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Digital marketing Editing and Proof Reading Services

This is a solution of Digital marketing Assignment Help in which we discuss about markeing on internet and Network security risk and protection.

Improving Marketing and sales

In order to enhance the marketing activities and increase the products sales, August Online technology could make use of the internet sources which could help in expanding its business to the great extent. In the present technological era, the internet sources acquire wide scopes of approaching the greater number of people and influence them accordingly.  There are various ways of enhancing the sales and marketing of the business by using internet such as social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimisation, websites, etc. However, some of the most common and effective ways which could be used by August Online technology are:

Optimisation of the website

Optimising the website would help the company approach higher number of customer by coming into the observation through the search engines  (, 2013). The most common way of optimising the website is the keyword placement in the content of the website which would help the website to register in better way with the search engines and would attract the customers by the same.

Digital marketing Assignment Help

Social media

This is the most common and influential way of approaching the customers and increasing sales in the present time. Social media sources had become a major advantage for online marketing such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, etc. These are the direct communication pathways to the customers and could influence them effectively.  August Online technology would be able to grab the attention of the customers at larger platform and increase their sales of the products effectively. This also leads to the enhancement with the customer relationship and their satisfactions over the products.

Email marketing campaigns

Email is also one of the most used communication pathway which connects the customers and the company effectively. This way of internet market is considered to be the most inexpensive marketing tactic for making the customer aware about the products and services and keeping them updated with the information (, 2012). This also influences the people by providing them with the updated information of the discounts or offers for the products and convinces them to make the purchases.  

Network security risk and protection

While moving online it is also required to be much concerned about the data and information security on the computer network as there are massive numbers of risk over them. The information of the company could be misused by any of the external sources. There are various security risks, internet and the network attacks which could impact the safety and privacy of the products of the company. The major risks to the information are loss of data, insecure practices, cloud security threats, hacking, etc. these could lead towards the severe risk to the company and could impact the business to the large extent. It has been seen that the advancement in the network also acquires a negative phase of the security concerns which hampers the business effectively (Tsimonis and Dimitriadis, 2014). It has been seen that there are wide ranges of the security tool which could be used by August Online technology to protect its product and the product information from the same. Some of the most common tools are campus border firewall, password management, encryption, network access control, virtual private network, virus protection tool, etc. By making use of these tools, the organisation would be able to ensure the security and the protection of the data and carry its functionalities effectively. The firewall, encryption, etc. tools would prevent any of the unauthorised access to the computer network and helps in keeping the data confidential. In addition to this, with the help of password management every individual in the company would be provided with a separate password so that no one could access the system without the consent of the owner.  Thus, it is very important for the organisation to be aware about the security tools and make better use of it.


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