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Employee Relation Editing and Proof Reading Services

This Employee Relation Assignment Help is part of business management and leaderships in organization, which defines employee relation with different assessment task for helping students in their assignment writing.

Assessment Task 1

Summary of the meeting

 The reason behind this meeting is to promote the employees relation in the organization.  Since, employees are not machines and therefore, a healthy environment is necessary for overall development of the employees or human resources. A healthy relation in the workplace facilitates employees in easing their workload and boosting their productivity. A strong environment and employee relation assist organization in reducing conflicts and flights in the workplace. It also motivates the employees and also decreases absenteeism (Grubb and Wells, 2010). Therefore, encouraging employees’ relation in Adept Owl Games organization would be beneficial for both, for the organization as well as for the employees.

Comparison of identified needs of employee and the organization

The identified needs of employees in Adept Owl Games organization are flexibility in the workplace in order to balance their work and life. They also demand to introduce the act in the organization for anti-discrimination and harassment. Employees also suggested to engage them in the meetings or discussion held on which are related to them. On the contrary, the organizational strategic objectives are to enhance the productivity and reducing the misuse of their resources. They bind their employees tightly so that any information about their customers or employees should not be leaked. The recruitment and selection procedure is also conducted strategically for obtaining capable and brilliant employees in the organization.

Employee Relations Strategy Version 1

In order to create a healthy environment in the workplace, organization is required to change its strategy (Trefler, 2004). Organization must focus merely on obtaining employees satisfaction because through this only it can maximize their efficiency as well as level of profit. For building a employee relation, organization is need to promote flexibility in the workplace in terms of place, time and work. Through this, employees will feel happy as because of this they can manage their work and life easily. With this, organization is also required to modify their recruitment and selection process for promoting equal opportunity to all. Disabled people should provide with a safe workplace and should encourage them. The employees or workforce should be encouraged in order to increase their participation in the organization.

Risk Management Strategy Version 1

Risk management is basically a process which includes identification, analysing and prioritizing of risk. The risk management strategy for the employees’ relation strategy version 1 would be avoidance, risk transfer and risk control. The strategy of avoidance is the most effective risk management strategy because through this loss can be removed by avoiding the risk. Through risk control strategy, the risk is managed by acquiring proactive steps in order to identify and minimizing the risk to the possible way (Amos and Weathington, 2008). Another risk management strategy is risk transfer strategy. By this, the unwanted risk is transferred away from the organization.

Risk Analysis

Risk analysis is a systematic study or technique used to identify the factors which may affect the success of an organization. This also provides a various techniques in order to reduce the possibility of these factors happening and identifying the measures to decrease their impact on the organization if they occurred. The risk analysis can be done by identifying the possible threats and estimating the possible risks. The risk involved in Employees’ Relation strategy version 1 can be estimated by using the following formula:

Risk Value = Probability of Event x Cost of event

Employee Relations Strategy Version 2

This is another strategy proposed because the previous strategy suggested was lacking the safety factor for the employees. To achieve healthy environment in the workplace the most important thing is to consider the health and safety of the employees. Employees will feel happy and supportive if a proper concern is paid to their health and safety. Various acts are also formed to promote the health and safety of the employees (Hillier.et.al, 2011). Today, employees prefer working only there where full attention is paid on the health and safety of them. Therefore, version 2 is the updated version of strategy proposed earlier. Hence, it includes proper health and safety of employees, providing flexibility in the workplace in order to support employees in balancing their work and life and promoting equal opportunity through recruitment and selection. 

Risk Management Strategy Version 2

The risk management strategy for strategy version 2 would be based on addressing the workforce or labour disputes. Today, all organizations often face the problem of strikes, lock out and labour disputes. The reason behind is that they do not focus properly on the possible risks associated with the workforce disputes. The risk management strategy for this would be effective pre-strike planning, specialized strike security, replacement workers, and contingency worksite (Slovic.et.al, 2004).

Explanation and justification of changes made to the second strategy

The change made to the second strategy was essential because without employees’ safety organization would be unable to obtain a healthy and friendly environment in the workplace. In organization, many people are prone to the risk to their health and safety at the workplace. By promoting health and safety at workplace, organization will be assured in avoiding any type of harm or accidental hazards occurring in the workplace.

Assessment Task 2

1. New Employment Contract Version 1

In the contract organization has mentioned the position of the employees as the Product DevelopmentOfficer and mentions the responsibilities that are associated with the offered designation. In further contract Adept Owl Games has mention the employment type that is fulltime basis and also mention the joining date for the officer. The contract consist the salary and duration of the work in the organization. Organization has mentioned all the necessary points in the contract like methods of payment, annual leave, expenses that are being reimbursed by the organization and personal leave (Freedland.et.al.2016). Adept Owl Games Company also causes of termination in the contract.

