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The Health Care Essay Help is all about the treatment of the urinary system either with the usage of the antibiotics or with the usage of the Cranberry juice. Lower Urinary Tract infections are the most common fact in the adult women. It has been estimated that approximately 60 percent of the women are affected by this infection. Because of the high rate of this infection, it has become the public health concern (Kumar, Dave, Wolf, & Lerma, 2015). The Urinary tract infection is common in women than the men as they have the shorter urethras so that the bacteria can ascend into the bladder. This infection is caused by the microorganisms, especially the Gram-negative bacteria. At the same time, the Escherichia coli is another important bacteria for this infection. Now this essay has discussed d the fact that whether the taking the Cranberry juice is more preventive than taking the antibiotic.

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It is required to search the impact of the cranberry usage on the infection, and at the same time, impact on this infection with the usage of the antibiotic. Then the comparison is required to be drawn to get the conclusion of this debate.

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Thus, from the above discussion, it is clear that a large amount of the usage of the antibiotic helps in the recovery of the UTI as prescribed by the doctors. But, at the same time, it reduces the functionality of other organs But, Cranberry juice in the form of the capsule is effective enough as it comes from the cranberry extract for the UTI.

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The sources that have been used for the health care assignment is relevant enough as it has been collected from the authentic journals. The authenticity proves the relevancy and the credibility in a large manner. It was important to use the relevant data so that the perfect comparison between the usage of the antibiotic and the usage of the cranberry can be compared in an effective manner.


From the entire discussion, I have understood, that direct consumption of Cranberry is not effective but the juice extract in the form of the Capsules is effective enough for the perfect prevention of this diseases rather than the usage of the antibiotic. Therefore, the statement regarding the usage of the cranberry juice is partially justified as it is not logical to consume directly. At the same time, it is aloes important to notice that fact that whether the patient is using eh cranberry capsules before a\or after the surgery, as after surgery the antibiotic is helpful to recover the wound. But, before the surgery, it is more effective to take two capsules of cranberry capsules as prescribed by a doctor in a proper manner so that the effect of the UTI can be prevented before, it will get converted to the stage of the surgery.


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