using Internet and its tools like websites, emails or social media. Internet marketing has grown with the rapid development in globalisation (Tankosi? & Trnav?evi?, 2008). It plays a very important role in the industries. It helps in providing the products and services to the customers and satisfies them. It is flexible, cost effective and fast but it also has certain disadvantages like it lacks security and privacy. No doubt Internet helped the businesses to boost their sales and reach wider markets but it also possess some challenges (Chaffey, 2009).

HI6007 Business Research Proposal Assignment SolutionIt is clear that marketing has undergone many changes in recent years and in this change a very huge role is played by Internet.  It helps in establishing links between various parts of the world which helps in enhancing the markets and their scope in the world. Internet has brought a new channel for the business to convey their products and services to the people. It is a dynamic approach which can be used according to the requirement of the businesses (Fariborzi & Zahedifard, 2012).

Aims and Objectives of Research

The main aim of the research is to find out the Pros and Cons of Internet marketing.

The main objectives of the Research are:

1. To understand the meaning of Internet Marketing
2. To analyse how Internet Marketing is advantageous for the businesses.
3. To evaluate the disadvantages or challenges of Internet marketing.

Research Questions

Following are the research questions for the study:

1. What does Internet Marketing mean?
2. What are the advantages of Internet marketing?
3. What are the disadvantages of Internet marketing?

Research Methodology

The research methodology refers to the techniques and methods which are used to conduct the research which includes the sampling technique, data collection methods and the methods to analyse the data collected for the research.

Research Design- The research design depicts the methods which are understand to hold the research and how it is been conducted. Qualitative and quantitative methods are used where qualitative data is collected through various websites and articles and quantitative data is collected through survey conducted. So, the mixed method is used for holing on the research. Survey method is adopted for collecting the quantitative data regarding the topic of the study.

Data collection- the data is collected through various sources like Primary and Secondary. Primary sources are those which are collected for the first time by the researcher and is in raw form while secondary sources are those which are already been extracted and used by others for any purpose. Primary data is collected through surveys in quantitative form and secondary data is collected through different newspapers and websites which are in quantitative and qualitative form (Molenaar, 2012).

 Target audience- The target audience for the research is the businessmen who use Internet marketing for the advertising and promotion of their goods and services.

Research constraints- There are various constraints of the research which might influence the real results of the same. There is shortage of time which will not allow conducting survey on a large population. There is also limited access to the resources which might influence the research and its conclusions.

Sampling- random sampling method is chosen where the questionnaire will be distributed to 200 businesses and only 100 questionnaires will be chosen to analyse them and get the results due to the availability of limited time.

Instrumentation- the results derived or collected through survey will be arranged in tables and presented in charts for a better presentation and understanding.

Accuracy of research: The research will be accurate as the data is referenced properly to show the accuracy. The data will also be protected through strong passwords to save its authenticity.

Data analysis: The data is analysed through various statistical tools which will show the genuine conclusions of the data collected.

Research Process

The research is conducted in a process which is explained below in steps:

Research Planning:The research is planned over here as this is the initial step of the research so that a particular guideline is been created that how the whole research should be conducted in steps.

Implementation of Plan:the plans made are implemented at this stage effectively so that the research can be conducted successfully.

Collection of data:The data for conducting the research is gathered in this stage which is done through primary and secondary sources

Evaluation of data:Data collected is evaluated with the help of various statistical tools so that the results of the survey can be derived.

Conclusion:When data collected is analysed and evaluated, conclusions are drawn and recommendations are made so that it can be used for further improvement.

Expected Research Outcomes:

The research is conducted by following the processes of the research. Various aspects of Internet marketing is been discussed and then the advantages and disadvantages of Internet marketing is been identified.  The survey is been conducted to gain the responses of different businessmen of Australia. Internet has revolutionized the concept of advertising and marketing in the business. The study throws a light on the advantages and major disadvantages of the same. This shows how products and services will be marketed to the customers in future. It will help the marketers in the years to come. The advantages of Internet marketing are that it approaches potential customers for the business in a very creative and interesting way which is cost effective and does not involve much time. It provides new opportunities to the business and helps customers to make a genuine purchasing decision. To attract customers, most of the companies are nowadays using internet marketing. The concept also includes certain disadvantages like there is too much competition on Internet, it needs high technology which is not available with everyone and cost has to be paid for it. Also people do not trust the online business of the organisation; it is difficult to create their faith on online business and marketing. But no doubt, despite these disadvantages, Internet marketing is a wonderful concept and brings success to the business and it will be used by almost every business in the years to come.


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