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Assessment Task 1

1. Importance of WHS practices to stay up to date
This health and safety assignment help For health care setting it is important to follow and implement the WHS practices that will help to understand the needs of work-based health and safety measurements and standards. By having the knowledge about the WHS practices the organization will able to make changes in the establishment of system and equipment that required for the standard health and safety of the staff members and patients at health careorganization (Carayon, 2016). Hence, it is important for health care management to follow the WHS standard to stay up to date.  

2. Meaning of symbols
A. Poisons    

The skull and crossbones are symbol refers to danger situation of warning that next step of individual or group will be harmful for them.

B. Emergency equipments:

This symbol refers to availability of the first aid emergency services that are available at nearby place. There is not a moment to lose to locate the right medical health equipments and personnel.

C. Personal protective equipments:

For health and safety of the individual and groups there are different types of protective equipments have been proposed by establishing the signs of warning that provide the information about the equipments that need to be used.

D. Sharps:

This symbol signifies the warning that something sharp object is inside that could harm the individual. It is a caution symbol which used to create awareness.

E. Radiation:

This is universal symbol that represent the radioactive material or areas of potential radiation exposure.

3. Definition of hazard
This is a situation that poses a level of threat to life, health, environment and property. Hazard is very dangerous for human and animal life. There different types of hazards that need to be consider for developing the plan and preventing the people from their negative impact. Hazard involve physical and moral hazard.

4. Types of hazard in health care setting
Following are the major types of hazard identified in the health care setting:

  • Chemical hazard: In health care setting, use of chemicals is common that involve high amount of risk that may create hazardous situation if proper monitoring and care not be done (Tisserand and Young, 2013).
  • Fire hazard: For health care organization fire is one of the major types of hazard.

5. Strategy could be used for minimization of risk
In order to minimize the risk at health care organization, management could use the monitoring and observation strategy to identify and minimize the risk.

6. Process for analysis and management of hazard
For aged care health organization, the management use the process that involves collection of feedback, planning of issues and consideration of standard legislations for managing the facilities to meet the objectives.

7. Safety consideration must be followed at home-based care   
For home-based care services, it is essential for care staff to ensure the safety measurements like use of chemicals in proper manner provide the information about the use of medicines and follow up of legislations (Wilburn and Eijkman’s, 2013).

8. Ways to monitor level of stress

  • In the situation like potential issues I will recognize my level of stress by observing the changes in my behaviour as communicating information and explaining tasks to team members.
  • For managing the level of stress, I would seek assistance from senior staff members who will guide me to maintaining the unchanged behaviour and overcome the level of stress.    

Assessment Task 2

1. Functions of WHS/OHS legislations

  • Following is the key legislations at state
    Work health and safety Act 2011: For managing the health and safety at the workplace, the local government has applied the work health and safety Act which involve the establishment of equipment and use of safety masseurs (Arnold and Boggs, 2015).
  • In order to gain the critical success at work in health care organization, it is essential to follow the legislations which aid to maintain the safe working environment and retain the staff members by providing facilities. Additionally, implementation of WHS helps to overcome the hazardous issues.
  • These health and work safety legislations have a significant impact on the capabilities of PCW as it improves the understanding of the use and establishment of the equipment as well as gain the knowledge about the prevention from the hazard.

2. Safe work practices

  • According to given scenario, Chris was a care worker and appointed to offer the services to Bill who is suffering from Dementia. Chris has not followed the care practices regulations and considers the directions that have been given by the experienced colleagues for using the client care plan (Department of Health, 2013).  So it can be considered that Chris has been failed to maintain the standard of care working.
  • In order to minimise or remove the condition of hazard, Chris has to undertake the process that proposed by the care organization and the client care plan. If Chris has properly analysed the health conditions of Bill and his requirements then it will be beneficial for him to meet the care objectives and overcome the risk.
  • By considering the result, it is being suggested that Chris requires undertaking the bottom-up reporting procedure for the wellbeing of Bill and himself. This kind of reporting procedure will be helpful for gaining the in-depth information about the care activities and process to meet the objectives more professional manners.

3. Transferring people safety guideline
To transfer a resident off the floor falling a fall, care worker requires referring the safety guideline for handling patients. For example, to transfer an aged woman from one to another floor care worker should require considering the following instruction:

  • Sustained application of force
  • Sustained comfortable posture
  • Use of bed sticks
  • Proper assessment of risk and required resources
  • Selection of safest moving method according to health conditions
  • Analysis of safety measures for transferring (expert advice)

4. Prevention from Gastroenteritis 
According to templates that, Broughton Hall should use the following steps to prevent the issues of Gastroenteritis:

  • Vaccine: In order to protect from Gastroenteritis it is essential to get vaccine to control the rotavirus.
  • Wash hands: To control the impact of Gastroenteritis, second step that Broughton could follow is proper cleaning of hands especially using the toilets (Kellermann and Jones, 2013).
  • Separate personal items: The third step suggest that, avoid sharing eating utensils, glasses and plates as well as the towels and bathroom plays important role in controlling the Gastroenteritis.

5. Safe work practices to control infection
A person suffering with gastroenteritis is advised to take safety precaution to avoid spread of disease to others. Two common sources of transfer of infectious diseases are sharing of things and close contact. Following are standard practices:

  • Suffering person needs to wash hands properly after the toilet and before to take food.
  • Avoid close contacts with cooked food, other persons and raw materials like unpasteurized milk and raw meat.
  • Use own cutting boards and utensils to stop the spreading of disease (
  • Store the food in very hot or cold conditions.

6. Rights and duties of health care
This is the duty of the employer to direct the employees to follow the standard practices and rules in health care. The employer is responsible for managing safety and health, thus he/she has rights to decide and govern the employee’s activities. Employees are responsible for following the steps decides by the employer to work for health and safety and has rights to inform about the improvements those can be made to ensure health practices. Employees need to care, patients, as they are told and not to take things lightly if they are going fair for some time (Kongstvedt, 2012).

7. Musculoskeletal areas of body
Manual handling of people suffering from some disease can injure the musculoskeletal areas of the body. Most commonly affected areas are chest, limbs, neck and back of body but injuries are also possible at joints, ligaments, muscles and nerves due to accidental fall or other improper handling activities. The patient may have pain in elbow and legs where joints have multiple nerves and muscles. Chest and back are commonplace to be affected first because they hit the ground first during the falls and accidental ( Symptoms may be stressed and blocked movement of body parts.

8. Contribution in WHS meetings
As an employee, I will speak on issues coming in front of work health and safety of staff members in WHS meeting. Before to it, I will spell out the problem and idea before co-workers so that their suggestions can be used in final solutions. I will elaborate the issues for employee health and safety in the workplace with effective solutions. Committee needs to listen from the employees for better working environment. Committee can help to arrange the resources and practices those are in favourable to employee and employer to establish secure and healthy work environment (DiPietro, 2011). 


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