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Ethical Analysis of Project Management Business Proof Reading Services


Wayne Davidson is a software engineer and he is working on a project management for the past two years to build a prototype of new advanced next generation air traffic control system to reduce all the paper work. A prototype has been completed by their workers and engineers and is handover to the Wayne to check the functionality and to check it is working properly or not. After simulation check he found that when a number of aircraft is comes in to system then tracking system is fail to track one or more than one aircraft and those aircraft will be disappeared from the screen of prototype of new advanced next generation air traffic control system. So the collision of aircrafts may occur. To fix this problem the software designers requires at least one month.

Figure 1Failure to track aircrafts

The estimated costs

The manager of the company ask to the agency FAA, that estimated cost for the prototype of next generation air traffic control system is about 210 billion and 12 million dollars to develop an enhanced air traffic control system which includes design, development, testing, GPS technology and maintenance cost and other, Division of the estimated cost is described as below:

  • To complete design part of the next generation air traffic control system a 30 billion dollar will be required.
  • The developers of the software suggest that the total development expenditure may be 60 billion dollar.
  • The testing charge of this Software is about 20 billion dollar.
  • The GPS (Global positioning system) is the major aspect in this system, so the more powerful GPS cost is about 50 billion dollar.
  • After development of software for the next generation air traffic control system it requires update/upgrade and maintenance. So the cost of update and maintenance the software is about 40 billion dollar.
  • Based on the requirement the MPAR (multi-mission phased array radars) cost is about 12 million dollar.
  • The other charges to integrate and to develop a prototype of the new system are approx 10 billion dollar.

Identify the potential consequences to the project client of accepting this aggressive bid

According to this project, the project manager proposed an estimated cost to the FAA (Federal Aviation Agency) with full description. The estimated cost which is proposed is basically based on the bill of the required aspects or tools and system like GPS, MAPR, Design, and Development cost etc. The manager of company provides an estimated cost to develop a prototype of air traffic control system with the bill of required aspects and then the possibilities of granting the proposal increased. The estimated proposal must be created with lowest profit so that it attracts the contractor of the FAA (Federal Aviation Agency). When a FAA accepts this proposed estimate then a legal contract is created.

Who else suffers or is at risk of suffering as a result of this aggressive bid being accepted.

The company had bid the project less than it would take to do the work properly to beat their competitors. To achieve the target, all the employee of the company  working eighteen hours in a day and seven days in a week to meet the deadline. The company is in its starting age so their financial condition is no so that to tolerate any loss, and if the project will not deliver on time then the jobs of the employee will be lost like Project Manager, Developers, employee who works in testing, maintenance or in the project designer team.  The situation of the company is not so good so the project has been underfunded and understaffed. When the goal not achieved by the software designer and developer engineer in given time then the company will lost the bid and so they not be able to handle that loss and may result, the company will be closed.

When a company lost their project/bid then the company will lose the trust of their stack holders. These stack holders might be a sponsor, employee, community, supplier, or most commonly, a creditor who will be affected when the company lost their next generation air traffic control system.

What duties is the project manager aware of, 3 days before project delivery is due.

As it is described as the company will not able to faces any loss and the project manager is only responsible to complete this bid at the given time which is specified in the contract. But before submission of next generation air traffic control system it is crosschecked by the Software engineer and he founded that this system is failed to track the aircraft when a number of aircraft comes in to this system and that may result collision of aircraft will be occurred. The software manager discusses it to project manager.Now the project manager have to complete this project in 3 days otherwise jobs of the maximum employee will be lost.

The following factor which is depicted below that will have to achieve by the project manager to complete this project in 3 days.

  • Decide confusion of objectives/goals- The project manager have to arrange an emergency meeting and call all of their project leader, software engineers, supervisors, , internal staffs etc and discuss on to the confusion. When all the confusion regarding to the project is defined then project manager assign the task to each employee according to their ability and specialty.
  • Software engineer- The project manager have to assign the software development task to minimum four software engineers to work on that project in 24 hours in a day as per scheduling their shift. If the project manager Deborah shepherd does something like that then the chances of completing this project in 3 days will be increased by 95%.
  • Work efficiency- The project manager will have to motivate their employees, project leader, team leader to increase their workability and efficiency. The manager will have to divide their shift so that the work will be continuing until the project will not be completed.
  • Time frame/management- Project manager have only 72 hours to complete this project otherwise they will lost this, so the project manager have divide the time to achieve the goal and objectives. To complete this project in 72 hours it is compulsory to set a time frame.

What duties is the test engineer aware of, 3 days before project delivery is due.

There are various aspects and methodologywhich will help to perform a test on the next generation air craft control system in 3 days. In this type of situation, the testing engineer tests the application’s main functionality which is most important.

Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)-

The testing engineer will have to perform Software testing life cycle which includes following steps where each steps have its own advantages.

