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Ethical Issues and Implications Proof Reading Service

The essay is based on ‘Doing Ethics’ technique and it can be explained as a process which is used for analysing the ethical issues. It helps in making understand that what all steps can be taken to resolve the ethical dilemma in any case. Some of the below-given questions are answered in order to solve the issue.

Ethical Issues and Implications Assignment Help

What is the matter?

As per Reuters (2016), the online presence of more and more patients has caused a headache for the doctors. It is raising the ethical questions on the doctors. Internet is ruling the lives of people nowadays which are creating a problem for the doctors. The patients read several things and facts on the internet and raise hundreds of questions from the doctors. For e.g.  A 10 year old boy was hospitalised with cancer ad his parents started a blog on the internet on which the staff of the hospital was made subscribed the blog. The blog after a year launched a petition for seeking help for the treatment of the patient.  The blog brought the support of thousands of supporters in the lesser time and this created pressure on the hospital to arrange for the treatment of child.

The facts

This section list up all the facts of the case. The case raises the ethical issues for the doctors as they followed the blog on one hand and on the other hand, they were refusing to arrange for the treatment of the boy. It raised fairness issues. It is because everyone doesn’t have access to the social media or ICT tools. The doctors, nurses and the whole hospital staff was in the dilemma that if he will be helped, they cannot refuse the same case if any will occur in the future.

Explain the ethical issues.

The ethical issues are those which create a dilemma in recognising the difference between the good or bad in any case. The increased use of ICT and social media has created many ethical issues. Like in this case, the ethical issue has been created for the hospital. The ethical issue is that how the treatment should be done for the child. The internet and other sources which provide information have different aspects according to which people live their lives. It gives different ideas to people to solve out their personal problems but somewhere it creates a dilemma for others. In this case, the parents of 10-year-old boy have created the ethical dilemma for the staff of the hospital.

Explain the ethical issues.

The parties affected

It affects the stakeholders in both positive and negative way.  The stakeholders, in this case, includes the parents, the sick child (cancer patient), internet users, society, hospital, the staff of the hospital, society, etc. the parents and the sick child are affected positively as they are getting the support of the public for getting the treatment of the child. The hospital and other staff are affected positively as the image of the organisation will improve. It is also affected negatively as they had to bear the expenses of the treatment and they have to handle the case full of complexities.

Ethical issues and implications

The ethical issue is the treatment which is to be given to the patient by the hospital. Certain codes of conduct are framed to sort out the difficult issues and dilemma in the It industry. This code of conduct helps the individual or the organisation in determining what is ethical and what is unethical. It helps in identifying the right or wrong in different circumstances.

The steps which can be followed to resolve the issue

To resolve this ethical dilemma, certain steps can be taken. These alternatives can be analysed and the best among all the solutions can be chosen to resolve the issue. These steps are:

1. The patients and the doctor communication should be improved. It can be done by giving proper time to the patient by the doctor and explaining all the facts of the case.

2. Teamwork in the hospital staff can resolve half of the issues created by the users and the service providers.

3. The hospitalcan use updated technology which can resolve the issues created by the patients and the hospital's staff. It will ensure timely service and will reduce the time wastage of the patient.

4. The hospital should arrange for online PR techniques which protect the hospital from poor image among the public by any activity of service user.

The options

The above-suggested alternatives may not have a positive outcome for all the stakeholders. Different options have a different effect on the stakeholders. The improvement in communication will help both the parties and will benefit all the stakeholders. The option of Online PR will benefit the hospital but will not provide any help to the service user seeking help. Teamwork in the hospital will benefit both the parties and the use of latest technology will also benefit all the stakeholders.

The best option

The maintenance of better communication between the service users and the hospital staff is the best option among the above four suggested alternatives. It will resolve the problems as the clear communication will establish an understanding of both the parties and the issue will not be created. If it still occurs then the use of good communication will contribute to resolving the issue. The hospital will be able to save itself from entering into an ethical dilemma if communication is better between both the service user and the service provider.

This shows that the use of IT and media might create a situation of ethical dilemma but the use of good communication can handle up the situation. If the parents of the child and the hospital would have come to a common solution by communicating, the issue would not have been so big.


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