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E-Business Project Report Editing and Proof Reading Services


The e-business project report assignment help discusses the project with quick references to main points and objectives aimed by the author. The section mainly targets a recall for the project initially explained in the project specification document.

The project is called Online Library and the library is a database based program used via a web browser. The library is accessed at first through proceeding with the registration in the library system and then logging into a personal cabinet of the user. As any library has to be controlled by an administrating person who adds, removes books and accomplishes other managerial activities, the Online Library is also in charge of an administrator. The administrator is the user as well but with more privileges allowed to fulfil than a usual user. (Turban. et. al. 2015).

Furthermore, the library allows the user to share the book he has found interesting with his friends, and this function can be accomplished via asocial networking sharing tool on the library page. Nowadays almost all the web pages on the internet embody such a useful option which in turn makes the social network as a source of linking to other web pages thus promoting recently-created ones.

E-Business Project Report Assignment Help


As any project management field tries to foresee any expected or unexpected faults, problems and errors in the future, so does the management aspect of this project. The project specification was submitted at the beginning of the project, and at that time a few changes that might be included in the project were obtained (Yoshii and Sumita, 2016).

From that time, in addition to those changes foreseen primarily, there turned out to be some more modifications to cope with later on. Certainly these changes have not influenced the main framework of the library system, however, with these unforeseen changes the library could possibly be enhanced further and obtain better outcomes.


The project was started with submitting the Specification document at the beginning of project start after discussion with the project stakeholders, and the next document to submit is going to be this progress report the deadline for which is mentioned in the project plan (Turban. et. al. 2015).

Timetable to cope with management side of the project has been attached to the Specification document. As the project may get stuck in certain places during the implementation there may be potentially some delays which results in the developer spending additional efforts and time to sort those issues out. One of the solutions to handle such problems is to consult forums, blogs and other means available on the Internet and with assistance of theirs to attempt to find the appropriate answer. There are a huge amount of web sites that could help in resolving the problems occurred in the project, however there is one that is believed to be one of the most helpful sites from point of the author’s view, and that one is www.stackoverflow.com. This site was quite frequently utilised to find out some best, appropriate answers to those questions dedicated to either management or programming aspect of the project. Moreover, this site helped a lot in understanding some basics of the programming technologies used in dealing with the similar projects to the Online Library, and this method of coping with the project programming has been discovered significantly effective when the author stuck in a particular problem. (Turban. et. al. 2015).

Additionally, management of the library project is handled in a way that allows the developer to begin with doing some research on the similar topic, then based on obtained research results and experiences of other users who handled the same or similar project topic the author can proceed with designing roughly how the library works in general, how it handles user’s requests on books search and also how the library’s look and feel will be shown. The main method to handle these missions during the project implementation, the author decided to work from the easiest to the hardest step as his management attitude to the project. The easiest step is probably was to do some research on the project’s specifications, i.e. to understand how overall such database related program works, what technologies are used in the project. Surely finding answers to this kind of questions is quite an easy work, but using the technologies which are mandatory to make the library system work properly is another aspect of the deal. And the deal is to learn how to use those technologies in the project because the author is not expected to know every programming related technology which is basically utilised in such a database program. Therefore the author has spent some time on understanding the basis features of those programs used in the library designing process and learning them to apply in practice.(Li. et. al. 2015).

Moreover, while doing research on the project, some additional requirements have been discovered to be included into the library. The one is to use an aid tool on the library page for those who suffer from vision issues. To be more specific, the library can also be used by users who do not view content on the page properly, i.e. the larger images, letters and other content instead can help them overcome the issue with reading. 

Apart from this, the commercial side has been considered by the author. This aspect consists in allowing the user to buy a particular book he finds especially interesting, and this can be achieved by linking to other external e-commerce websites where the user can buy that book. Here we can observe that the out-linking feature (referring to other external site through links in the page) was applied on the library page (Evans, 2012). The author believes that this feature of the library should be understood as making the library not just a simple database related program but also with additional useful options which may increase the usability of the Online Library.

Out-linking is a useful way of increasing the visit rate of a website on the internet. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) admits this method as one that significantly assists in improving the site traffic.

Alternatively the user can share the book with his friends through social network. The author is convinced that this method of sharing a book with friends online can be regarded as a way of calling people to read more which in turn helps them enlighten themselves in terms of literacy and certain skills in a specific area of knowledge. 

Furthermore, the paper discusses some points in terms of visualising the Online library program. By this the author meant to give some details in User Interface, design of the Online Library and the process on how generally the library works. (Baker, 2014).

e-Business Model

As for UI, there is an image shown below which is a main page of the Online Library. Certainly this is not the finalised ready-to-go version of the library but simply a draft sketch of the library’s look.
Online Library. Main Page

The first thing to note, the user has several choices to search for a book. He can do this by typing a book title, or by typing an author’s name, or selecting a particular letter from the alphabet available down the Search line. Additionally, there are different categories of books. The user also has an option to find a book through these categories visiting them separately. In the middle of the main page there is a section for book search results. Each book has a short description with an account of author, book title, ISBN and publication information.

