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Effective Business Communication Skills Proof Reading Services


I have been attending so many classes on multiple subjects lately and the topic of business communication was no doubt different from that of the others. We all know the fact that the communication plays a very essential role in various of the aspects of the business of an organization. The growth and the success of the business depends largely on the effective and the efficient communication base (Tuleja2016). Through out my course module I realized and learned the basic key factor towards the success of the business, that is the communication. The social and the economic system of the organization does not flourish and expand without the presence of effective skills of communication. This is because due to survival and operational management in the competitive firm of the global platform each and every business needs to develop a strong relationship with the customer or the clients strengthening the relationship with them who belong to the top of the supply chain of the business. In this assignment, I would like to shed light and focus on two of the major factors and the topics which I have considered important while studying the curriculum of the business communication. These are intercultural communication and the importance of social media for the communication in the business platform.

Main Body/ Discussion

Intercultural Communication

The ability to communicate effectively enhances the overall performance of an individual. In this section I would like to focus on the concept and the factor of the intercultural communication as one of the important factor in the subject of the business communication (House2014). According to my personal insight, the concept of the intercultural communication in the field of the business communication is manifold. This is because the culture of the society where we live encompasses around a particular social group that accepts some of the behaviors and the beliefs through out the natural process. The increase in the international platform for the business that is caused by the efficient and the advanced platform of the communication and the technology has led to an efficient increase in the requirement for the effective intercultural communication system which is also termed as the global communication. I would like to highlight some of the factors of the significance of the factor of the intercultural communication in the context of the business communication platform. I believe effective and efficient communication and interconnection via verbal acts helps towards the elimination of any sort of obstacles and the hurdles of the communication arising from the barriers of the language, cultures and the stereotypes from the platform of the international business. Effective intercultural communication is the requirement in the century since it allows the workers from the different and varied cultural groups towards the formation of the team and work in a collaborative basis. The need and the requirement of the intercultural workforce is found in all the aspects of the business starting from the internal communication towards the advertising and the marketing (Liu, Volcic and Gallois2014). To summarize, looking at the future perspective, the intercultural communication is essential for the global workforce to accelerate the business towards the epitome of success and profit scale. I believe that the culture has a very big impact on the business strategy and on the implications of the culture towards the critics for the success in the international context. Absence of the intercultural respect and the sensitivity that initiates the communication platform in the dealings of the business tends to offend the prospective of the customers and the clients and thus putting a negative impact of the brand image and the bottom line of the company. Internal cultural communication and the training of the initiate of the communication among the people belonging to different cultures is extremely important in case of their current and the future implications in the business. Breaking down of the barriers of the culture and the development of the awareness of the cultural norms as well as enhancement of the communication skills and the self awareness skills allows each and every person employees in the business organization towards the adaptation of the trainings and the meeting of the intercultural and the collaborative requirements that the global structure of the business tends to value (Holmes 2015).The intercultural communication is furthermore important for teaching of the analysis and the interpretation for the cross cultural interactions that includes the effect of the culture on the conflict and the communication. I feel that for the increase of the marketability and the value of the business organization it is thus important to adopt the respect and diversity towards the intercultural values and the norms so that individual can work collaboratively towards the growth of the organization in the competitive global platform of business.

Social Media

Questioning the importance and the power of the social media in the current era is no longer a want but for a need or a requirement just like the sunlight on the earth. I literally cannot imagine the world today without the platform of social media. Social media has been playing a growing role in the business communication of the organization in the market. Thus, the importance of the social media in the platform of the communication of the business is increasing a growing at a warp speed (Jussila, Kärkkäinen and Aramo-Immonen 2014). According to my personal insight, it is one of the most important aspects of the digital marketing with the provision of the incredible benefits, initiating the help to reach millions of the customers in the world. It is one of the most powerful tools of the marketing that offers the business organizational change regarding their audience and helps the organization to develop new ways and measures to communicate with their targeted markets and to reach their goals. Furthermore, numerous or multiple advantages of the social media creates better customer services and increased sales via the increased business communication among the customers (Schivinski and Dabrowski 2016). I have furthermore read in my lesson regarding the current world trend that the communication among the business have tend to change tremendously and thanking to the factor of the platform of the social media and the other updated and the advanced technologies. There exist multiple ways and some other generic approaches towards the leveraging of the social media through which a business can initiate effective communication with its customers using the platform of the social media, some of the unique ways involved are the connections, round the clock presence, visualization, campaigns and the connection (Katz, Lazarsfeldand Roper2017). The concept of the social media marketing is one of the essential factors towards the business communication and its profitability. In the context of the improved brand awareness, social media is one of the most profitable platforms of the digital marketing that helps in increasing the visibility of the business organization and increasing the business communication process. In case of the cost effective advertising strategies, the platform of social media marketing is essential towards the attainment of great return or investment for the payments initiated via the business communication (Agnihotri et al. 2016). Thus, the implicants for the social media for the future trends and the growth in the business platform is numerous. Engagement of the customers together with the improved with the brand loyalty, healthier customer satisfaction, the awareness in the market place and the enhancement in the SEO rankings are some of the contribution of the tools of the social media towards the enhancement of the effective business communication. The factor of the social media has initiated some of the major dynamics on how the business communicated both internally and externally. Thus, I personally feel that social media is one of the most effective and the important channels of the communication. In this current days and age, an active presence in the media can actually do wonders for any of the business (Tiagoand Veríssimo 2014). With the increasing visibility of the webpages and with the increased connectivity of the audiences and the customers, the platform of the social media is just the right channel or the tool for any kind of business organization towards their growth and opportunity.


The growth and the success of the business depends largely on the effective and the efficient communication base. Communications is one of the keys towards the success and the growth of the business. In this paper, I highlighted and explained two of the major factors which I think are important in consideration with the business communication. Intercultural communication is one of the norms that helps in breaking the barriers of the stereotypes persisting in the values and the beliefs of many of the individual, thus helping all of them to work collaborative and contribute towards the success of the business. Social media is an essential tool helping the business to grow via the channels of the digital marketing, communication with the clients and the recognition of the brand. Both of these factors are important in this century for a better business communication.


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