HC1041 IT for Business Editing and Proof Reading Services

HC1041 IT for Business Assignment

HC1041 IT for Business Editing and Proof Reading Services


IT or Information technology is such computer application which get utilised for the purpose of storing, retrieving, transmitting and manipulation the data in order to maintain a proper record. It is an adequate sub-set of the “Information & Communication Technology” (ICT). In order to make adequate and effective use of the IT, organisational IT project Management is held responsible as they make adequate use of their all available resources of IT in order to fulfil their needs and wants as per priorities. In the below report the impact of IT over JetStar Airways is discussed as how IT is beneficial for B.A., what kind of risks are associated with IT and many other factors get discussed below.

Information technology

Need of IT

IT becomes an essential factor for JetStar Airways in various manners as in the absence of the IT they not able to perform their single task so that below need of IT for JetStar Airways is discussed such as:

  • Initial it is required for the purpose of rendering Passports, Visas or airline tickets.
  • It helps in building adequate communication with the flight members, different airports, emergency services and others.
  • Basic functionality of IT is storage and it is an effective facility such as JetStar Airways employees makes adequate record of their customer’s information (Chen, et. al., 2012).
  • For JetStar Airways IT is needed in order to perform various activities or it can be said that their functionality depends over the IT. There are basic activities such as ticket booking or cancellation is performed with the help of the IT in the same manner there are various activities are performed by them with the use of it such as setting different timings for different flights, online bookings, maintaining adequate set of information related to their normal customers, prioritise customers and many more (Chen, et. al., 2012).
  • They need IT in order to reach out the potential customers, reduce cost, improve efficiency, maximize the profit share, and minimize the waste and many more elements.
  • They enhance their functionality with the use of IT in order to provide better services to customers.
  • They need IT in order to make adequate financial resources so that they easily evaluate their profitability (Martínez?Caro & Gabriel Cegarra?Navarro, 2010).

Importance of IT for business survival

Information technology is held responsible for the innovation and adequately helps in getting success. Innovation renders adequate level of support to the business law in order to get the success and also make them enough competent as compare to other competitors. JetStar Airways also get impacted positively with the effect of IT. There are few factors rendered by the IT to the JetStar Airways in order to make their survival such as:

IT rendered business tools in order to solve their complex problems:

With the availability of the improved hardware such as memory, faster processors, effective displays, etc. along with improved softwares such as organisers like Google calendar, etc. helps the management of JetStar Airways in order to make easy research, analysis and planning (Nairn, et. al., 2013).

IT helps in making effective decisions: With the use of the IT features JetStar Airways perform video-conferencing with their different sub-ordinates present at different places in order to prepare various plans. They get the adequate and relevant information related to their overall performance, their competitor’s performance and others with the use of IT. They also utilise the online facility rendered by the IT in order to get the customer’s feedback which they gather by conducting online survey (Nairn, et. al., 2013).

IT improves the marketing for JetStar Airways: IT renders online advertising methods in order to perform their marketing activities which are more effective and accurate as compare to their traditional marketing techniques. With the use of the online marketing research they perform various activities such as target the population, gather the information related to their needs and wants, and also get the information related to their competitors (Nairn, et. al., 2013).

IT helps in improving their customer support: IT renders various modes of communication such as emails, platform of social media, telephones and many more in order to communicate with their customers and their staffs adequately makes use of these modes to enhance their customer relationship as well as easily understand the customer behaviour (Nairn, et. al., 2013).

  • IT improves their resource management:
  • JetStar Airways record their data over cloud computing and it helps in getting accessed from anywhere at any time by the authorised personnel only.
  • Requirements of implementing IT in business

There are various factors required in order to implement the IT in JetStar Airways such as:

  • Cost: It is the effective factor which is essential required in order to support the IT implementation. In the absence of the cost no single activity is performed.
  • Equipments: There are adequate number of equipments is needed such as softwares and hardware. Hardware includes computers, LAN cables, printers, Server and many more items (Zeng, et. al., 2010).
  • Planning: Management need to make adequate plans in order to execute the implementation program so that they process activities in sequence and execute them well on time without hampering their regular activities
  • Designing: There is adequate requirement of designing their IT framework so that they make adequate use of it.
  • Installation: Management need to install the easy to use software so that their employees make adequate use of it and render adequate support by learning it in effective manner. (Zeng, et. al., 2010)
  • Training: It is very important for the JetStar Airways to render adequate and effective training with the implementation of the IT so that after the implementation they easily make use of their IT. After the IT implementation they become capable enough to process their activities and enhance their functionality if they get trained effectively.
  • Human resource:Initially there is requirement of adequate number of human resources so that they can train adequate number of employees so that they become use to it and start performing their activities with the use of IT (Lazic, 2013).

Use of IT in business

As the time passes there is effective increment is noted down in the use of the IT and the relationship between the airlines and IT is too old. There was effective increase in the investment over the ICT in 1950s by the Airline industry. The investment is made in order to build an effective communication system in order to communicate with travel agencies and other distributors. The functionality of JetStar Airways heavily depended over the IT and IT plays most critical role in their functionality (Pang, 2014).