2. Summary of the meeting

The main agenda of the meeting is developing the rights and obligations of the employees and meet the organizational goals. The trainer and assessor are liable to present new contract in Sarah Callis and main objective of the meeting is to present the new contract, negotiate and then agree with the all conditions. The contract is made for the welfare of the employees in order to protect their rights and obligations (McLellan and Havenith, 2016). The contract must be reviewed under the guidelines of the National Employment Standards.

New Employment Contract version 2

Employment contract of Sarah Collis is older and needs update according to changes made in national employment standards. Current contract is effective but lack the features of flexible working hours as Adept Owl Game Company has specified the fix working hours from 8 in morning to 5: 30 in evening. Employees’ choice for flexible hours is added and overtime work conditions have been specified in new contract. The contract also included details of leaves for personal career options and fair work information statement. Addition to it, contract does not describe anything about the community leaves.

Explanation and justification for changes made to contract

Prior structure of employment contract has nothing specific to employee’s working hour flexibility. The new version has added all the possible time scales for organization service so that employee and organization are now bound to work for a specific time (Freedland.et.al.2016). New NES rule for community leaves are added in contract to make the sustainable behaviour of employee with inclusion in social life. Paid leaves are added for employees to make them free to grow in business and career as according to new pattern of national employment standards. The more freedom for career and social life brings the potentially productive employees in workplace.

Assessment Task 3

Policy and Procedure for recruitment and selection

Recruitment and selection in Adept owl Game Company is free from the influence of discrimination. Company does not encourage any type of discrimination in staffing like race, age, sex and relations are not considered as part of selection. Talented and skilled employees are preferred in workplace as company also has policy to make adjustments for employees. Recruitment process is simple as application of candidate is accepted according to vacancy in company and adjustments are made in timing and job related points to hire the employees if they deserve the post in workplace (Cook, 2016).

Policy and Procedure for staff satisfaction and retention

Adept Owl Game Company has policy to control the staffing in workplace as power and control is distributed in hierarchical level so that employees are responsible for their work and reporting to corresponding levels only. Company also have procedure for selecting flexible working hours, equipment selections etc to retain the employees in workplace. Employees can choose tables and chairs according to their physical comfort, computer and visual tools for better performance and compatibility and more regular breaks for employees having problem of chronic pains etc.

Policy and Procedure for recruitment and selection version 2

Policy of company is effective to eliminate the issues of discrimination in workplace but few changes can be added to policy to make it more robust against the future demands and trends. Company can added the policy for skilled and experience peoples as it is free to make the choice according to requirement (MacIntosh and Doherty, 2010). Also the international and domestic laws can be complied more effectively to make the selection legal. Procedures to retain and recruit the candidates can be aided up with more flexible working from remote sites and employees can be offered more resources to make the work better. For instance, company can added the procedure to become active participants in activities at workplace.

Policy and Procedure for staff satisfaction and retention version 2

To achieve higher satisfaction with job in employees, company can use reward system and motivation. Employees’ continuous growth strategies and welfares can be added in policies. Addition to comfortable working facility, company can provide high quality internal facilities like pure drinking water, free connectivity, healthy food in canteens and fresh air space for the employee satisfaction and retention. Procedures can be aided up with the external offers like fair shops, insurance, medical services, business trips and leaves so that employee’s personal growth and company objectives can be parallelized (Frey.et.al.2013). Also, company can make proper policies to find out the effectiveness of employees to retain in workplace.

Explanation and justification for changes made to contract

The changes made to include the health and safety at workplace and training and development opportunities. The changes made in organizational policies and procedures are reflection to enhance the strategy to work on task and relation with employees. The changes provide the more retention of employees by clarifying the future opportunities in career building for employees with intramural and extramural facilities of company. Also the contract specifies the clear role and functionality of employee in workplace besides the benefits so that a productive workforce can be created. The stepwise growth plan for employees keep them interested and regular at workplace for rewards and growths (Freedland.et.al.2016). The changes in contract are also capable to meet the employee rights and legal in workplace.

Assessment Task 4

Performance management and Development plan template

In order to performance measure and management as well as development in company, Adept Owl can use rating methods or employees’ regularity and sincerity in work and workplace. This rating will be notified to employees after every month and will be used as the criteria to decide insensitive for participation in completion of work. This is helpful to attract the employees to become regular and dedicated to their responsibilities in workplace. To complete the work in more manageable form, company can group the employees according to their skill set so that entire work can be divided among modules to make it faster and parallel to other processes (Trefler, 2014). Therefore, electronic rating for overall appearance in work and skill sets is useful to carry the operations easily and effectively.

