Ethics, Professionalism and Governance in Professional Environments

Ethics, Professionalism and Governance in Professional Environments

Ethics, Professionalism and Governance in Professional Environments

Jobs for You – Employment Agency

Jobs for you is an employment agency in the dispute with employees, Company has instructed Stella the recruitment manager to take the case in hands so that devise of set of ethical codes and professional conduct could be maintained in case with employees.

Stella should take the case very carefully and consider the following codes as per the requirement:-

  • Code of ethics: -It is the part of the ACS constitution. In order to maintain a good professional environment and in the public interest organisation and their employees needs to maintain a good code of ethics (MacDonald, 2010).
  • Honesty with the work: -Stella could use this code of ethics against the employees as they have not recognised ethical behaviour at workplace(MacDonald, 2010).
  • Professional development: -Stella needs to note down those points which have become hurdle in the way of professional development. As employees have not discharged their working duties in ethical manner(MacDonald, 2010).
  • Public interest: -As the biggest concerned that employees consistently stick with alcohol which also harm organisation image in public(MacDonald, 2010).

Employees could be responsible for failure to abide by the professional conduct in the organisation. Stella the requirement manager could use these points against employees(MacDonald, 2010).

  • Professionalism:- Employees in ‘Job for you’ have negligent with their professional behaviour. They have failed to abide by the rules and regulation framed in organisation(MacDonald, 2010).
  • Professional development: -Employees throughout the time in organisation has been very negligent with their work and performance. Stella could pinpoint this point in the statement(MacDonald, 2010).
  • Competency: -Employees are not competent enough to perform assigned work. Stella needs to make research with each subject matter. It will help Stella to retrench those employees who are far more negligent in their work performance(MacDonald, 2010).
  • Primacy of public interest: -Employees have not maintained proper code of conduct in their legal and ethical framework working performance. Furthermore they disturbs external environment with their nonprofessional manner(MacDonald, 2010).

These are points which Stella could make in her report after weigh the benefit and burdens so that organisation decision could be morally right and accord with the rules and regulation of organisation.

All employees regardless of the field in which they work have moral and ethical responsibilities toward the organisation and its culture. They are incumbent to operate within legal and ethical framework.

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Employees being liable to the organisation have to perform their work with high integrity and dignity otherwise organisation could be free to take strong legal action against them. In the case Stella could pinpoint the legislation which clearly sets out that employees have failed to comply with ethical and professional standard(CCH Australia Limited, 2014).

Fair Work Act 2009:- It establishes a standard and policies for the smooth functioning and economic growth of an organisation(CCH Australia Limited, 2014).

Legislation in the Employment and Workplace Relations Portfolio: -employees could be liable for their act in the office premises such as come office after drinking alcohol etc (CCH Australia Limited, 2014).


These are the points which help Stella to overcome ethical and professional dilemma in her organisation’s decision making. It will also help organisation to bifurcate between good and bad employees working performance so that innocent employees who are in mist of this process could be saved.


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