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This is being introduced from the essay that today health and wealth in a human being is important concern to be maintained. It is important to maintain a balance towards health and activities to be performed by a person. For children, it is important to take care about their health to provide them happy and comfortable life. The education is important to be provided to them so that they can take care about themselves and move ahead in their goals of their life. Taking care for the health of the children is important for a country and for the Nation to develop and grow. Children as part of society must be given importance even though they are suffering from dangerous diseases. Various authors have studied on different problems and provided solution for the problems which are faced by the children and adults. Symptoms are being analysed and solutions are found out in order to provide high quality services and better treatments to the patients.

Issues 1: Mental Health

The first issue which is face in maintaining health of the children is mental health. Mental health is related to the thinking, feeling, mood, behaviour and emotional factors. These factors affect the children in maintaining their health and help them to live their life happily without stress.  The mental health is affected at every stage of the life and sometimes results in negative aspects (Goss, 2011). Mental illness can be analysed with the change in the behaviour in the child, mood swings, eating habits etc.

The reason for arising mental illness can be parental stress, problems in family,  abuse through seniors, ignorance, rude behaviour in family members, abuse etc. factors The children do not get the support from the peer group, family members, friends, culture and society. The reason for increasing in the signs of mental illness in children is             biological factors, physiological factors, genetics and trauma (Meyer, et. al., 2012). The starting of the programmes at the early age in childhood leads to the awareness of the issues regarding mental health and also save the children from being ill in future. Mental illness and stress can be also being increased through harassment and through media.

To eliminate or reduce the problem of mental health in children, many programs, theories, treatments are available. The treatments like meditation, therapies are the treatments which are provided to the children in order to help them in coming out mental trauma. Some of the mental illness type is depression, anxiety disorder, ADHA, conduct disorder, eating disorder etc. With the support of family and education institutes the mental illness can be controlled and children can become healthy (Madden, 2013). Support is being given to the disabled children from family and peer group. The government is also taking initiative so that steps can be taken towards the mental health of the children. With the support given by family along with private and public agencies the children tend to become back to normal and also performs well in activities in education. It also helps increase in the performance of the child in different curricular activities.  

EEB309 Wellness and Wellbeing Assignment Help

In mental health equality plays an important role to be fulfilled in mental health (Nylah, et. al., 2013). The discrimination must not be done with the person facing mental issues and problems. They need more care and love to get back to normal and to cope up with the problems. Many of the private and public institutes are established which takes care about rights and proper treatment provided to them. Low finance children do not able to take care about their mental state. This plays negative effect on their life of both children and parents too. theory of Bandura's and Rotter's Social-Cognitive Theories of Personality has been used to make the children out of the mental problem and to motivate them to move ahead towards their goals and objective.

Figure: 1 

In this theory, the child has been taken into observation and each of the activities are being closely measured to make analyse the person. Meditation is being done by the children so to take care about the mental care. Behaviour of the child is being analysed to taken care. The observation of the behaviour is done so that the process of the treatment can be done accordingly. The suitable environment is created so that the children can feel safe and they can be motivated to tackle the problem faced by them during mental problems.

Issue 2: Issuesin mouth

The children had to face problems related to the mouth. The problem is regarding teeth that is dental problem. The dental problems increase due to the ignorance of the teeth. Not paying attention towards the eating habits and to clean the teeth timely. Smile of each and every person is important. As every problem has a solution of dental problems also have solutions which reduces the problem. As teeth are the important part of human body.  The teeth small children are delicate so special care is to be given towards them. Proper care is to be provided to them even rom small age. Whereas, the teeth of adult are hard still the care is to taken care. In adults, the problem of the teeth is big and cannot be solved. Single parents face a lot of problem in handling the children as they have shortage of finance. The lifestyle of the single parent is different and difficult too.

The factors which affect the teeth are sugar, ice, citrus, coffee, sticky food, alcohol, soft drinks etc. some type of food which attacks directly to the teeth of children and adult. Eating too many things and at wrong time also plays a negative effect on the teeth of children and adult. The increases the risk for increasing the cavity in the teeth. The increase in the dental problem leads to the falling of the teeth and saviour pain in the teeth. Chew the had substance plays direct impact on the teeth. Drinking too hot and to cold beverages directly to the teeth. Drinking too much coffee lead to leave of strain on the teeth. Taking acidic drinks like soda and soft drink, also plays a negative impact on the teeth. Drinking too much alcohol by adult leads to mouth cancer. To cope up with the problems of teeth dental braces are one of the option to solve the problem. As there is no age limit of the problem arise regarding the dental problems.

Each of the person has equal right in the society. The children wearing braces are not treated equally. Social media helps in spreading awareness regarding about the dental problems and care to be given towards it. In the market, there are various options and treatment available which provide proper treatment and solve the problem of teeth. Various camps and programs are being organized in various schools to give treatment to the children.

EEB309 Wellness and Wellbeing Assignment Help

Figure: 2 

In the words of Ozdemir, (2014), much of the factors are present in the environment which affects the teeth of the children. Saliva, teeth, eating habits and food are the important factor which are being taken care so that problems cannot arise in future. Parents must take care of the teeth of the children so that eat healthy and nutritionist food. In the theory, various treatments like using toothpaste, cavity protection etc. In schools, monthly check ups programs are to be organized in order to take care about the children and adults. Awareness is spread through social media and books so that important part of the human body is to be taken care.

High level of surgeons is present which helps in providing a new set of teeth to the children and people who loses their teeth due to cavity. Teeth filling is also a new innovation through which empty teeth can be filled and weakness teeth are to be made strong.