Completed Performance management and Development plan for individual

Individual’s attendance, regularity, leaves, work quality, time to target reaching ratio, personalization to work approaches and physical appearance will be considered to rate the employees for workplace. All the factors will be monitored without the partial behaviour to employee so that trustable decisions can be made to reward policies. Most importantly, individual’s work amount and quality will be marked for observation to achieve high management and performance (Gruman and Saks, 2011). Co-curricular activities in workplace like meeting and events so that employee’s interest can be identified and use for company objectives by making formal groups.

Performance management and development plan

For the Adept owl game organization, performance management and development of team members the top management could use the training and monitoring process which would be beneficial for analyzing the effectiveness of each member. In order to achieve and organizational goals and objectives, the management need to focus on the effectiveness of the individual and allocate the role and responsibilities as per the skills of the team members (Slovic.et.al. 2014). This kind of strategy and plan will help to offer the proper training to individual by identifying the areas of lacking. Moreover, by setting the benchmarking standard and priorities to individual, Adept owl game organization influenced the performance.

Assessment Task 5

Diversity plan version1

In order to manage the diversity at workplace, the management of Adept owl game can use the strategy in which organization will focus on the flexibility, encourage the diversity in the selection and recruitment of the candidate for developing the gaming software. For example, using the flexibility at workplace the manager could influence the diversity as the staff members will perform the different tasks and operations which will influence the diversity as well as improve the efficiency of the organization. Apart from that, selection and recruitment of the candidate will encourage the diversity by appointing the people from the diver’s background.

Diversity plan version 2

However the plan for diversity is effective for organization but to achieve the goals and objectives, management of Adept owl game can also offer high quality role models for staff members that will be beneficial to encourage the diversity as people will make changes in the behaviour, attitude, perception and process of performing the task. This kind of strategy for increasing the diversity will aid organization for offering the opportunities to staff women staff by promoting them as role model (Gruman.et.al. 2011). Moreover, recognizing and offering the rewards to the high performance employee’s Adept owl game can encourage the diversity. 

Justification for making changes in first plan

For managing and encouraging diversity, changes have been proposed to the Adept owl game organization management. The major reason behind that is promoting the women staff as role model. In the first plan the focus was only on the selection and recruitment of the staff as well as on flexibility which is not as effective as the second version. For managing and encouraging diversity, it is essential for Adept owl game management to empower the women and motivate the other people to get the higher position by motivating high performing staff. This kind of changes will also help to develop equal opportunities for the staff members that will help to influence the confidence and diversity.

Assessment Task 6

Worker compensation claim

According to given scenario, it is been considered that one of the employees has claim for worker compensation and human resources expert has provided the advise for seeking to it by notifying the supervisor. As per the claim process, manager will analyze the mail or written document of the employees regarding the issues as well evaluate the reason for the compensation (Cook, 2016). If the reason is according to norms and policies of the organization than it justice will be in favour of the worker as the organization following the code of conduct.

Key objectives of industrial relation act 1956

The Industrial Relation Act 1956 is being proposed for establishing the rules and regulations for trade union and employee organization for preventing and settlement of the dispute between employer and employees. The major objectives of the implementation of act are to control the process of the top management and establishment of the industrial tribunal and to define the functions according to international process of managing the relation with the staff members.  Moreover, this act helps to reservation of the practices within organization and encourages the legal activities in favour of the employees.

Main components of Employees Assistance program          

According to analysis it is been considered that, Employees Assistance program involve the components like orientation, case management and analysis of issues related to employee management. By forcing on these components, Adept owl game can influence the knowledge about the key team members and collect the feedback to develop plan or make changes in the employee welfare policy (Freedland.et.al. 2016). Moreover, case management is important element for the organization to identify the response and progress of the team members to achieve the goals and objectives.

Research and outline a performance measurement system that would be suitable for Adept Owl Games Company

Performance measurement system mainly provides with an effective way to the organisation devoted to the social impacts in order to collect and utilise the data regarding their operation and programs. It is basically a tool which depicts the procedures of development, testing and sharpening the new and potential transformative solutions to the critical social issues. The social issue however includes poverty, unequal access to the health care and the success gap within education. In context to the Adept Owl Games Company, the best suitable performance measurement system would be the contemporary performance measurement system which includes the utilisation of financial and the non financial performance measures being connected to the organisations business strategy. This system would help the company in making effective decisions and evaluate the organisational as well as the managerial performances. In addition to this, it would also help in evaluating the performances and bring suitable improvements in the same.

Unfair dismissal rules and processes for the organisation

Unfair dismissal is been mainly referred to the situation when any employee is been dismissed in an unjust, harsh or unreasonable manners. It has been commonly found that many of the employees’ claims for the unfair dismissals carried out by the organisations.  The dismissal is been considered to be unfair when employer do not provide with any logical reason behind the dismissal or the company’s formal procedures are not been followed by the employer. Making a protected disclosure under the protected disclosures act 2014 is also considered to be unfair disclosures. However, the employees are liable to sue a case against the employer in case of unfair dismissals.


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