IT is essentially required for the JetStar Airways as their almost all activities are depended over the IT. They have complete dependency over the IT for their operational as well as strategic management. With the help of the IT innovations they become effective and enhance their functionality every time. Airline industry was the early adopters of the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and having a great history with ICT. JetStar Airways make use of IT in order to reduce their cost and enhance their distribution strategy. Then enhance their strategic management as they gather the diverse information with the use of IT tools and prepare their strategies accordingly and for this purpose they utilise intranets. With the use of the extranets they build effective communication with their partners and with other businesses and maintain adequate relationship with them (Pang, 2014).  

Advantages and Disadvantages of IT for business

Below are the advantages of IT in context to JetStar Airways such as:

  • It increases their sales: With the use of the IT their services get enhanced as they provide effective services to their customers. They build adequate relationship with various tourist agencies and combine render attractive offers to customers.
  • Save times: IT helps in reducing the unnecessary time consumption in various different activities. As the processing time decreases the customer get satisfied and time get saved.
  • Improvement in communication: As the advancement takes place in IT there is adequate increase in the communication. JetStar Airways made communication in various ways such as telephonic conversation, e-mail, fax and many more (De Roos, et. al., 2010).
  • Enhance their data storage and file management: With the enhancement in IT there is effective enhancement noted down in its facilities such as for storage it provide Dropbox facility, cloud storage facility and many more. JetStar Airways store their records and documents over internet and make access to it from anywhere at any time.
  • Reduction in cost and increase in return:With the effect of the IT the activities such as promotion, etc. become affordable and its cost is also minimised by it. It helps in getting more returns as they target more and more customers.
  • It effectively enhances the competitive advantage for JetStar Airways.
  • Their customer relationship gets enhanced in an adequate manner (Power, et. al., 2013).

Disadvantages associated with IT:

  • Expensive implementation: The implementation of the IT infrastructure is very expensive and if they can’t implement adequate IT system they definitely lose their potential customers.
  • Job Elimination: Information technology makes the work easier and reduces the human force which ultimately increases the job elimination which affects the employment ratio (Scheelhaase, et. al., 2010).
  • Security breaches:With the increase in the usage of IT or internet the risk of security of data also get increased.

Risk associated with the IT

The potential risks associated with the IT are as discussed below such as:

  • Security:JetStar Airways make use of the IT in order to store their data online with the use of the cloud services. As the increase in the use of IT there are so many experts that make illegal use of their expertise in order to theft the data of various other companies or organisation (Scheelhaase, et. al., 2010).
  • Privacy:The privacy of the JetStar Airways can be breached when there is unauthorised access is made over their stored data. So it is very necessary for them to limit the access of the information by providing limited access to the authorised personnel so that they make access to the limited information and in this manner they become able to maintain their privacy.
  • Confidentiality:There are lots of information which require confidentiality and in order to maintain their confidentiality JetStar Airways need to follow the various instructions. There are lots of customers visit and avail their services and with this effect they attain lots of customer related confidential data which can be destroyed, damaged or theft by various authorities (Ana María Molina Gómez, et. al., 2015).

Measures in order to maintain and monitor IT

There are various measures in order to maintain as well as monitor IT by the JetStar Airways such as:

  • They need to render limited access to the all authorised personnel. They have to limit or minimise the number of access to the whole information. By doing this they adequately maintain the effectiveness of IT and monitor all the activities rendered by the IT.
  • They have to make use of adequate spam ware or malware in order to safeguard their information from getting hacked or destroyed with the use of viruses (Talebian, et. al., 2014).
  • They need to implement the security check over the access point in order to reduce the chances of fake access. With this effect they reduce the chances of getting hacked.
  • They need to check the authority or authorised personnel before sharing customer’s information with other.
  • In order to share the information with other business they need to cross check the authenticity of the organisation or business (Talebian, et. al., 2014).

Use of IT in different organisations

  • IT in healthcare:IT is utilised in order to make record of their patients detailed along with its medical history. It helps in rendering adequate services to the patients.
  • IT in Media: IT is utilised for the purpose of live-streaming, live-coverage, live-telecast, effective communication or conversations and many more activities.
  • IT in food processing: IT is utilised in order to adopt pace in processing the food so that they prepare their food products much effectively and efficiently (Talebian, et. al., 2014).
  • IT in printing and publishing:  IT renders adequate and effective measures in order to print and publish the articles in an effective manner.
  • IT in mails and parcels: IT is related to the use of the internet and it provide effective benefits to the internet services as it enhances the experience of using mails and parcels (Pang, 2014).
  • IT in library:IT in library is effective as it get utilised in order to maintain an adequate record of the various books, articles, journals in it and helps in rendering adequate services to the users.
  • IT in transport:IT enhances the experience of transport as it helps in decision making it interesting. IT helps in making online ticket bookings, reservations and many other activities.
  • IT in tourism: IT is become effective in the tourism industry as with the use of IT facilities they make adequate promotion of their products and attract the number of customers towards their business activities (Pang, 2014).


After this effective discussion it is concluded that IT plays a vital role and become the effective part of the business organisation. With the effect of the IT services there is adequate enhancement is noted down in organisational functionality as they become more efficient and flexible. With the help of the IT services they perform various activities at a time and build adequate customer relationship with their customers. The main benefits rendered by the IT is it helps in reducing cost and enhancing activities, along with this it reduces the paperwork and support the online storage. It helps in increase in returns over their activities. There are some demerits are also available such as it increases the safety threats and increase in the chances of privacy and confidentiality breach. In order to safeguard the data there are various measures such as follow the guidelines of the organisation, along with this limit the authorised access also in order to reduce the chances of breach of privacy.


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