As has been mentioned previously we can see an aid tool for those users with vision problems. By the Search line there is a subsequently located three A’s option. This option allows a user to select between three different font sizes of the text content on the Main page. Apparently this feature of the library should be encountered as a way of treating all kinds of users equally despite any disability of theirs. Moreover, as can be seen from the image this library is used in an administrator mode because there are options such as Add Book (just to the right below the Alphabet), Edit and Remove. These options are available for administrator only. The administrator might wish to remove any book he finds unnecessary to store in the database of the library or he might add a new book with its responding description (Bång and Roos, 2014). The description of any book can be edited by Edit button. There the administrator changes the title of the book, author’s name and the book cover pages. However it should be noted that the administrator cannot add or remove any categories into or from the library. This has to be done prior to accessing the library, i.e. this involves rather editing in some codes for the project.

E-Business Marketing

As for searching for a book using search engines on the internet which was stated above in the Introduction part, the first thing to note is that there is no any intention from the author trying to discourage users to use any search engines may that be Google, Bing, Yandex etc. This library can somewhat be more useful and effective than search engines in such a way that the user does not spend much time to find a particular book from the library whereas search engines show millions of links related to the user’s query and those links are not guaranteed to provide a final desired result. Some links can just give a short content to the book search result, i.e. only some sections of the book are shown or the user will be asked to pay for downloading the whole book for certain charge (Erdo?mu? and Cicek, 2012). Moreover the organization would use the mobile marketing concept for promoting the library. This is emerging concept for attracting online readers. The people around 70% are using the internet services for analyzingthe information and reading the books and other. There are various tools are available for marketing and that can be deployed according to consumer behaviour and best suit to their needs. For analyzingthe consumer behaviour management has to consider the factors like culture, social and psychological needs and values that have major impact on the sales. According to observation, people are shopping through different vendors like search engine, marketplace(Amazon, eBay) and specific site for good books and journals for specific topic (Bharadwaj. et.al. 2013).

For utilizing the tools of online and mobile marketing tools, organization has to assign role and responsibilities to customer care executives that offering services of Face-Book, Twitter, blog and You-tube. In addition to this, library can use is service as evaluating public exposure, opinion and demand which helping to develop new plan and policies that influence the decision of these customers. By implementing communication program across the proposed media channels the management of librarycould improve the marketing. This is helping to build positive relationship with customersand promote the brand. In addition to this, Face-Book marketing through news feed will be better option for firm to float the information to large amount of audience to target. This kind approach will include brand and promotional post, mobile ads and news feed about thefunctions and process of accessing the resources of library.

All these issues can be eliminated in the Online Library. The library does not require the user to do any additional hidden actions in order to achieve the final result. The library shows all the relevant results to the user’s search entry. If the library does not contain any data for a given request then it simply shows no results. This is obviously a normal method for any library to deal with the user’s book search query (Gerbaudo,  2012). However in the same time this is much less-time-wasting activity. On the other hand, if we imagine the Online Library in its ideal form, i.e. it holds all the books the user can search for in its data storage and then the user must be completely confident about finding his desired book in the end. Certainly this is less likely as the library cannot contain all books available by nowadays in its database because firstly, it is time consuming and non-effective approach to build such one from technical requirement point of view, and secondly, such kind of the library would be considered as equally as the life engine which has not yet been constructed by scientists. Nonetheless, as has been said above about buying a book which the user likes to buy online, this is quite not the same thing as the search engines suggest sometimes (Chaffey. et. al. 2012). In this case, the user still can download the book without any charges, but once he decides to buy a hard copy version of that book online, then he may perform this action through external links available on the library page (out-links).

According to research more than 245 million people are using smart phone for communication and access the information of organizations as well as reading the books and other articles. The mobile marketing concept involves the tools like email, games, video and applications. These are emerginge-business tools that would help to meet the objectives more customized manners by satisfying theneeds of customer and online visitors. In addition to this, messaging, flash display ads and search ads are better option for promoting e-library for promotion. These tools are effective in terms of cost and reaching the mass audience. This kind of marketing strategy for adverting and promotion are considering low cost and helpful for achieving business objectives more personalized manners.

E-Business Infrastructure

E-Business Infrastructure

Furthermore there are some design specifications that should be taken into consideration. These design specifications havebeen represented in UML graphs, and below you can see two of them for the library usage and user interface. The UML diagrams are considered to be extremelyhelpful in dealing with the software design and functionality explanation.