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Test Planning
  • Test Case Development
  • Environment Setup
  • Test Execution
  • Test Cycle Closure


                                                            Figure 2 Software testing life cycle

Everything is depends upon the test engineer so an engineer has to perform the following duties to complete the test in this critical situation.

  • The testing engineer will have to test all the functionalities of newly designed and developed next generation aircraft control system and deliver it to the project manager within 3 days.
  • Test most important feature in terms of aircraft safety view by improving in Global positioning system.
  • An engineer will have to test most important feature that are developed with new tools and techniques under extreme time pressure and the features that are most important to the stakeholders.
  • Will have to test functionalities of newly next generation air traffic control system which has lot of bug fixes and requires update which were found in earlier tests and also have to test the highest-risk part of the system.

Figure 3Next generation air craft control system after removing Bugs/errors

Examine the ACS code and identify the requirements

The ACS code of professional is refers to the Australian computer society. The ACS code of ethics is the part of the ACS constitution. As the ACS member you must have to uphold and advance the dignity, honor, and effectiveness of being a professional. It entails, in the addition of being the good citizen and acting in the law. The ACS provides the six ethical values with the requirements which contribute to observe the values. Those are explaining below:

  • The primacy of the public interest: The public interest takes the precedence over the personal in the context of the code “The primacy of the public interest.”In this code all the conflict must be resolved in the interest of public favor. The public interest taken to include the matters of the health and  safety and the environment of public.
  • The enhancement of quality of life: The ICT development has had the considerable impact on our society and way of whilst this impact has been beneficial to the very great extent, such as ICT has also had some negative effects for all the technologies and will continue to doing so. These adverse effect can be minimize and recognize with the help of the ethical approach of your work for this. You must promote the equal access to the benefits of the ICT by all the society members.
  • Honesty: In the specific trust of your stakeholders or the profession you do not have to break the public trust. All of your professional actions and decisions must be underlie under the observance of utmost integrity and honesty. Between your professional courses the circumstance will be undoubtedly arises, where it may be appear to be beneficial for you to be deceptive in some way. This type of the behavior is not acceptable for the professional conduct.
  • Competence: You only accept only that work in which you believe you are competent to perform and do not hesitate to obtain the additional expertise appropriately qualified the individuals where advisable. You have to aware of your own limitation that you have competence you do not possess. It’s not necessary to you know all the facets of the ICT but when needed you must be able to recognize the additional information and expertise.
  • Professional development: Keep yourself updated with new technologies which are relevant or useful in your work and also you have to encourage your colleagues and staff members to do the same thing.
  • Professionalism: The ICT industry is relatively characterized and new by the rapid changes. The ACS is endeavoring to progress the public confidence in the ICT industries.  The society member must be maintaining the professional standards which improve the image of industry especially at the workplace. The ACS can also help all the people to resolve or recover the ethical dilemmas, it provides the support for the taking the appropriate action including the whistle.

Requirement letter:

The requirement for this case study according to the ACS is given below:

  • Public interest:
  • Endeavour to protect the security, integrity, utility, and continuity of the ICT.
  • Identify the potentially impacted through your own work and explicitly consider their interest.
  • Take into the consideration of the fact that’s your profession traverse many other professions and has the implication of the other social system.
  • Honesty:
  • Do not knowingly mislead the client according to the suitability of your services and product.
  • Competence:
  • Happily accept the responsibility your own work.
  • Professionalism:Refrain from the action into your professional role that may tarnish the image of the profession.

Ethical analysis advice on how they should proceed with reasons.

According to the ACS ethics rule the company must have to keep their honesty, professionalism, competence, and public interest in their work. According to the Wayne the works takes one month to complete but the client demand within 3 working days. The Deborah is the project manager and as we know the company can’t afford the any losses in the project and don’t want to leave the project so the Deborah have to request to the client and try to understand them the minimum project timeline required to complete this project, so that they may be convince with the discussion and can provide more time to complete and deliver the project. Or the Wayne have to complete the main part of the system first and deliver to client so that the client can continue their work temporary and request to the client for the updates which will be deliver after few days when the project will be completely done.

This way is better to deliver the defected project with errors and bugs without completely satisfying the project is completely done after the testing and it also makes a good image for the company in the clients.

The ACS rules also don’t allow the company or organization to deliver the wrong product or services to the client and mislead the client according to their own product and services so the Deborah and Wayne also have to try these suggestions to resolve this ethical dilemma.


This business report is prepared by taking the especial consideration of the company needs, background, and the clients’ requirement for their project. We provide whole suggestion regarding this project under the ACS ethics code and rule.

We observe all the ethics and ethical dilemma arises among the company staff regarding this project. We provided all the possible suggestion and idea to complete this project, cost require to complete this project so that company can bid the project cost according to the deadline of the project and other project requirement. We also suggest the role of project manager and testing engineer in this report so that they helpful in their work by reading this.


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