Issue 3: Asthma

Asthma is a dangerous problem which is related to the breathing of oxygen. This problem affects the lungs of the human body. In asthma, the person is unable to take oxygen in the pipes. The size of the pipes become narrow which leads very had to breath in and out.  With an increase in the rate of pollution which increases the risk for increase in the asthma in the children (Blair, 2013). The lifestyle of the children, eating habits are the factors which are held responsible for asthma in children. As children, immune system is weak and not able to handle these dangerous diseases. Once the diseases attack the lungs, its increases the risk of more attacking of the dangerous diseases and change into expanding of the diseases to extend level.

To the effected person precautions have to be taken care because it leads to the allergy and asthma attack. Parents and other family members have to take care about the things which lay a negative effect on the human body. The things which increases the risk of asthma attack has to be removed and are to be taken less in use. Smoking, dust, pollution and smell of chemicals are the main reason which are responsible for increases the chances of cancer in the human body. This is so because the immune system and lungs are weak. Adults who smoke more are prone to the attack of asthma and lungs infection. Increase in the air pollution leads to imbalance of the weather conditions also. This also effects directly to the asthma patient.  It is found that due to the overweight, the number of children who are suffering from asthma are more s compared to the children who are healthy or underweight. In asthma children are not able to sleep at night due to the sound comes from lungs and a pressure is build due to the blockage of pipes. Moreover, the person cannot control the itself from coughing.

EEB309 Wellness and Wellbeing Assignment Help

Figure: 3

From the figure 3, it is clearly shown that the percentage of asthma in children are more than the adults. As the lifestyle and eating habits affects the lungs and dangerous diseases attack more on weak areas.

The government of the country is takin a lot initiative in controlling the rate of pollution in the environment and also spreading awareness through social media and other media channels. The awareness programes are being sponsored by the government and private organizations and rescue centres are opened by them also to provide best treatments to the children (Volovitz & Nussinovitch, 2016).  Taking care of the children towards their food and lifestyle helps them from saving with the problem of asthma.

Inhaler is the permanent method which is taken by the patients of asthma. This helps in taking medicine and oxygen easily into the lungs. God amount of sleep is to be taken by the children to reduce the effect of asthma from the body (Razak & Chirakalwasan, 2016). Meditation is also an effective method which helps the children in breathing and reducing the negative effect of asthma. Diagnosis is a new method which check the lungs about the infection.

In the words of Pantha Aryal, (2015), school going children are more prone to the health diseases like asthma, HIV and Aids. Preventions are taken care to educate the family member and parent so that they can take care about their children and save them from being badly affected from these diseases. Motivation factors are found and reasons are also found which lead to these dangerous diseases (Pantha Aryal, 2015).

Issues 4: Obesity

Obesity is condition in which the weight of the body of the person increased from normal to extra weight. This situation od overweight is called obesity. This overweight play negative impact in the body of children and also gives an invitation to the other dangerous problems like diabetes, Aids, heart attack, asthma, cancer, depression, blood pressure, lungs infection and constipation etc. Overweight body does not able to handle work pressure and leads to laziness in the body. People of the society makes fun out of it and also treat equal as they are.

EEB309 Wellness and Wellbeing Assignment Help

Figure: 4 

More harm is being faced to the body of children due to the overweight. This makes body heavy and joints become weak. The body fails to handle the weight of the person and the children becomes in early stage

The precautions are to be taken as early as possible because it becomes habit of the children to eat a lot and lying for the whole day. In the body, a lot of fibre and fat gets stored which is of no use. This fat increases the weight of the person and makes them ill. At times, the obesity issues are processed with the help of genes.

The problem of obesity arises by the due to the wrong methods of eating food, eating a lot of fast food, no sound sleep, improper diet, over eating, eating oily food, high calorie food etc.  (Marks, 2015) The way a person spends his or her lifestyle is also an important factor of increasing weight of the children. Playing computer games, video games have decreases the amount of step a child walk. Sitting for many long hours continuously at the same place increases weight of the children and leads to many diseases too. Meditation, exercise, running, taking medicine, therapies etc. helps in losing weight of the children and make them active and young. The problem of obesity is to be taken care at the early stage to reduce the risk of attacking of dangerous diseases to the body. Hormonal issues are to be controlled by treatments and therapies. In a research, it is found that people suffering from obesity are prone to lie less years and becomes old sooner.  Overweight also makes the bones weak in the body and increases the risk of accident and serious injuries in the bones. Overweight can be kept in control by eating boiled food, less calorie food, a healthy life style, exercise, taking proper medicine on time, taking proper sleep, quit smoking and many more factors. In schools, various sports activities and games are organized which helps children to maintain weight and to remain active.

EEB309 Wellness and Wellbeing Assignment HelpFigure: 5

In the theory of “Self-regulation, motivation, and psychosocial factors in weight management” Teixeira, et. al., (2012), a person has to motivate himself about not taking wrong step which makes him so fat and overweight.  Parents, friends and family members needs to take care about their diet and provide them healthy and nutritionist food to eat and to remain healthy (Teixeira, et. al., 2012).  Correct lifestyle will help the children to move ahead in their life and to study hard for achieving their goals of life.


In this essay, it is discussed about positive and negative effects of the factor which influence the health of the children. Factors are discussed which helps in improving the health of the children and helps them to live safely and happily. Many of the theories and programs are applicable to help and support the families of the children to take care about their health and maintain it. The three issues are being understood and solutions are provided in order to remove taking a note about not to arise these issue in future. Researches are being done in order to find out the factor s which give rise the dangerous diseases like asthma, obesity, lungs cancer, HIV/Aids, mental illness etc. different promotional programs, camps are being organized by the private and governmental institutes which helps in educating the public, parents and family members. Theories are being understood so that origin and solution of the problems are being understood deeply.


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