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This English Language Communication Skills Assignment we have discuss findings and health care organisation.


In the year of 1918 world population was attracted by the dangerous Spanish flue. In that incident one billion was infected, approximately 50 million was killed by the enormous infection of the disease. Again in the year of 2001 the society was affected by the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)(Zhai, Zhong and Wang, 2011). In that case, this reflection was a wake-up call for the health care department of the world health organization (WHO) mainly the wake-up call for the Canadian health organization and a pointed out a reflection of their unpreparedness.  So, in this way, the employment of health and social care service became more accurate and challenging for the individuals to carry on their work.

English Language Communication Skills Assignment Help


From the recent research, it is visible that more than 100 of health care organizations have implemented various policies to make better understanding and development among the healthcare professionals and the patients(The Health and Social Care Act 2012, 2012). In the year of 2012, the health and social care act has provided the first solution for the workers to work properly by maintaining the service quality and manage the work culture in the workplace. This policy is mainly focused on the settlement of the issues in the workplace of health care department. The Health and Social Care Act 2012 sets out particular commitments for the health system and its association with consideration and bolster administrations(Zhai, Zhong and Wang, 2011). It gives an obligation to NHS England, clinical charging gatherings, Monitor and health and prosperity sheets to make it less demanding for health and social consideration administrations to cooperate. This will enhance the nature of departments and individuals' encounters with them.

The Act additionally permits us to set the standards expected to make an electronic database of individuals' consideration appraisals, and their attention and treatment need. The Care Act distributed in 2014, gives the legal structure to changes to the human review system(de Hoog et al., 2016).

The Code of Conduct sets the standard of behavior expected of healthcare support laborers and grown-up social care specialists. It traces the conduct and dispositions that you ought to hope for encountering from those workers joined to the code. It helps them to give sheltered, sympathetic care and backing.


From the above findings, it is noticed that many organizations have implemented such policies like health and social care act 2012 and attention act 2014. These acts have their own significant in the development of the workers of health care organization in the UK. Not only the UK the actions have been implemented in different countries like USA, Australia and so on. From the Acts, it is clear that the acts provides the best behavioral activities for the employees and also provides the best work experience to them. Apart from the work experience, the work culture and the individual activities are also developed in the organization. However, the primary focus of these acts is depending on the solving the issues among the workers and patient parties. The behavioral activities teach how to treat patients in a critical condition and how to handle with their family members in that circumstances(de Hoog et al., 2016).

However, there is code of conducts which are also providing the best support to the workers to make proper treatment and also to provide the best support to the senior in a condition of seriousness in any case. Somehow, it is visible that the employees of a health care organization more focused on their tasks, in that casestudy, this code of conduct divides the works among many individuals to make it easier and faster. The code of conduct also grown up the social care activities in the health care organization and also among the individuals who are associated with the medical department(The Health and Social Care Act 2012, 2012).


From the above discussion, the ideas of health care workers have been implemented to demonstrate the activities of health care individuals. In this paper, the primary focus was on the policies and the code of conducts which are applied in the organizations for developing the best work practice among the workers. The work culture is also mentioned and the small description of the situations which workers many face shortly. So, this paper is entirely depending on the work practice of an individual associated with the health care organization.


It is recommended to the employees to maintain the acts in the workplace while working with many health care individuals. The laws give the decent idea of continuing the work safety in the workplace and also provides the systematic development for the employees. The mentality should be unyielding while dealing with the patient and their family. The ethics should be followed, and the behavioral activities should be judged while working. Somehow, the code of conducts is also important for the workers to understand the need for coordination. So, the recommended part of this paper is entirely focused on the proper workability of the employees and their sustainability in the organization with other employees.


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