The below diagram describes activities a user could do in a library usage session.

Online Library

Certainly there are some other minor use cases that should be considered as well, however the use case diagram then becomes too detailed and difficult to read. Therefore some functions in the library (eg. Rating the book, buying a book) have been omitted (Hitt. et.al. 2012). The use case diagram above has been shown as a mean in helping a reader to understand a basic framework of the Online Library and what functions it does.

E-business payment system

Despite the security issues; authentication, brute force attacks and threats of using the contactless payment systems, different firms have gone ahead and also adopted different payment methods depending on the underlying needs and organizational goals and business objectives. Google uses the contactless NFC system and the e-wallet, which enables people to carry out online transactions and to make payments for the services and products they enjoy by signing in to their online accounts to access and use their credit card information to make the payments.

Organizational factors contribute a significant deal to the adoption of adapted product development based on technology drivers, which are internal to the business environment. Here, the size of the firm, which is terms of the people who work in the organization, behavior, knowledge and structure of the firm are organizational factors that contribute to the adoption of technology (Chaffey. et. al. 2012). The adoption of product development is influenced in the organization by the above factors, which give the organization its nature. For instance, developing countries use cooperatives to improve the prosperity of the societies and the resulting financial transactions use novel mobile payment systems such as, the QR-Pay system to transaction between customers. The organization, which integrates the technology into its operations and the approach the organization uses to integrate the technology into its operations influence the adoption of technology into its transactions. The management factors such as, behavior and the type of people who work for the organization as well as top management are some of the organizational factors, which affect the rate and degree of adoption of the technology. Additionally, other organizational factors that influence the innovation process includes the applied research, the marketing and manufacturing of the technologies (Kapoor and Si, 2014).

It has been believed the involvement and knowledge of employees within the organization on the current and emerging trends of contactless payment system contribute to the adoption process of the new technology. Here, the implementation and adoption of the contactless payment system within the firm becomes successful because of the commitment and knowledge of the employees contributes to the generation of new knowledge. Furthermore, management plays a significant role in facilitating the diffusion of innovation within the firm involving the employees of the organization (Couldry, 2012). However, it is important for researchers to recognize the organizational factors, which inhibit the adoption of the new technologies, including lack of training, lack of understanding, lack of sufficient knowledge on the use of the technology, lack of top management support and the perceived complexity of the use of the technology.  It is important to note that, in the organizational context, users may reject the adaption and it is because of incompatibility with their beliefs, values, past experiences. When the adoption is extended to the consumer, the social systems of the consumers contribute a significant extent to the level of adoption of the new technology, which is demonstrated below by the Roger’s innovation adoption curve.

e-business legal, security, privacy and other issues

The only issues that could be faced in this project is concerned about copyright as the books stored in the Library database have to be used only with permission of their respective authors or other third-party copyright holders. Although this is encountered as an important question, the answer to this question could probably be in its honest manner as long as any content of a particular book is used for non-commercial academic purposes (in our case, it is for project purposes only) there should not be professional issue arising from this concern (Cowley, 2015). Apart from this, as was mentioned above the software and its components are freely available online to download open source programs so the issue with copyrighting should not be tackled here as well.

E-business benefits

Searching for a book online through search engines might not be that easy at first and there are a couple of reasons for that. Firstly, having typed in the search request on the web browser a user is given a great number of links leading to the specific websites, blogs or other web pages where the user could find the book he has been looking for. However there is no guarantee that the user can find exactly that book and in its whole version and will not be charged for downloading the book onto his laptop or other devices. In this case the user should better utilise such a tool where he can feel comfortable about having more chances to be able to find the book he wants to read and further, if he wishes, to download it on the computer.

So this sort of problem can be figured out by utilising the Online Library where the user will not be spending great amount of his time for browsing hundreds of links  related to his book search request and once he has found the book not be asked for any charges. The key point to understand in this Library application is that this system might be encountered as a simple database application, however in the era when almost everything in a human’s daily routine is chargeable, this application allows a user to find his desired book and download it for free (Dietrich and Livingston, 2012). Certainly the user cannot find every book he wants to read, in that case the user can be suggested another book from the related category of the desired one, and even if this does not occur then in an ideal form of the Library system, i.e. there are a huge number of books available in the system that there is a very little chance that the user will not find a particular book, the user would be able to find a book.


To wrap up the report, more details have been discussed in this progress report compared to the Project Specification document. As far as the reader concerned, the Online Library can be found as a useful program both among students and university staff members, or just among any common users who would like to read a book online or offline. The author believes that the project is keeping going on track and any issue arisen by this time have appropriately been figured out. Although it is natural that there will occur some other additional faults or problems while doing this project throughout the academic year but this should not result in the project being off track which in turn might cause undeliverable of the project on time.


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